Like (of Pac Div) - Sao Paulo

Mibbs dropped an EP earlier this year, and now Like comes through with some solo work, letting loose a feelgood jam that’ll have you longing for the summer.

A quick blast that comes in at just over 2:30, Like’s supplied with a jazzy production built on distorted keys, punchy percussion and a dash of strings that combines into a bright, vintage soundscape oozing a nostalgic summer appeal. I daresay there’s an infusion of a 90s hip-hop vibe running through this one (or maybe it’s just that it evokes the same memories and imagery that Jazzy Jeff and Will Smith’s Summertime does), but in any case it’s an excellent production that would light up any summer.

Like’s performance is strong throughout, flipping between his husky singing voice and a few sharp, slick raps for a good mix of elements. The raps are easygoing and descriptive, performed as “a letter about the city“, whilst the airy singing on the hook is a lovely complement to the uplifting production, and does a great job in finishing off that sunny day feel. Add the bright, positive video to the mix and you’ve got an excellent dose of summer vibes to warm you up until the season rolls around.

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