Khalil-Girlfriend Ringtone Video

R&B’s (better, more tolerable) version of Justin Bieber lets loose a video for his decent debut single.

As previously stated, this was originally a Sean Garrett track but Def Jam obviously felt it was better suited for Khalil. It’s a good track either way though, and be sure to give the audio a go here.

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R&B Fridays: Episode 50

Many of your Fridays have been centered around this OTU institution, and I’m glad to deliver this 50th episode of the hugely popular series. I’ve enjoyed writing it as much as you have reading it.

Before you see what’s in store this week, I’ve actually sprinkled a lot of R&B in other posts this week to build up some R&B love prior to this episode that you should check for. First off, go here for Ne-Yo’s new single. After that, check out the final version of Alicia Keys’ Rapture, Estelle’s latest single, a superb track from The-Dream, amongst other R&B-influenced tracks that have been posted.

Done all that? Good on you. Time to get the rest!

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