KING-In The Meantime

If I settled down and listened to some non-stop KING, I already know they’d become one of my favoured acts in today’s soul scene. Unfortunately, that never seems to quite happen, but with this latest release from their upcoming album those chances are about to increase.

A soft, mellow backdrop comprised of delicate synths, bassy yet subtle percussion, and gentle flashes of additional samples and instrumentation, the production makes for an easygoing backdrop throughout the verses, with short bursts of energy pulsing in and out to enliven the hook. The vocals are, of course, beautifully relaxed throughout the verses, with the multi-layered vocals packing emotion and positivity into a relatively laidback vibe, whilst the verses offer a slight upgrade in terms of intensity and passion. It’s one of those tracks that you can’t really do justice by breaking it down as I have above; throw it on and prepare to be completely relaxed by its debonair charm.

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