JD Era - Break From Toronto (Remix)

Toronto native (and Raekwon signee) JD Era comes through with a remix of PARTYNEXTDOOR’s single, in another show of appreciation for the young R&B star’s excellent track (and album).

The instrumental is left largely intact, save for a couple of looped sections to extend it out a little further, which is no bad thing as the crunching bassline of this one has yet to grow boring in my world. JD’s raps aren’t bad at all, and though (much like MeLo-X’s remix) they aren’t as addictive as the rap/singing hybrid that PND offers, as an independent performance it’s a good showing: the flows are varied yet with an unerring tightness, and the raps themselves are packed with touches of cool and flashes of aggression. Lyrically, it’s the expected arrogant raps, as per the original, and it’s fair to say that JD Era does make the most of what he’s working with here, in terms of the thunderous production. Worth a go if you liked the original, or if the original was “too R&B” for you.

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JD Era and Kardinal Offishall-Mercy Freestyle

The catch-up from the last few days begins now. Strap yourselves in.

I’m surprised how few rappers have tackled this beat, and whilst it’s always going to take some doing to outdo the original’s likeability, there are a plethora of rappers who could do a great job on it.

With that said, I probably wouldn’t have initially listed these two in that category, but they prove me wrong here. Kardinal’s ever-present charisma and confidence are turned right up on his verse, bringing a couple of solid lines with a delivery that’s mostly laidback with a couple of angry blasts that add some variety. JD’s performance is much more consistently-aggressive, with his almost piercing tones contrasting with Kardi’s style, and injected the track with some intensity. It’s certainly not going to overhaul the original, but it’s a very solid remix that gives two relatively overlooked rappers some much needed shine.

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Mike Posner - Falling (Stefan KIDstarr Remix ft. JD Era & Bodega Bamz)

A nice little treat for your ears here, a superb remix of Mike Posner’s Falling, by producer Stefan KIDstarr. It’s taken from what I can gather to be an upcoming remix EP of Posner’s brilliant debut album 31 Minutes To Takeoff, titled 31 Minutes To Takeover.

KIDstarr has done a fantastic job, adding extra synths to provide a much more electro driven beat, done in a manner that somehow feels stripped back, creating an even greater atmospheric feeling. This added to two sublime verses from Era and Bamz make it, in my opinion, exceptionally more accomplished than the original. I highly recommend this.

Mike Posner – Falling (Stefan KIDstarr Remix ft. JD Era & Bodega Bamz)

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