Busta Rhymes ft. LL Cool J-Killin' Em

A rather random but welcome surprise as one of the G.O.A.T.s, LL Cool J, drops a verse, bringing the sort of aggressiveness that made him a star. Busta Rhymes does his usual shtick of rapping about nothing and making it sound good, but it’s LL who steals the show here, bringing the “OHH!” moment with his very last bar. The hook’s a rehash of LL’s Jingling Baby but captures none of the original’s appeal, and the track sounds unfinished generally as the vocals and beat sound as though they need working on. Nonetheless it’s worth a listen for LL’s verse at least.

Busta Rhymes-Killin’ Em ft. LL Cool J.

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Mick Boogie-93 Til’ Infinity Mix

Apologies for the lateness: I didn’t know it existed until I saw an email from Mick earlier!

“Mick Boogie, known for his eclectic DJ sets and amazing mixtapes, is also an avid basketball fan and a video game junkie. With the recent return of the classic 90’s arcade game NBA JAM (now refreshed and remixed for 2010), Mick was inspired to put together a mixtape of classic and rare 90’s remixes that serve as the soundtrack to where we were back in the day.  Being that NBA JAM dropped in 93, Mick’s decision to call the mix “93 Til’ Infinity” was the only appropriate choice! In addition to the mixtape, Mick collaborated with vintage t-shirt designers Homage to create a limited edition NBA JAM/93 Til Infinity inspired tee to celebrate the release of this mix and the videogame.  You can find the shirt here”.

You can grab the mixtape here, and view the tracklist after the jump below.
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Hate Is The New Love: Canibus vs LL Cool J

As promised, in warm-up for our gig debut on the 21st October with Canibus, this is the first Hate Is The New Love episode delving into two of Canibus’ fiercest rivalries to date.

LL Cool J is a master at what he does and undeniably one of the founders of the genre as we know it. By LL’s seventh full length LP, 1997’s Phenomenon, he had the knack of both pleasing his record execs with his now-famous love-ballads and still hitting the streets hard with underground collaborations. Whilst putting together Phenomenon LL lined up Method Man, Redman, an up-and-coming DMX and a then-unheard of underground MC, Canibus for his joint 4,3,2,1.

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One For The Ladies: LL Cool J

With regard to the picture, I reiterate: this is one for the ladies.

I also have a ridiculous amount of respect for LL, even though he unfortunately is mostly known for his R&B rather than his pioneering hard-core hip-hop. Make sure you check that out before you write LL off.

This samples Bill Withers feel-good track Lovely Day and as you may expect this one has a similar feel-good vibe to it too. A nice little summer number.

And no. Before you ask I don’t have a ‘thing’ for LL.

LL Cool J – Lovely Day

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Quick Throwback: LL Cool J

Operating within my niche I have to fully utilize any opportunity I get to push 90′s Hip Hop. What better way than to jump on Eminem’s Recovery bandwagon and bring you a quick throwback from an artist who was heavily influential to a young Slim Shady growing up.

Mama Said Knock You Out was released in 1990 after LL Cool J’s career was at a crossroads. It was inspired from his Grandmother telling him to ‘Knock out his critics’, hence the aptly titled track name.

LL drops some beastly rhymes over a deep drum baseline provided by legendary producer Marley Marl.

I dare you to try stop yourselves from nodding your head to this one.

LL Cool J – Mama Said Knock You Out

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