Sango-Affection ft. JMSN

Best known (in my world, at least) for his excellent reworkings of The Weeknd’s mixtape work some time ago, Sango’s now preparing to step away from that remixer tag and break out with some original works, notably his recently-released North album.

His remixes of The Weeknd’s work showed a clear interest in, and talent with, dark R&B-style productions. That sensibility comes to the fore here, as he serves up an atmospheric, moody production that most in the alt R&B scene would be rather proud of- the blend of bassy percussion, airy synths and crisp claps is as minimal as you like, and yet each is delivered at such an intensity that they completely fill out every available corner of the sound wall. Combine those factors with JMSN’s own penchant for dark productions, and on paper you’ve got a collaboration that should work perfectly. It bloody well does too. JMSN’s pleading tone adds bags of emotion to the cold, nighttime production, filling it with a realism and warmth that works smoothly with the beat’s natural forlorn, reflective qualities, whilst the intensity of the performance matches up well with the powerful production.

A hugely successful collaboration, and be sure to grab it on that album now.

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JMSN-Fallin' (Video)

He’s a multi-talented act, and has really risen to prominence in recent months thanks to some strong remixes and good productions served to other artists. Amidst all of that his solo work went somewhat overlooked, and this is a good opportunity to acquaint yourself with his capabilities.

The production is hugely atmospheric, the moody soundscape built up of glum string plucks, ghostly vocal samples and doses of strong synth work, and it gives JMSN a platform to maximise his vocal work. The whispery, haunting style of his singing is amplified considerably by the surrounding production work, whilst the beat’s intermittent inclusions of percussion and additional samples throw unexpected yet likeable elements into the mix. Admittedly, the 5+ minutes the song stretches for starts to become a touch repetitive towards the 4 minute mark, but smartly he brings in some powerful synth work to revitalise the listening experience.

I’m a little short on room to do the video justice, but the dark, spiritual direction he’s chosen is a near-perfect fit for the audio, and you can read his own rather philosphical explanation of the video here. Download the Priscilla album here.

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JMSN-Somewhere (Remix) ft. Gilbere Forte, ANTHM & Deniro Farrar

ANTHM and Gilbere are definitely two of OTU’s favourite upcoming rappers, and this remix has probably just added two more into the mix with Deniro and JSMN.

An introspective track with a reflective production, each rapper comes through with verses that are about as meaningful as any in recent weeks, though each approaches the track in a distinct manner: ANTHM impresses with his flow, Gilbere’s intensity is excellent, whilst Deniro’s deep and rough voice is very memorable. JMSN’s done a great job supporting each of these guys with a detailed production that effectively utilises a range of vocal samples and effects, sprinkles an eastern-style percussion in sparingly, and creates an atmosphere that’s conducive to fully appreciating the lyrical work on show. Great slice of hip-hop that’s got a ton of longevity.

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