Kid*Malcolm-Iron Lord ft. CashaNova

Sometimes, there’s just too much music in my inbox and I forget about stuff. Sometimes, it’s just as well. This time however, I’ve made a mistake-this track is all kinds of superb.

Right off the bat the beat will capture your attention, with a deep, atmospheric, epic feel that really gives this track a sense of purpose, drive and power. Fantastic production, and Malcolm doesn’t let it go to waste with some good raps throughout that play off the production nicely with slow flows and memorable lyrics. Great bit of hip-hop.

Kid*Malcolm-Iron Lord ft. CashaNova

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Kid*Malcolm-Heart & Soul of NYC Freestyle

Having finally caught up with my enormous backlog of music, there’s now time to introduce you to more hip-hop from the best emerging acts.

Kid*Malcolm (previously covered here) kindly sent over a great freestyle over the awesome Red Cafe beat. He got lots of nice feedback on the aforementioned post, and this track will definitely keep that momentum going as he does justice to this smooth beat with some thoughtful and introspective vocals that display the upcomers ability very well.

Kid*Malcolm-Do x Me (Heart & Soul Freestyle)

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Newcomer: Kid*Malcolm

It’s been a while since we’ve introduced you to a new rapper, so let’s kick Monday off with one. First off, loving that artwork! That kid’s smile is ridiculously infectious!

The music: nice mix of stuff. For those looking to be eased in, the addition of a verse to Taio Cruz’s Like A Star will be digestable, and is a good introduction as the verse touches on a range of topics and has a decent style/speed of flow. The 4 Mins To Save The World Freestyle displays many of the aforementioned attributes but for a more extended period, and with more variety in the delivery. Wanna B Down is probably my favourite of the 3, as I’m liking this soulful beat and the slowed down flow brings out Malcolm’s wordplay a little better. Plenty of potential here, could be one to watch.

Like A Star Remix

4M2STW Freestyle

Wanna Be Down

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