Lykke Li-Wounded Rhymes (Full Album Stream)

Extremely hyped to listen to this album, and why wouldn’t I be? Lykke’s debut Youth Novels was a great album, and the material we’ve heard thus far from Wounded Rhymes has been of a superb standard. Throw  few very artistic videos into the mix, and you really get a sense that Lykke’s genuinely evolved as an artist to the point that this could become a career-defining album.

Click here to catch up with the aforementioned material from/surrounding the album, and use the widget included to preview every track from the album. I believe there are also buy links included, which you’ll hopefully be clicking after hearing the album.

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Lykke Li-Love Out Of Lust

Lykke, can you do me a favour? Just give me this album NOW.

With every song, I get more and more hypnotised by Lykke’s voice, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I had some kind of hypnotic seizure if she ever actually spoke to me in person (she usually ignores me). This is a prime example of why her raw, unfiltered and mature vocals are incredibly captivating, as she makes use of an ethereal production to deliver a genuinely addictive vocal performance.

The imperfections in her voice add a rich character and depth to the vocals, and hence the emotion of the lyrics is far more accurately conveyed than in a track that is more focused on ‘hitting notes’ than making a song. The simplicity of the production is very enjoyable with heavy drum pounds driving the track along, and synth bursts in the hook bouncing off the uplifting vibe of Lykke’s chorus. Great track, and quite possibly the best we’ve heard thus far from the album. Wounded Rhymes coming February 28th!

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Tabi Bonney and Lykke Li-Where We Gonna Go

I have to say I’ve done the guy a bit of an injustice recently as I’ve not managed to grab his latest material, despite hugely enjoying one of his efforts from last year. I’d probably go as far as saying it was one of my favourite tracks of 2010 (top 30 at least), and definitely warrants a listen.

Anyway, Tabi bursts back onto my radar with this very enjoyable effort. Props on the relatively obscure sample, as you’d have to be quite the Lykke Li (or Kings of Leon) fan to have heard this particular track, which suggests he has commendably eclectic tastes. The original is actually a really good remix, and Tabi grabs the instrumental and parts of Lykke’s vocals to remix the remix (heh) into a superb effort of his own. Solid raps throughout tell an interesting story of his relationship introspections, with a simple yet captivating video that really pushes the idea of bonding in a relationship.

Very much worth a watch, and a listen. You can grab the entire mixtape this is taken from (for free, of course) from here.

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Lykke Li-I Follow Rivers Video

A place like no other, a love like no other. A love like a drug, she loves like the river, a love caught on fire, fueled by desire. Where you running, who you running from? A love story with no end and no beginning”.

A dark, wintery video for Lykke’s fantastic single. Huge fan of this track, and they’ve definitely taken it in the right direction with an intense, well-produced video that could spawn a multitude of interpretations amongst viewers.

The predominant one for me was the idea that no matter where he goes, thoughts of her will invariably follow until he gives in to them. Fairly obvious I suppose, but conveyed in a powerful way here. Definitely worth a watch.

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Lykke Li-Untitled

A very surreal, yet incredibly thought-provoking video. It’s almost like a very short film, as you’re almost fixated on some great acting from Lykke, as she manages to pull you into a few different direction when trying to glean the message and motives.

It’s not easy to figure out at all, but here’s what I’ve taken from it: it seems to be her burying her past, trying to crush the items of reminder, and doing so in a risky manner that removes concern  about personal, physical consequences. Glamorous but broken, and taking chances (hence the deck of cards?). To me, the video is untitled as it’s an unimaginable/undescribable cause for the consequential Wounded Rhymes, the title of her forthcoming album.

She looks great in this video too, and at times you can’t help but wonder why you haven’t noticed her striking features before (Google doesn’t do her justice). It emphasises just what an all-round talent she is: captivating vocalist, heavily committed to her artistic visions, talented songwriter, and good appearance. Can’t wait for the album.

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Lykke Li-I Follow Rivers

The next single from her upcoming Wounded Rhymes album, the talented Lykke Li switches up the style once again with this catchy track. There’s a hint of a pop in this production, with a rolling percussion line sprinkled with clunky elements and perky synths, offering an easy listening experience for those unaccustomed to her alternative stylings. Great vocals as you’d expect from Lykke Li, with her rough and imperfect delivery being as addictive as ever. She may not be the perfect vocalist, but she’s got a captivating quality that far outshines others with more ‘technical’ gifts, and it’s a skill that’s on show again here.

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Lykke Li-Get Some Remixes By Beck and Mike D

Lykke Li hooks up with two very unexpected collaborators for official remixes to her superb Get Some single. The Beck remix turns the lively track into a slower, echoed effort that gives it a slightly darker and more atmospheric feel. The production is almost entirely stripped out here, and the vocals are slightly altered (especially on the hook), making for an interesting new perspective on the single.

