Benga & Kano - Forefather [Video]

Kano says it himself in this track “sounding like some old school K.A.“, he sounds just as fresh as when he first came onto the scene. The last few years he particularly has looked like he’s really enjoying his music, guest starring on numerous tracks and just stealing the show.

Benga, a talented producer who some of you may be more familiar with as part of the three-man super dubstep collective Magnetic Man, enlists Kano for his new track Forefather. Kano reminds us all he’s a forefather of grime, and the video reflects his journey, taking us back to 2003 when he was rapping in basements, 2008 rapping in clubs and present day where he’s rocking stages. Kano’s always been at his best on bass filled tracks and Benga doesn’t disappoint.

This excellently produced song is from Benga’s upcoming album, Chapter II (pre-order here), and you can grab this track now from iTunes.

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Sway - Still Sway & Kane ft. Kano & Tigger Da Author [Video]

Two of the best rappers in the UK over the last 10 years combine for this homage to Dr. Dre’s classing Still D.R.E.

Starting out as just a freestyle from Sway, things escalated into a full blown remix after a good reception from fans, as well as a chance meeting with Dre himself in London.

Really loving how they’ve switched up the beat for this, which compliments both Sway and Kano’s energetic flow and clever lyrics. Tigger Da Author, a singer-songwriter recently signed to Sway’s label, provides a likeable hook, flipping a few of Dre and Snoop’s classic lines from the original song.

The video provides similar elements and vibes that Dre’s video did all those years ago, but using the city of London as a backdrop instead of L.A., which is a nice touch. A few cool cameos too from other leading UK stars, further highlighting the unity that the UK industry has these days.

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Labrinth ft. Tinie Tempah, Kano, Wretch 32 & Busta Rhymes - Earthquake Remix

Yeah, this happened.

Multi-talented Labrinth, who is an instrumentalist and produces, sings and even raps, has gathered this all star cast. Three leading UK urban artists alongside the legend that is Busta Rhymes? A recipe for a classic collabo.

Labrinth’s album, Electronic Earth will be released on the 19th of this month.

Preorder now at: iTunes or Amazon

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Ghetts - On A Level Remix ft. Scorcher, Kano & Wretch 32 [Video]

Some UK goodness to brighten up your week, Scorcher, Kano and Wretch 32 jump on the remix for Ghetts’ successful On a Level track. Like the original, this song’s production is unbelievably disjointed, but it works. Drum & Bass elements as well as some garage and dance along with a more traditional sound, it’s actually quite hard to describe how the production flows on this one, it’s certainly not linear.

In these four artists though the beat’s eclectic nature is tailor-made for each of their flows and that’s why it works. Scorcher impresses and Kano continues the excellent return to form he’s brought in 2011. Accompanied by Wretch 32 who has surely got the most chilled and best feel-good flow in the game. Go buy the track from iTunes by clicking the link below.

Ghetts – On A Level Remix ft. Scorcher, Kano & Wretch 32

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Kano - Room Service: Make Me Proud

Kano announces a new mixtape (which is for the ladies) called Girls Over Guns, for which you can see the pretty cool artwork on the left. Not only this, but he also gave permission tonight for this track to be let go for us to hear!

He lays down some verses to Nicki Minaj’s and Drake’s Make Me Proud, which instantly improves the track (to my ears). Following on from his impressive Not 4 The A List exploits, it’s a good reminder of the versatility he has as an emcee.

Props for SoulCulture for the download, click here to get the track and to check out the tracklisting.

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Kano & Mikey J - E.T. ft. Wiley, Wretch 32 & Scorcher

Every time I listen to a UK track I can’t help but wonder what an American hip hop fan would think listening to it, and it’s rarer than I like that I’d think “yeah, they would go crazy for this”. This is one of those rare times.

Initially I was put off by the auto-tune laden hook we hear as the track opens, and I had put it down to a typical experimental track by Kano, but don’t let it put you off, skip to 1:16 if you have to. Kano spazzes out and sounds hungry, which follows from his previous instalment of this Not 4 The A List weekly multimedia series by him and Mikey J. Wiley follows it with a decent verse, though the lack of his presence hinders it somewhat (the “INSERT WILEY HERE” lettering in this vid is poignant). What also hinders Wiley’s verse is what follows from Wretch 32, which by even his standards is an extremely high quality Wretch verse, with the Mayweather lines a particular highlight. The approving look Kano gives Wretch as he closes out his verse genuinely made me laugh out loud. Scorcher finishes the track off with his verse and you can’t help but feel this is a passing of the torch moment (it can’t be denied that he hasn’t seen the same level of success that the other 3 artists have done so yet).

