Sunday's Classic Collabo: If You Could Start Over?

I was never the biggest fan of Mase, the guy was the definition of ‘pop-rapper’ when he was with Bad Boy – considering that his rap name when he first came into the game was ‘Murda Ma$e’, you could claim him to be somewhat of a sell out (that’s not even mentioning him going back to that name after leaving his pastor duties and almost joining G-Unit).

With all that said, he did come out with some gems – this being one of them. Featuring label mates, Shyne & Loon, the concept of the track is about how they would all live their lives if they could start all over again…kind of ironic considering Shyne was imprisoned not long after this track was made – for around 10 years. This track has a really good beat and is complimented well by Mase on the chorus. Grab this thought-provoking track by clicking below.

Mase – If I Could Start Over ft. Shyne, Loon, Mysonne, Meeno

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