Mike D of the Beastie Boys opts for a hip-hop style on the production, throwing in a percussion that would fit into most modern-day hip-hop tracks and accompanying it with videogame-esque synths that alternate between a retro and futuristic vibe, making for another fresh perspective on the track.

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Lykke Li-Wounded Rhymes Artwork and Tracklist

No confirmed release date as far as I know, but good to know this project is moving forward. Paris Blue didn’t make the album though, which is surprising given its quality.

1. Youth Knows No Pain
2. I Follow Rivers
3. Love Out Of Lust
4. Unrequited Love
5. Get Some
6. Rich Kid Blues
7. Sadness Is A Blessing
8. I Know Places
9. Jerome
10. Silent My Song

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Solarium: A Film by Moses Berkson starring Lykke Li

‘A major heart break and a post tour depression drove a very delusional Lykke Li out to the desert with some friends and a super 8 camera’.

One that my fellow eccentric, artsy types will really enjoy. The cinematography is superb in this one, with some very simple effects (accompanied by the tribal soundtrack) creating a vintage, occult feel that gets you into Lykke’s dark, unstable mindset.

It also serves as a pretty good piece of promotion for her upcoming album, the direction of which is still unclear when you consider the diversity of the material we’ve heard thus far.

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Lykke Li-Get Some Alternate Video

Really glad they decided to do a ‘proper’ video for this. The original video is here,and whilst it was a nice change of pace, the energy of this track deserved something a little more effort, and definitely benefits from a heavy dose of Lykke Li’s on-screen charisma.

Very unique and action-filled video, which most certainly does the audio justice. Some sections are borderline controversial, which makes for pretty gripping viewing, as well as enhancing Lykke Li’s edgy and rebellious image.

Audio for this can be grabbed from here, or through Lykke’s Youtube channel/website.

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Lykke Li-Get Some Video

A decent video for Lykke Li’s superb new single. There’s not a great deal going on, which works in this instance as the visualisations fit pretty well with the ‘scattered’ feel of the song itself.

Having said that, it would have also been nice to have a more regular video too, as the song is a very good one and hence probably deserves something a little better. This sort of video seems more suited to Paris Blue, which hopefully we’ll get a video for too.

Audio is here.

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Lykke Li-Paris Blue

This song originally came with the one posted just below, and I was going to throw it in at the end of that post. However, it’s a little bit too good to just be thrown in as a footnote.

Far different from Get Some, this is a really introspective and sombre track. One of those that’s perfect for that cold winter night, Lykke’s maturing vocals are on stunning form here as she really brings the lyrics to life with her regretful, nostalgic and wishful performance. A couple of simple, dulled guitar plucks make up most of the production, and it works beautifully with Lykke’s vocals to create a vivid and complete mental image to accompany the song. When a song can stimulate the imagination like that, there’s no music video that can compare to what you can think up.

Lykke Li-Paris Blue

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Lykke Li-Get Some

Firstly, an apology: I’ve been sitting on this track all day. I wanted to post it earlier but felt I should give it a review, which I didn’t quite get time for.

Anyway, this is the first single from her upcoming sophomore album, released on Lykke’s site earlier. Her debut album was met with universal praise for its quirky, charismatic style and she picks up where she left off with this effort. There’s certainly a sense of evolution here, as a production layered with guitars, booming percussion and more offers a sign of creative change versus the minimal instrumentation of her previous album. In addition, her voice has matured greatly, with a much clearer and positive delivery suggesting that she’s got more variety in her yet without sacrificing the addictive and catchy qualities she burst onto the scene with. Great track from top to bottom.

Lykke Li-Get Some

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Lykke Li-Possibility Video

Moving images for Lykke’s contribution to the New Moon OST. I was a bit on the fence with this track when I first heard it a little while back, but the dark nature of the video fits the video well and adds another interesting dimension. Might give the track a little more time now, as Lykke Li is pretty awesome in fairness.

Even if I can’t pronounce her name.

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This Post Does Not Care What Genre You Like.

As you’ve seen from the content on here, I enjoy rock, hip-hop, alternative, and pretty much every other genre under the sun. However, most of the music we listen to is ‘sensually offensive’ to at least one of the other genres.

By this, I mean if you listen to some 2Pac, the Death Cab for Cutie listener inside you has to hide behind the sofa. If you listen to Blink-182, all love for T.I. has to leave the room via the nearest exit.

Ever met an artist/group who can keep everyone in the same room? Click below, because you’re about to. You won’t regret it.

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