JME - If You Don't Know [Video]

If you don’t know by now (sorry, couldn’t resist) JME’s singles guarantee three things: clever lines, interesting production, and energetic videos. If You Don’t Know delivers on these three.

JME takes us through a few things that you should know about him, his team, and his movement (for those that are yet still unaware), packed with many quotables I particularly enjoyed his lines about how certain peoples vocabularies are not advanced enough to even fill a tweet. The beat has a dubstep/grime vibe that is tailor-made for JME’s vivacious flow and is supplemented with a very well produced video.

The track will be released next week, so for now check the video out and then go pre-order this from iTunes.

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JME Gets Stopped by the Police...

Speaking of JME, he just posted this video on his Twitter account. Basically, whenever he gets stopped by the police he tends to film it on his phone and post it on his Twitter for all to see (this appears to be a regular occurrence!).

Well something unexpected happens in this encounter; I’ll let you see for yourself.

JME is the king of grime.

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JME - 96 Bars Freestyle Live On Kiss

JME performs his new single 96 Fuckries over his classic instrumental 96 Bars of Revenge (whilst also blending in some lyrics of the latter track also).

You can listen to and see the official video for 96 Fuckries here and you can buy it from iTunes by clicking here now! The single is already in the top 40 with no marketing budget and no radio play. A phenomenal achievement, considering the title contains a swear word and has no chorus, which shows the value in engaging with your fanbase.

As Wiley said recently on twitter: JME is the new king of grime.

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Jme - 96 FUCKRIES [Video]

JME blesses us with a new track and video which displays exactly why he’s one of the most unique emcees around. The video is very JME, a simple one but subtle effects gives it that excellence that’ll have you viewing it more than once.

“In the stereo I got Krept & Konan,
In the boot I got my Creps & my Canon”

96 FUCKRIES out on iTunes…January the 15th!

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JME & Adam Deacon-Hype Hype Ting

Adam Deacon should be a familiar name/face to you, as he’s played one of the main characters of hit UK urban films: Kidulthood & Adulthood. He’s coming out with a new film called Anuvahood (storyline not related to the previously mentioned two films) but as some of you may or may not know, he is also a very capable emcee! Here we have the official video to the lead track from the film, a track that features the very creditable JME.

A decent track, with Adam holding his own with JME giving us some good bars, along with some funny visuals that adds to the goodness. With the film having a cast of Adam himself, Jaime Winstone, Richard Blackwood(!?) and Mz Bratt, it’ll certainly be worth a watch when it drops to a Cinema near you on March the 18th.

You can watch the trailer for the film here.

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JME-JME [Video]

New video from the effervescent JME of a track off his latest album, Blam!

Over some fantastically grimey production; JME gives us some clever wordplay to tell us all about himself. The video is shot to perfection making it all about JME, (just like the song itself) whilst also giving us some actual imagery of what he says in his lyrics. With many a classic JME quotable it’s hard to pick one, but this line stands out for me:

“common sense needs to be renamed ’cause nowadays it’s rare”

You can go cop this song and/or the album Blam! from the unmistakeably unique JME by clicking here.

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OTU Exclusive Interview with Ed Sheeran

From folk to grime, Ed Sheeran’s experienced and performed it all, emerging as one of the most well-rounded artists in the UK scene at a young age.

When a rare and homegrown talent of this quality arises, there’s an air of inevitability that he’s going to be one of the UK’s better artists in the coming years. Hence, for us here at OTU it’s best to get on the bandwagon now, as it’s going to be pretty hard to find room on it very soon: welcome to an Overrating the Underrated exclusive interview with the wonderfully-gifted Ed Sheeran.

Indi caught up with Ed to discuss a range of topics, including his thoughts on the No. 5 Collaborations EP, his upcoming album, and much more in a very in-depth interview. Huge thanks to Ed for being so friendly, and to Gully and Sian for putting this together.

You can read the script of the interview below (including a bonus question not on the video!), and of course the video interview is available up here. If, for whatever reason, you’d prefer to view the video (in 2 parts) on Youtube, you can do that here and here.