An excellent track which is available for free by heading over here and giving them your email address.

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Re:Definition 2011 @ The Hackney Empire - Thursday 7th July

Year after year, RE:DEFINITION successfully aims to tell the tale of an area that lies at the crossroads where old values meet new ideals. Last summer’s presentation was a genre-blurring live concept album which brought together some of the biggest names in urban music, as part of the Create11. This year, Urban Development have teamed up with the Barbican and Create11 to present you with a collective of musicians, emcees, vocalists, actors and dancers on July 7th at The Hackney Empire.

Fusing live performance, multi-media and theatre on a journey that encompasses love, conflict, tradition and aspirations in east London, performers are KANO, GHETTS, TALAY RILEY, ROXXXAN, DONAEO, JAY NORTON, SELAH, SCRUFIZZER, MIKE HOUGH, MPHO, LOVELLE, MIKILL PANE, LADY CHANN and ABEL MILLER. Each artist’s tracks and lyrics will form the story that is RE:Definition.

With visuals coming from music video director and producer JAK FRSH, who’s worked with Wiley and Tinie Tempah amongst others, it’s back over to MATTHEW ‘EXCALIBAH’ XIA to direct the show. Visit or for tickets.

Be smart and support not only UK music, but the depth of creativity and originality on show here. If you’re down in the London area, don’t insult your own intelligence-get involved (no, I’m not making a commission!).

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Lethal B-Pow 2011 ft. JME, Wiley, Chipmunk, 2-Face, P Money, Ghetts & Kano [Video]

Finally we get the official video to the 2011 version of a grime classic! This track seems to have run of steam as of late, which is why it was a little frustrating waiting for them to get this video out there, but maybe the buzz will build up again now.

As you can see from the behind the scenes video (click here), all these guys had a lot of fun filming this and it’s great to see the genuine rapport they have. One disappointment was that Wiley didn’t come through and make an appearance for whatever reason (I’m going to assume time constraints!). Each artist has their own little role in the video and it’s certainly a vid that enhances the song (which some people were originally underwhelmed with).

Enough talking, go watch the visuals to the left of this post, and if you like what you hear go grab the audio from clicking on this glorious bit of red text.

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Kano-Spaceship FanCam at the O2 Academy Liverpool

This is taken from Kano’s recent gig in my current city of residence. I was a bit gutted I couldn’t make the gig myself as I’m a massive Kano fan, and this doesn’t do anything to alleviate my disappointment. He performs his smash single Spaceship from his superb Method To The Madness album. This was one of the standout records from said album, with Chase & Status producing a great mix of dub and drum & bass together which perfectly blends itself to Kano’s style. To grab the audio, take a trip here

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Shy FX ft. Kano, Donaeo & Roses Gabor-Raver [Video]

Kano once again shows off his versatility by spitting on this dance/reggae hybrid of a track by Shy FX, from Shy FX’s upcoming album (Larger Than Life).

This single is out next week and will be available as a free download. Seven, (yes seven!) remixes will also be released on the same day.

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Lethal B-Pow 2011 ft. JME, Wiley, Chipmunk, 2-Face, P Money, Ghetts & Kano

Another huge Grime track that dropped last week on the radio which also features a big line-up, with the likes of JME, Wiley, P-Money, Ghetts & Kano being highly rated here at OTU Towers.

The original Pow came out back in 2004 and was an instant classic in the genre. A fair few people have been disappointed with this new version of the track, which is understandable considering how epic the original was. There’s a lot of good quotables on this track though and is certainly one I am enjoying. Hell, I can even respect Chipmunk’s verse on this. Set to be released in December, (Christmas #1 anybody?) expect a video to drop soon. CDQ of this track available below.

Lethal Bizzle – Pow 2011 ft. JME, Wiley, Chipmunk, 2-Face, P Money, Ghetts & Kano

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Kano Responds To Jay-Z’s Praise

In a recent interview with DJ Semtex, Jay-Z singled out Kano as a UK rapper he really likes and respects lyrically. Here in this video Kano responds to the praise, talks about meeting Jay-Z, as well as elaborating on his thoughts towards UK artists gaining respect from their US peers.

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Kano-Spaceship [Video]

Next single from Kano’s very awesome Method To The Maadness album. Spaceship is a track I loved on it, and I was pleased to hear he’d be releasing it as a single and subsequently giving us some visuals.

