Call of Duty: Black Ops Ad, Featuring Kobe Bryant and Jimmy Kimmel

A cool ad for the upcoming COD game, although one we’ll never see on TV out here in the UK.

Anyone else finding that they’re really not that fussed about this edition of COD? I was pumped for last year’s but it got boring pretty quickly, and I’m not at all bothered about getting this. On the other hand, I am psyched to get the new Goldeneye game for Wii: classics > everything.

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Would Kobe Beat LeBron 1-on-1?

Kobe seems to think so, and I reckon I’d agree. I’m fairly new to NBA, having a part-time interest last season (upgrading to a full-time one this year I expect!), but in a 1-on-1 situation I’ll take Kobe.
LBJ is the better all-rounder though, even if Kobe restricts that admission by saying ‘he’s a better passer’.

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