Kings of Leon-Mechanical Bull (Full Album Stream)

With the album set for release next Tuesday, the increasingly-popular ‘week early album stream’ idea is adopted for Kings of Leon’s latest, with the full preview now available on iTunes.

The 11-track effort (13 on the deluxe) features the two enjoyable singles released in the last two months, which demonstrated the versatility they’re capable of, and the possible diversity on this album. Being recorded entirely in Nashville, you’d rightly expect the folk overtones of Come Around Sundown to still play a part in this, and that’s most certainly not a bad thing. Give it a go below, and pre-order if you’re sufficiently satisfied.

Kings of Leon-Mechanical Bull

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Kings of Leon-Wait For Me

I referred to this single’s predecessor as rather frenetic and cacophonous. The same most certainly won’t be said about this follow-up, the second release from their upcoming Mechanical Bull album. Sidenote: Supersoaker also had a video released today, which you can see here.

It’s a much more laidback affair, pulling in wistful guitar plucks and slow-paced, chunky percussion for an easygoing, relatively mellow backdrop, but one that still has a good level of intensity and vibrance in the right places. That arrives via the combination of the bass work and the aforementioned percussion, which fills out every corner of the soundscape with great skill, whilst the instrumentation step-up for the hook is also a notable high point. There are several other transitions too, and for such a dynamic instrumentation, credit has to go to the vocal work for providing the relaxing consistency that ties the track together into that smooth package, with the performance suitably scaled back in places to allow the naturally-calming guitar work room to breathe, and equally Caleb’s work is amplified a little in precisely the right places.

Whilst their albums and tracks have a tendency to vary in terms of style, this carries the sound of a band who are at total ease with this laidback direction, and frankly it’s the one that suits them best for me. Album arrives on 24th September.

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Kings of Leon-Supersoaker

Their sixth album, Mechanical Bull, arrives on 24th September, and the band have let loose the first single from that upcoming LP. Their previous album was certainly one of my favourites from their back catalogue, with its distinct Americana influence making for a thoroughly excellent listen from start to finish, and hence my expectations for this album are rather high.

They’ve allowed some of the aforementioned sound to seep into this one a little, though as with their previous albums, there’s still a sonic alteration that has its own distinctivity. That comes via the sharp instrumentation, which does away with the gentler, more subtle stylings of many tracks on Come Around Sundown, and instead operates in an intense, upbeat manner that combines fast-paced guitars and relentless percussion into a near-cacophonous soundscape. Whilst it’s not necessarily easy on the ears, it is a fun, uplifting listen that’s perfectly suited to a summer day, and feels far more positive and youthful than previous works- that upbeat quality extends to the vocals too, with Caleb’s vocals incorporating a more free, expressive nature that combines well with the frenetic backdrop he’s supported by.

It won’t penetrate the mainstream as some of their previous lead singles have, but I’d imagine it’ll satisfy those who enjoy their work beyond the radio hits. Available now.

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Kings of Leon-Back Down South Video

Probably my favourite track from their Come Around Sundown album, the easygoing blend of country, indie and rock make for a very enjoyable listen in this instance.

One of those videos that really captures the vibe of the audio too, opening with lots of bright, summertime scenes infused with positivity and warmth, and closing off with a blend of lively fireworks and relaxed performance that enhances the feelgood vibe of the song. Very welcome refresh of a song I gave a lot of time, and a video that will both satisfy the current fans, and should also grab them a few new ones by virtue of being a generally inoffensive all-round package. Come Around Sundown available everywhere.

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Mick Boogie and Terry Urban-Award Tour

A fun, remixed uptempo happy good time consisting of the best remixes and rarites of this years Grammy nominees. Featuring remixed music by everyone from Lady Gaga, La Roux and Rihanna to Kanye West, Vampire Weekend and Florence & The Machine, there’s something for everybody for sure.

Looks very interesting to say the least, and the duo of Boogie and Urban never fail to deliver when it comes to these original projects. There are some serious names on this one, and the tracklist will defnitely whet your appetite. Click below for the download, and even further below for the tracklist.

