Tha Dogg Pound-Them N****as Remix

the dogg pound
One of the only decent hip-hop tracks in recent months (it’s been a terrible period for the genre), West Coast veterans Daz and Kurupt grab Audio Push’s energetic speaker-rattler for a decent remix.

On a production like this, it’s pretty difficult to sound bad, and hence there are no complaints about the performance. Admittedly, their performances lack the intensity and hunger of the original, but their comparatively laidback performances at least make for a different listen to the original, and credit for going their own way rather than trying to match the original. It won’t displace Audio Push’s version, but it’s a nice refresh if you’ve given their version a little too much playtime.

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BET Hip-Hop Awards 2012: The Cyphers

As per every year, the only thing we check the BET Awards for is these excellent ciphers, and this year is no different.

The 2012 edition brings you some utterly superb lineups, with the clip up here being a personal highlight as it features several of my favourite upcomers-A$AP Rocky, Joey Bada$$, Childish Gambino and Angel Haze, alongside newcomer Driicky Graham. The rest of the ciphers feature the likes of T.I., B.o.B., Talib Kweli, Jean Grae, DMX, Eve, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, Kurupt, DJ Quik, Xzibit, Mac Miller, Ab-Soul, Schoolboy Q, Hopsin and more.

Plenty of promise, click on below to check out all of the ciphers. Who do you reckon had the standout performance? Big fan of Joey Bada$$ with the cipher up here, and my winners for the rest are below.

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HRSMN (Four Horsemen)-The End Is Near [Trailer]

I’ve been ploughing my way through the first season of the excellent Spartacus as of late and this instrumental, hopefully from The Four Horsemen’s upcoming LP The End Is Near, could be a soundscape lifted straight from the epic series.

Anyway, no vocals on this at present but the beat is tailor-made for these lyricists. Hearing Priest or Bis tear this apart is almost enough to bring an underground head to tears.

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Game-Purp and Patron: The Hangover Mixtape

As promised, Game and DJ Skee let loose of the tracks that didn’t make the initial cut for the recent Purp & Patron mixtape.

As with P&P, there are some very interesting features here, with Joell Ortiz and Ghostface (on the same track, no less) making for particularly eye-catching inclusions. Preview/download in the widget, tracklist below.

01. The Hangover
02. California
03. Yung Stunna (Feat. Birdman)
04. Violin
05. Sex
06. White Soft Porn (Feat. Mars)
07. Get Familiar (Feat. Timbaland)
08. Lost
09. I’m Home (Feat. Kurupt)
10. This Way (Feat. JoiStaRR)
11. 3D (Feat. David Banner)
12. Drama (Feat. Ghostface & Joell Ortiz)
13. Lovebirds
14. Philly (Mega Mix) (Young Chris Feat. Game, Eve, Black Thought, Money Malc, Fat Joe, Fred the Godson, Diggy Simmons & Jermaine Dupri)
15. Undefeated (Feat. Busta Rhymes & Marsha Ambrosius)

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2Pac-Ride For Me with Fatal and Kurupt

Right, the site is loading slowly for me on the back-end and I’ve got a ton of material to post: forgive me if a couple of the reviews are short.

This is some unreleased Pac material, and superb material at that. Relaxed summer vibes flow through the production, whilst Pac comes through with a quickfire flow that suits the beat perfectly. Great old-school material to start off anyone’s day.

2Pac-Ride For Me ft. Fatal and Kurupt

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Ras Kass / HRSMN - This Sh*t Right Here [Video]

This is exciting. The Four Horsemen are once again reunited for a track on Ras Kass’ latest release A.D.I.D.A.S which can be listened to and purchased here.

The Four Horsemen (aka HRSMN) are a supergroup consisting of Ras Kass, Kurupt, Canibus and Killah Priest so you know that this is going to be straight up, off-the-chain, penetrative ear-sex.

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Xzibit-Phenom, New Single From MMX

Don’t hear enough from Xzibit these days. The last track I caught from him was Hurt Locker back in December, which got plenty of plays in my iTunes. This is another good one from X, and comes on a little bit of a ‘lighter’ tip than Hurt Locker. Very listenable though, and hopefully we’ll be getting more from the upcoming MMX album.

Keep a close ear to the production: it’s interesting to note how Game’s been disappointing on this exact type of beat recently, but X takes it on pretty comfortably without coming off as ‘radio-friendly’.

Xzibit-Phenom ft. Kurupt

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Kurupt, Snoop Dogg and Problem-I’m Burnt

If you liked Upside Down (the Snoop/Nipsey/Problem collab) you’ll really like this. It’s the same sort of catchy, simple track. I think this Problem guy has a bit of mileage in him to be honest as he’s made both tracks pretty fun to listen to, whilst not lowering to Gucci/Soulja levels. A track to check out, and an artist to watch.

Kurupt-I’m Burnt Remix ft. Problem and Snoop Dogg

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Quickblast: Kurupt

Kurupt is coming out with a new album at the end of the month (artwork for that can be seen to the left here). Not sure if this track will be on that album, but it might in the form of a bonus track or something. Pretty decent track it is too, a really good understated beat and it’s always good to hear rappers bigging up their peers. Be sure to grab the track below.

Kurupt – Massacre Central

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Underground Hip-Hop Part 9

It’s been a while since the last episode, so there’s plenty of material after the click for dedicated hip-hop fans. Bringing you plenty of new artists as always, whilst throwing in some more familiar names to underground fans too, don’t miss out on the goodness.

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An All-Star Track To Enjoy

No idea who, or what, a Kida is but he’s gone and grabbed some of hip-hop’s biggest and best for a pretty nice track. The track samples the famous ‘Holla!’ from Missy Elliott’s Get Your Freak On, and is a likeable joint. Definitely worth picking up on the strength of the features alone.

Kida-Holla! Remix Ft.  Busta Rhymes, Little Brother, Kurupt, Crooked I, Talib Kweli, Jay Rock & Willie B

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Pete Rock’s Contribution To NBA Live 10

Another very dope track from the NBA Live 10 soundtrack. This is an uptempo anthem which will appeal to fans of all genres.

The verses are nicely flowed, and the hook is good too. The production is the winner here though, and just like the track I posted yesterday, is another great upbeat jam. What a soundtrack this is shaping up to be!

See below for the download link, as well as another awesome track from the NBA Live 10 OST from the super-dope Murs, which features Kurupt and Jay Rock.

Pete Rock-When I Need It

Murs-We Ballin’ Ft. Jay Rock and Kurupt

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