Devlin ft Ed Sheeran & Labrinth - No Church in the Wild/Watchtower

Devlin, Ed Sheeran and Labrinth blessed BBC Maida Vale studios with their presence to deliver a delightful cover of Kanye & Jay-Z’s No Church in the Wild. They also performed Devlin’s and Ed Sheeran’s latest excellent collaboration, which you can buy the single for right now by clicking here.

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Labrinth ft. Tinie Tempah, Kano, Wretch 32 & Busta Rhymes - Earthquake Remix

Yeah, this happened.

Multi-talented Labrinth, who is an instrumentalist and produces, sings and even raps, has gathered this all star cast. Three leading UK urban artists alongside the legend that is Busta Rhymes? A recipe for a classic collabo.

Labrinth’s album, Electronic Earth will be released on the 19th of this month.

Preorder now at: iTunes or Amazon

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Yasmin-Finish Line [Video]

Wasn’t expecting this video to drop so soon, but I’m glad it has. Yasmin’s second single is here in visual form and it displays the complexities and eclectic nature of her style and sound perfectly. The vast array of unique dress-wear symbolises this very well (not in a Lady Gaga sense!). It’s a song about closing stages of an ill-fated relationship; the moments where one person decides to end it. Particularly enjoyed the blasting effect of the boyfriend when Yasmin decides she no longer wants him in his life, along with her (literally!) sinking into her bed, which I feel helps visualise that ‘sinking feeling’ we all feel when we’re not really sure we’ve made the right decision.

Not much analysis of the fantastic song itself is needed, as Ajay has already done that to a great standard (click here). Personally I was really impressed with Yasmin displaying the scale of her vocal abilities on this track and very much looking forward to hearing a whole album from her.

What’s most impressive is that she’s said it only took her around 30 minutes to write this song! Produced by Labrinth, the single is set to be released on May the 8th.

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Devlin-Let It Go ft. Labrinth [Video]

Let It Go is the fourth single from Devlin’s critically acclaimed debut album, Bud, Sweat and Beers. Definitely my favourite video that Devlin has given us thus far, and the visuals really do enhance the overall feel of the song.

The track features Labrinth, who of course was the orchestrator behind Tinie Tempah’s hit singles Pass Out and Frisky.

With the track being about relationship troubles, and that moment of realisation that no matter how hard you try to make it work, it’s beyond repair: the director of the video’s done a great job in conveying the emotions Devlin emits through his lyrics; showing anger, hurt, lust and surprisingly even loneliness.

You can get Bud Sweat and Beers from iTunes right now – one of the few UK releases this year definitely worth getting.

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Tinie Tempah and Labrinth-Frisky

When I heard about this leaking a couple of days ago, my huge dislike of Pass Out made me ignore the leak. I’ve since softened, and gave it a couple of listens today and will admit it is better than Pass Out, but only just. The lyrics are still absolutely awful, but I am enjoying this beat a great deal more than Pass Out.

Anyway, to the best of my knowledge, most people are just listening to this track via YouTube. You know we don’t do it like that around here, we give you the goods for yourself. Thank me later.

Tinie Tempah-Frisky ft. Labrinth

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