RZA's The Man With The Iron Fists Soundtrack Tracklist

Quentin Tarantino presents The Man With The Iron Fists, an action-adventure inspired by kung-fu classics as interpreted by his longtime collaborators RZA and Eli Roth. Making his debut as a big-screen director, co-writer and leading man, RZA—alongside an exciting international cast led by Russell Crowe and Lucy Liu—tells the epic story of warriors, assassins and a lone outsider hero who all descend on one fabled village in China for a winner-takes-all battle for a fortune in gold. The film arrives on November 2, 2012.

I saw the trailer for this a little while back and frankly, it looks epic. Normally projects like this can be pretty shoddy, but RZA’s clearly surrounded himself with the right people and properly committed to this, and the sheer scale of the names involved in both the film and the soundtrack suggests he’ll pull this off with considerable success. The tracklist features a fantastic roster, including Kanye West, Pusha T and of course the Wu-Tang Clan; click below for the full list, where you can also grab a free download from the OST.
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Kool G Rap and The A-Alikes-To Live And Die In NY

G Rap teams up with The A-Alikes for a cut from upcoming compilation album Underground Overstood. This is much more like that hardcore G Rap that us heads have come to love, this track eliciting that gritty New York style which he crafted. And as much as it pains me to say, this is certainly a cut above anything which he put together on his latest LP. And I have no idea how this isn’t already a G Rap titled song.

Kool G Rap and The A-Alikes-To Live And Die In NY

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Kool G Rap-I Am (Prod. Ceasar and PStarr)

G Rap teams up with the production house Ceasar and PStarr for a cut off their upcoming War Music LP which features the likes of Styles P, M.O.P, Red Cafe, Smif-N-Wessun, Saigon and more.

As much as it pains me to say this, this is better than anything which G Rap mustered together on his latest release Riches, Royalty & Respect. Although it is undeniable G Rap has slowed down since his prime, he’s still bringing the heat with the vocals it’s just his beat selection on RR&R was atrocious. I’ll still argue with anyone that he is the G.O.A.T. Dead or alive.

“The boss of all bosses, I own racehorses and a fortress, corridors with olympic torches and Mona Lisa portraits.” – It’s A Shame

Kool G Rap-I Am

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Kool G Rap-Offer You Can’t Refuse EP Download

Well this certainly is an offer you can’t refuse. Seemingly out of nowhere, the G.O.A.T drops us a free EP download.

I haven’t listened to this yet, don’t ask why because I don’t know myself, but I’m assuming that although it won’t be multi-syllabic insanity of 80′s/90′s G Rap, it will be a gutter collection of tracks. As far as production and features go, track 3 should be a standout joint with Mobb Deep’s Havoc on vocals and Alchemist on the boards.

Get your hands on this here.

Oh, and anyone want to contest his Greatest Of All Time status? Let’s go.

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Kool G Rap Speaks On Industry Today

Nothing that is particularly going to blow your mind here. State of industry is monotonous and no talent etc. But it’s good to see G Rap back putting things out there in preparation for his latest album: Riches, Royalty & Respect.

G Rap >

Get familiar with the greatest lyricist of all time.

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Buckwild Remixes G Rap/Nas-Fast Life

Fresh off his iconic Nineteen Ninety Now project with Celph Titled, Buckwild adds a favourable tinge to the 1995 classic collaboration between two New York giants.

The lyricism is out of this world as we witness two greats of the game go back and forth. However, the original beat often leaves a lot to be desired and sounds somewhat tame in comparison with the hard-hitting opening that 4,5,6 offers. Buck’s darker undertones therefore makes this an unmissable addition to Heads’ collections. This remix is so good it will be finding its way onto the end of my 4,5,6 playlist.

Kool G Rap – Fast Life ft. Nas (Buckwild Remix)

Kool G Rap – Fast Life ft. Nas (Original)

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Mark Deez/Kool G Rap/Canibus

Well isn’t this a little delight for us all this evening!

G Rap doesn’t bless us with too many verses these days but as both him and Canibus gear up ready to release their respective albums we inevitably find them stepping their feature games up.

Straight from Mark Deez’s Bootstrap Theory, Boot Rap has all three MC’s tearing it up but plaudits here have to go to ‘bus who justifies his longevity in the game by outshining the G.O.A.T himself; the Kool Genius of Rap.

Mark Deez – Boot Rap ft. Kool G Rap & Canibus

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Kool G Rap - Sad

A little bit of me died with excitement when G Rap dropped this on his Twitter yesterday.

New Kool G Rap doesn’t come around too often, and although G Rap may not possess his ridiculous multi-syllabic prowess from years gone by, his vivid street storytelling remains second to none.

Sad serves as the first drop from his Riches, Royalty & Respect album coming soon!

Kool G Rap – Sad

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Kool G Rap Preps New Album!


OK, so you might not be as excited as I am about this but when the greatest MC of all time comes out and says he’s got a new LP coming you can understand why.

To paraphrase he states: “I haven’t been this passionate about shit in a long time, so when someone asks me a question about it I got so much shit to say, its not just recording a song, this is spilling my fucking guts out there.”

Thanks to AllHipHop.com for this.

To celebrate, please find left some of his best work.

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Quick Blast: Reef The Lost Cauze / Rugged Man / G Rap

Fair to say I was pretty excited when this dropped yesterday evening. Fresh from Reef’s upcoming album Fight Music we find two of the best underground MC’s flexing lyrical wax alongside arguably the best MC ever.

Put it this way: if you like hip-hop then you would be very stupid to miss out on this.

Reef The Lost Cauze (feat Kool G Rap & R.A. The Rugged Man) – Three Greats

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