Mick Boogie and Terry Urban-Award Tour
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Kings of Leon-Pyro Video

One of my favourite tracks from Come Around Sundown, this is undoubtedly a great choice for a winter single with its mellow and atmospheric tones.

The video is both bizarre and captivating in equal measure. Set in a seedy underground bar, there’s no shortage of action and stimuli with the various ‘mini-stories’ that take place (including a really uncomfortable paedophilic angle). It ends in a very ethereal manner, with seemingly the ‘good’ people making it towards the light: the symbolism here is pretty clear, and adds a nice positive twist to the otherwise dark video.

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Cee-Lo Covers Kings of Leon's Radioactive

How good is Cee-Lo?! Live on Radio 1, Cee-Lo took on the Kings of Leon folk-gospel-rock-alternative-pop track with great results, delivering a rendition that is definitely worthy of a listen. We shouldn’t really be surprised by anything this guy can do, but it is genuinely shocking just how well his voice fits onto this track: I’d love to hear a studio version! As there’s no download available for this, I’ve instead thrown in the artwork for his latest single, for which the audio can be found here.

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Kings Of Leon-Closer (Presets Remix)

Those of you who got their recently-released Come Around Sundown album may or may not have got this track, as it was only included on the deluxe editions which weren’t actually available everywhere. So, to make sure everyone gets an equal slice (we aren’t communists though) you can pick it up below.

Closer was my favourite track on Only By The Night, and whilst this remix was never likely to surpass the original it’s good in its own right, and retains the quiet, creepy aspect that really made the original feel so powerful. It’s a more chillout/experimental take on the production, but it works to create the same kind of atmosphere and doesn’t warp the song excessively.

Kings of Leon-Closer (Presets Remix)

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Kings of Leon-Radioactive

I’m about half a day late on this so I do apologise. I couldn’t find a decent embed code, and then watching the video kept making my laptop crash.

The first single from Come Around Sundown (told you it was coming soon!) has an upbeat and positive feel, a stark contrast to the dark and moody stylings of Only By The Night. The switch is evident right from the off, with a perky, head-nodding guitar riff, and is fully complimented throughout with various elements including a gospel addition toward the end.

Likeable track, though the video is clearly a desperate attempt by Kings of Leon to rid their rumoured racist tag.

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Kings of Leon-Come Around Sundown Artwork and Tracklist

First single is set to drop sooner than you realise. Keep your eyes open for that one, and in the meantime click here for some info on the planned style/a live performance.
01. The End
02. Radioactive
03. Pyro
04. Mary
05. The Face
06. The Immortals
07. Back Down South
08. Beach Side
09. No Money
10. Pony Up
11. Birthday
12. Mi Amigo
13. Pickup Truck

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Kings Of Leon Announce New Album

It was previously rumoured that their next album was coming in the next few months, and has today been confirmed that they’ll be releasing it on October 19th.

Come Around Sundown will be a 13-track effort, and is said to have the band ‘stepping outside their traditional guitar-bass-drums arrangements, adding fiddle, trumpet, and lap steel to select tracks’.

Sounds funky. Anywho, check out the video here which is a live performance of a track expected to be on the album.

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Kings Of Leon Album Announcement!

For those of you eagerly awaiting news of progress on the Kings Of Leon’s new album look no further, as it seems the wait is nearly over for first glimpses of their new work.

Nathan Followill, the bands drummer, revealed that some of their new material could well heard as soon as June 11th; when they perform at the Bonnaroo festival in Tennessee. Followill also went on to say that their new work will be of a more downbeat nature, exchanging Only By The Night’s fairly epic sound for a darker, edgier appeal. This is attributed to the recording of the upcoming album in New York, with the record attempting to reflect the city’s moody aesthetic.

Whatever the case I will definately be keeping my eyes and ears open for any related happenings, so keep posted!!

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Use Somebody Remix

A little bit unusual this one. Rapper AC (who I admittedly know very little/nothing about) has remixed Kings of Leon’s Use Somebody.

It’s actually not too bad, and definitely worth a listen. It’s not as good as the original (despite KOL being the most hugely overhyped band of 2009. They’re good, but not that good), but it’s definitely something a bit unexpected and worth picking up.

AC-Use Somebody Remix Ft. Kings of Leon

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