Unfortunately this video isn’t very entertaining, it’s pretty boring if I’m being honest. However that doesn’t stop this drum & bass-inspired song being superb. So be sure to grab the audio for this (if you haven’t already) from here.

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Kano - Spaceship [Produced By Chase & Status]

New leak from Kano’s upcoming Method To The Maadness album, which is produced by Chase & Status. As you can expect the beat to this is a superb one of the drum & bass variety (not the 1st time Kano’s experimented with this sound to great effect). This really is a very good track and fills me with great confidence that his album is going to be pretty awesome (which is out in just 3 days)! You can pre-order that here).

Kano – Spaceship

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Kano Talks New Album & Top UK Artists

Have only watched bits and pieces of this but fans of KA and those waiting for his Method To The Maadness album will find this interesting.

Kano’s top 3 grime artists currently consist of him, Ghetto and Ghetts (non-grime fans, that’s the same guy twice).

His top 3 of all time? Ghetts, Wiley and D Double E.

Not sure I agree with any of that when we have cats such as Dot Rotten, Devlin and Maxta…

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Kano - Artillery: KA-47 [Video]

For anyone who thought Kano fell off.

KA is a beast. Period.

“If one more bitch says that’s him from JLS, I’mma run her over!”

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Kano - Method To The Maadness Album Info

Kano, one of the U.K.’s best bar-for-bar MC’s new album will be entitled Method To The Maadness and is scheduled for release September this year. KA is offering fans a unique opportunity to go to the listening party for which tickets can be picked up here.

Kano’s Get Wild has been floating around for about a month now which features Wiley and Aidonia. Last night he exclusively premiered the uplifting Upside which Michelle Breeze offers vocals on the chorus. Get both of these below to wet your appetite.

Kano (feat Wiley & Aidonia) – Get Wild

EDIT: Bumped because I’ve now added the CDQ version of Upside below.

Kano (feat Michelle Breeze) – Upside

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Kano/Michelle Breeze - Upside [Video]

The more I listen to this track, the more I’m loving it. The video’s pretty nice too! Fits the song very well, so go check that out to the left here.

Audio can be found by clicking this red text.

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Kano/Michelle Breeze - Upside [Video Teaser]

Liking the look of this video, this song could be big. The album, Method To Maadness out August 28th!

Audio (although just a radio rip) for this can be attained from clicking here.

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Kano – Method To The Maadness [Artwork/Tracklisting]

1. 2 Left: Topic Of Discussion (produced by Boys Noize)
2. Get Wild ft Aidonia & Wiley (produced by Boys Noize)
3. iPod Generation (produced by Kano)
4. MAAD (produced by Kano & Fraser T Smith)
5. Spaceship (produced by Chase & Status)
6. Upside ft Michelle Breeze (produced by Craigie Dodds)
7. All + All Together ft Hot Chip (produced by Hot Chip)
8. Lady Killer ft Ghetts (produced by Hot Chip)
9. Bassment (produced by A13)
10. Crazy (produced by Boys Noize)
11. Slaves ft Why Why Peaches (produced by Craigie Dodds)
12. Jenga ft Vybz Kartel (produced by Boys Noize & Diplo)
13. Dark Days (produced by Craigie Dodds)

Out August 30th!

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Maxsta - East London Is Back [Video + Kano Lost Verse]

Grime scene is raving over the East London MC Maxsta who drops us with some visuals for his lead single from his upcoming mixtape/album Maxtape.

Maxsta – East London Is Back

ADDED: Brand new lost verse with OTU favourite Kano KILLING those last few bars (especially acapella at the end)! Kano has really been stepping his game up recently and this track is beginning to grow on me. Don’t miss out on this version.

Maxsta (feat Kano) – East London Is Back (Lost Verse)

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Kano - Jack Bauer: The 7 Day Edition [Mixtape]

So we’re starting to step our UK game up so in the future we will be much more on the ball with goodies like this.

In anticipation of Kano’s Method To The Madness LP, KA dropped this mixtape a few months back claiming he put it together in literally 7 days.

He states: “The tape’s called Jack Bauer: The 7 Day Edition and I named it that because I felt like Jack from ‘24′ working to a deadline to get this shit done ever since I opened my big fuckin’ mouth and said that I could do it.”

Preview left. Download here.

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This video was released around 3 weeks ago, I dropped the ball on this one and I apologise!

I’m a big fan of Kano and I think his 1st album, Home Sweet Home, was brilliant. Since then his career has been up and down (mostly down) but with this new single as well as Rock N Roller – I feel is a return to form.

You can grab the audio for free from here.

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