Game-Operation Kill Everything (Mixtape)

My internet has been out for days, so I apologise for the delay. That being said, hip-hop’s current malaise means even obvious releases like this are completely slipping under my radar. I generally enjoy Game’s material, but even he hasn’t escaped the effects of my boredom with rap as of late.

Nonetheless, it’ll be a project I’m certainly going to give a go, if only for the inevitable handful of car-ready highlights that will emerge. Game’s usual running buddies turn up, alongside some of the newer breed, with features from Chris Brown, Lil’ Wayne, Nipsey Hu$$le, ScHoolboy Q, Diddy, Elijah Blake and K. Roosevelt amongst many more, whilst the production lineup boasts appearances from Cool & Dre, DJ Mustard and League of Starz. It’s pretty much everything a mainstream hip-hop head needs, and is available to stream and download below.


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Hit-Boy presents HS87-All I've Ever Dreamed Of (Album)

I’ve been looking forward to this for weeks. As a fan of all four acts on the roster, there are certain to be plenty of strong tracks with longevity on this, with the first few tastes of the project (here and here) being better than most of the tripe hip-hop is producing these days.

For many, it’ll be a good introduction to the talents of Audio Push and K. Roosevelt, with the former being compared by many to the Clipse (a debate for another time), and the latter being one of the better all-round talents to emerge in recent months. You can stream it at the new MySpace, download it here. Your call.

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