K’NAAN ft. Nas – Nothing To Lose (Remix) [Prod. Will.I.Am]

Will.I.Am jumps behind the boards to give the original a revamp.

Accompanied with the black and white visuals, the remix gives us a totally different feel, somewhat more classical and throwback. I feel this version suits the verses better, Nas’ obviously a particular highlight. This is the kind of thing I’d like to hear on whatever his new album is called. But alas, I expect trademark Nas with his terrible beat selection whilst trying to ‘push the envelope’.

K’NAAN’s More Beautiful Than Silence EP can be picked up over at iTunes.

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K'naan and Adam Levine-Bang Bang Video

Surprised this took so long to be released, although it sort of makes sense given K’naan’s elevation to the spotlight after the resounding success of Wavin’ Flag during the World Cup. This track is from his superb Troubadour album, and certainly represents one of the more energetic and uptempo tracks from the album.

Certainly a good track, but by no means one of the best from the album. That’s not a slur on this track at all, it just signifies how strong an album it is!

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K'naan, David Guetta and will.i.am-Wavin' Flag Video

As much as I love this track, I’m both too tired and too busy to have watched this video yet. The song is amazing though, so I definitely will do so soon.

Edited with thoughts: Really good video. Fits the song really well by not going for too much, and letting the track do the work. Nice variety of scenes, with some warming parts shot in Africa (not sure where?) accompanied by some decent live footage.

Must voice my appreciation for K’naan’s range of hats. Boy, that guy has a lot of hats.

Audio is here.

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Damian Marley, Nas and K'naan-Africa Must Wake Up

What a lineup. Some of the best and most creative artists in music right now get together for a track from Damian/Nas’ Distant Relatives album. I’ve only given it one listen thus far, but it sounds awfully smooth and was a really good listen. Some really conscious lyrics over a great summer beat with a fantastic hook, this is definitely one that everyone can enjoy. Click below to share the love.

Damian Marley & Nas-Africa Must Wake Up ft. K’naan

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R&B Fridays: Episode 44

Another regularly-sized episode, which pleases me greatly. Good R&B (and some non R&B…) in here as ever, with plenty of big names sitting alongside some of our favourite newcomers such as Brutha and Bruno Mars. Click on for your weekly R&B allowance.

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Keane and K’naan-Stop For A Minute

Who saw this collabo coming?!

Great one though, and it has that classic Keane sound with some really worthwhile additions from K’naan. Definitely one worth checking out, as it’s a good song and it’s a really good video too.

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K’naan-Wavin’ Flag Video (Again!!)

This is the third video for this track, sort of. First, there was the World Cup 2010 remix, then we got the Young (Canadian) Artists For Haiti remix/cover, and now we finally get the official album version of the track!

As I’ve stated before, this track is genuinely fantastic, and really, really uplifting. This video is very good too, and fits the track perfectly. I can’t recall many tracks that I’d happily have 3 videos/versions for, but this is certainly one of them (especially as they’re all so different!). Great job from one of the most underrated out there, check out his Troubadour album NOW.

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Various Canadian Artists-Wavin’ Flag Video

Another version of K’naan’s amazing track (scroll a little further down for the World Cup version), this time with all of Canada’s young talents getting together to record a version for the Haiti earthquake.

Drake, Bieber, Avril Lavigne and many, many more appear on this and it’s a really good version that’s worth checking out. Drake’s verse near the end comes with a great message too, nice to see that.

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K’Naan-Wavin’ Flag (World Cup Remix)

I was really pleased when Wavin’ Flag was announced as the official World Cup 2010 song. It’s a phenomenally motivational track, and is a really good summer track.

They’ve put a little spin on the lyrics and the production, both of which are nice/relevant additions to make it more tailored to the purpose. Not sure which version I prefer, as they’re both awesome, but it’s all about the hook which is pretty much the same in both. Check it out!

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Some Tracks You May Not Have Heard

So, as I said, it’s been a slow day. However, to keep your library swelling I’ve thrown together 2 tracks that you probably haven’t heard. Both of these are taken from within the last 6 months, and both appeal to a variety of genres. Hopefully, this will introduce you something new. Go crazy after the click.

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