Mayer Hawthorne-Her Favorite Song (Large Professor Remix)

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Large Pro slides through with an unexpected official remix of Mayer’s excellent lead single, taken of course from the Where Does This Door Go album, due out on 16th July.

The Professor takes the track in a slightly darker, edgier direction, away from its pop origins and into a moodier area. Stripping out the funky production of the original, the remix opens with a piercing guitar riff that sets the grittier attitude of this track off well, before chunky, thudding percussion enters the fray to really dominate the soundscape. Around that drumline are hints of additional melodies, from soft guitar to easygoing synths, but it’s really one that moves forward on the back of that percussion, and though it becomes a tad repetitive, it does end up being a rather hypnotising listen. Pro even comes through with a verse to switch the momentum of the track slightly, and the heavy percussion certainly lends itself well to Large Professor’s cadence, adding a final dash of hip-hop into a remix that seems to span across several genres. It won’t replace the original, but a nice complement to it.

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Nas-Loco-Motive ft. Large Professor

There are only 15 days left until Life Is Good is released, and this song has tipped my excitement over the edge. Everything we’ve heard from the album so far has been excellent, but this? This is, by Nas’ own admission, ‘for my trapped in the 90′s n****s‘. That makes it extra awesome.

No ID serves up a production that’s up there with the grittier beats of the year, pushing punchy percussion together with ominous keys for a beat that transports you back to the 90′s within seconds. Nas’ raps are a great blend of clever, sharp and skilful, bringing snippets of the hunger of a young Nas together with the confidence and self-assuredness of the modern-day version, whilst the lyricism reflects on his aggressive street days, his come-up, and his current status in a nice blend of content. The Large Pro sample on the hook only serves to amp up the intensity of the track, and this is one of my favourite hip-hop tracks of the year. No question.

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J-Love ft. Large Professor-Trust Fund Children [Video]

I’m glad this joint got a video because I never got round to posting it on the site (due to relocation to a different country) and I feel it went a little under the radar.

Although produced by J-Love this sounds as if it’s straight from Large Pro’s playbook with those pulsating drums, piano licks and smooth vocals.

The video itself is nothing special but serves its purpose of raising the track to the surface again. If you like this then be sure to get your hands on J-Love’s Egotistical Maniac here. Oh and I’d also recommend Large Professor’s The LP which officially dropped in ’09 but was recorded way back in the mid 90′s and sounds just like this.

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Neek The Exotic & Large Professor-Still On The Hustle [Video]

Late, late, late on this but well worth the wait. Hell, I didn’t even know Neek and Xtra P had an LP coming out. *Shakes head*.

Anyway, here’s some visuals to their LP entitled Still On The Hustle.

Some general points to make about Neek and Xtra P for those unfamiliar. Neek The Exotic’s 2003 Exotic’s Raw and pretty much anything from Large Pro is hot. Large Professor is probably the nicest producer on the mic that the industry has seen.

Cop that project, out tomorrow, here.

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Jeru The Damaja Prepares Upcoming Album

The elusive Jeru The Damaja has confirmed in a recent interview that he has a new album coming with production from Large Professor, JuJu from the Beatnuts, Pete Rock and hopefully DJ Premier!

Jeru also speaks some wisdom as always on the current state of hip-hop and on receiving a shout-out from Gucci Mane. Jeru recently visited Toronto for a Guru tribute show with Canibus and R.A. The Rugged Man. Damn. Hip-hop lives. Watch the full video here.

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Throwback Thursdays Vol 43

Nas fans pay attention because without Main Source and Large Professor, we wouldn’t have had Illmatic. You see Main Source were the first act to put Nas on. Remember the intro to Illmatic? Well those Nas vocals were from Main Source’s Live At The BBQ from their brilliant 1991 debut Breaking Atoms. Anyway, I digress.

Here’s (perhaps) my favourite joint from Main Source; a cut from the somewhat politically-incorrect titled motion-picture White Men Can’t Jump. (N.B. Some Heads get caught up between the original and this remix but the differences are minimal so we’re rolling with this as it happens to be the audio I have).

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Prince Po & Large Professor-Right 2 Know

One for the Heads this lazy Sunday afternoon. The Organized Konfusion legend teams up with Xtra P to drop this socially-conscious joint for us to enjoy.

Not much else to comment on here apart from I wonder if Po’s heard this before?

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Consequence, Q-Tip, Large Professor and Havoc of Mobb Deep-Fake ID

Holy hip-hop Batman, what a lineup!

The video here is a trailer for the track released earlier today, which is worth watching to get a feel for the full track (which is available below).

The production is instantly likeable, as vintage melodies are allowed to slide over some simple drum work to deliver a retro, positive hip-hop production that matches the stature of the rappers involved.

On the rare occasions he emerges, it’s great to hear Havoc on a mic, and that novelty is certainly clouding my judgement on best verse, here even though his contribution is short. Cons dominates most of the track though, hence there’s probably no ‘competition’ to be had. Definitely worth grabbing for the hip-hop heads.

Consequence-Fake ID ft. Havoc, Q-Tip and Large Professor

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Wonderful Weekend Wonders

<— Kool G Rap holding a bullet in his teeth. Why not?

I’m going away this weekend to the city they named the big apple after (after Amsterdam sold it to the UK). So, with beer in hand, I’ll leave you with a few drops from over the past few days for you to enjoy in my absence. I’ve obviously got a joint with G Rap on, I’ve got some new Reks from his upcoming mixtape, some new Joell Ortiz (standard) and a revamped version of an AZ classic.

Hit the jump for the links and a bit of pre-match analysis.

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Murray’s Best of ’09

So I think we are all in agreement: 2009 has been quite a year for hip-hop. It has seen the return of Em, Jay has completed his Blueprint trilogy and 50 has had so much beef you would think he will be full up for Xmas (*cringes*. Yeah that was bad).

Aside from the big names dropping their albums, we have also seen some highly anticipated underground acts dropping LP’s too. This is my Best Of ’09 list and contains some real gems so don’t let the year go past before getting your hands on these.


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