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JME-Mike Lowery [Freestyle]

JME takes on his brother’s excellently dark track, Mike Lowery. Here he discusses his roots in the grime scene instead of Skepta’s more menacing song content. Really good track by JME this, as good as Genesis Elijah’s recent effort, with those two being the best takes on Skepta’s track that I’ve heard.

JME’s unapologetic style and flow, unwilling to compromise away from his style, has him fast becoming my favourite artist in the UK scene. His Twitter account tends to be one of the most entertaining ones I find in my timeline too. I’m just annoyed at myself for not getting into his music much sooner.

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Ed Sheeran-No. 5 Collaborations Project [Review]

I received a press copy of this about a month ago, and it’s a testament to how good the EP is that I’m still listening to it now. The quality of the EP and the incredible hard work Ed Sheeran and his team have put in have paid off, as this has bolted up to #2 in the iTunes download chart! I’m told it even had top spot for a brief time last night too (and when competing with Rihanna, this is no mean feat).

So who is Ed Sheeran? And how did someone whose main influences include the likes of Bob Dylan & Damien Rice come to collaborate with some of grime’s best artists? The 19-year old hails from East Anglia, first picking up his guitar and making songs in 2002. He got his big break appearing on SBTV, exposing Ed’s music to a whole new scene, resulting in contact with the artists who feature on the EP, amongst others (like Example, who enlisted Ed as tour support). Click on below to read our review of this EP.

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Giggs Backstage At Tinchy Stryder Launch Party

A definitely inebriated Giggs takes over Westwood TV and takes us backstage of Tinchy Stryder’s recent album launch party. A must watch as far as I’m concerned, I had no idea Giggs was so hilarious! I was on the fence about him/his music, but after seeing this I’m now a fully fledged fan.

He may have a rep for being “arrrrrd” (being incarcerated for gun possession suggests it’s not just an image) but it’s great seeing him just having fun. People he interviews in this include: Devlin, Ghetts, JME, Skepta, Griminal, Mr Hudson, Tinchy Stryder and a fair few other artists as well as some randomers.

Click on below to see parts 2 and 3 of this (towards the end of part 3 he kicks some freestyles to some American production, ironically one of them being a Young Jeezy beat!).

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Lethal B-Pow 2011 ft. JME, Wiley, Chipmunk, 2-Face, P Money, Ghetts & Kano [Video]

Finally we get the official video to the 2011 version of a grime classic! This track seems to have run of steam as of late, which is why it was a little frustrating waiting for them to get this video out there, but maybe the buzz will build up again now.

As you can see from the behind the scenes video (click here), all these guys had a lot of fun filming this and it’s great to see the genuine rapport they have. One disappointment was that Wiley didn’t come through and make an appearance for whatever reason (I’m going to assume time constraints!). Each artist has their own little role in the video and it’s certainly a vid that enhances the song (which some people were originally underwhelmed with).

Enough talking, go watch the visuals to the left of this post, and if you like what you hear go grab the audio from clicking on this glorious bit of red text.

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Lethal B-Pow 2011 ft. JME, Wiley, Chipmunk, 2-Face, P Money, Ghetts & Kano

Another huge Grime track that dropped last week on the radio which also features a big line-up, with the likes of JME, Wiley, P-Money, Ghetts & Kano being highly rated here at OTU Towers.

The original Pow came out back in 2004 and was an instant classic in the genre. A fair few people have been disappointed with this new version of the track, which is understandable considering how epic the original was. There’s a lot of good quotables on this track though and is certainly one I am enjoying. Hell, I can even respect Chipmunk’s verse on this. Set to be released in December, (Christmas #1 anybody?) expect a video to drop soon. CDQ of this track available below.

Lethal Bizzle – Pow 2011 ft. JME, Wiley, Chipmunk, 2-Face, P Money, Ghetts & Kano

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JME - Cinema Freestyle [Video]

New freestyle by the unmistakable JME, who flows impeccably over a Mr. Virgo beat. The beat itself really has a haunting vibe to it!

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JME - Be Me [Studio Freestyle]

Some nice bars here by JME, he makes me laugh for some reason.

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