Kilo Kish-K+ (Mixtape)

kilo kish
I developed a lot of fondness for Kilo’s brand of chillout alternative style when (belatedly) giving her Homeschool EP a go last year, with her combination of a near-spoken word style and ‘regular’ vocals being a good blend over those wintery productions, and landing her a spot in my 13 for ’13.

If various reports are to be believed, she’s been working intensely on the vocal side of her work, and it seems that’s culminating in this brand new 10-track tape that I’ve been looking forward to for a while. With the contributors list containing names such as Childish Gambino, Matt Martians, Star Slinger, Earl Sweatshirt, Jesse Boykins III and many more, there’s a huge raft of well-respected acts who are seemingly ready to lend a helping hand. That’s not to mention the one release we’ve had from this, a Flatbush Zombies-assisted rework of the previously-released Creepwave, and on the back of that I’ve got high hopes for this. One-click download below.

Kilo Kish-K+ (note: the download seems quite slow, feel free to stream here until they clear it up)

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Kilo Kish-Creepwave ft. Flatbush Zombies

Kilo Kish fans, don’t be confused (as I was): there is already a track under this title, but it’s been heavily reworked for this version from her upcoming K+ mixtape.

Coming in at just over 6 minutes long, this one features an extended intro lines up synths that are atmospheric and airy synths alongside those of a darker, more ominous persuasion for an aura-filled intro, before throwing percussion into the mix for a hit of intensity. The track then comes back to the recognisable synths of the original’s opening, though the changes are soon noticeable, with a couple of additional lines and re-recorded vocals that sound much crisper than the previous version. Add to that new backing vocals, a good Zombies feature and a great instrumental section to close, and this is a worthwhile upgrade that definitely trumps the original. A good track that sets the mixtape up nicely, and with Childish Gambino, Star Slinger, Earl Sweatshirt, The Internet and more set to feature on the mixtape, there’s plenty more to look forward to.

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13 for '13

2013 v3(2)

Year after year, we change the format of the end-of-year OTU round-up (routine is boring), and this year I’ve opted for a forward-looking feature rather than reflecting on what was a rather disappointing year in the music world. Many are desperate to have their tastes for 2013 dictated to them by either the BBC Sound of 2013 or MTV’s Brand New for 2013, but the interesting thing is we’ve been championing some of the acts they’ve thrust upon you this past week for quite some time. The rest of them we probably don’t care about.

So, here’s a chance to get clued up with some genuine upcoming talents that I expect to release more fantastic material this year and break through that next barrier of success, whether it’s into mainstream consciousness or slightly wider underground appreciation. Note that I didn’t say commercial success. Whilst some will certainly find that and it is a facet of their potential growth this year, it’s far from essential, and each selection here deserves to be so on quality and potential more than anything. Regular reader or not, you’ll have heard of several of these selections before and be assured those acts are here on merit, not because a label asked us to do so; something the aforementioned 2013 ‘predictions’ from the mainstream outlets can’t honestly claim. Let’s go. → Continue Reading

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Kilo Kish-Navy (Video)

My opinion on Kilo Kish flip-flops a little, and not because 95% of her fans are the worst kind of hipsters. At times, her spoken word style is quite likeable and she’s definitely got something magnetising about her, but at others it seems her music lacks direction or consistency, and that blunt vocal style can become somewhat grating.

This time, it comes off well. The production, which I think was helmed by Matt Martians but I’m yet to confirm, is laidback and has a little touch of cold winter about it (yep, that music season is coming), making the dark nightime visual an excellent fit. The bassy plucks in the verses contrast with the wavy, airy synths on the hook well and Kilo’s delivery matches up to both well-the verses are sharp and delivered with some verve, whilst the work on the hook is much softer and melodic.

There’s a lot to like about this one, and it’s worth giving a watch and listen if you’re new to Kilo. She’s unquestionably headed for greatness regardless of my views on her consistency, and you can grab this track on the Homeschool EP for free.

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