Jay Electronica-Act 2: Patents Of Nobility (The Turn) Tracklist

No, there hasn’t been a mistake. It’s actually happening. Jay Elect took to Twitter to reveal the official tracklisting for his hotly-anticipated and almost mythical album, and there’s plenty to look forward to. Features include Jay-Z, Kanye West, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Diddy and more, whilst some of the track titles rumoured to be on the LP appear to have made it, including what I assume to be a finished version of 2010′s feature-heavy Shiny Suit Theory. You can view the tracklist in full below.

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Jay Electronica and Mobb Deep-Call of Duty

The enigmatic Jay Electronica returned to the spotlight last night with the release of some new material, for the first time in months. He was rather active on Twitter in the build-up to the release, and amongst his Tweets was an appeal to Mobb Deep to jump on a track with him: he got his wish as they come by for the assist here.

Prodigy assumes hook duty, including a rather surprising ‘put your diamonds in the sky’ line given Mobb’s tumultuous history with Jay-Z, alongside a solid verse with a laidback, mellow delivery that contrasts favourably with the intense, lively production. Electronica’s verses are enjoyable too, with some strong lines showing a little more self-awareness and timestamping, with his acknowledgment of the mythical nature of his ‘upcoming’ debut album being notable, as he cleverly spins the Detox comparisons in a more favourable manner. Not quite as spectacular a track as I’d expected, but a very simple, effective slice of hip-hop that will get some plays.

Jay Electronica-Call of Duty ft. Mobb Deep

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Jay Electronica-Dimethyltryptamine Video

Filmed during Jay’s trip to Nepal back in 2009, this video was one in a series that was apparently not approved for release by Jay. Not sure why, but the mystical nature of Jay’s sporadic releases probably warrants leaving that question unasked and unanswered.

The ‘original’ video for this is here, and is a pretty trippy, almost creepy brainwash-style video that probably sums up the ethereal mystique of Jay Elect in truth. Really like this alternate video though, showing the rougher, grittier elements of Nepal (versus the usual ‘tourist highlights’ nature of internationally-filmed videos), alongside an uneasy representation of the piercing gaze afforded to foreigners by the locals.

Certainly worth a watch, and feels like the kind of video Jay should probably be dropping more regularly. I’d normally close off with *insert project name* coming on *insert date*, but that would be foolish with this guy: Act II, coming…eventually?

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Jay Electronica-Devil In A New Dress Freestyle

The most frustratingly talented rapper in the game? He’s got all the ability, yet Act II is seemingly never dropping, and I don’t exactly harbour much hope for his debut album ever being released either. In the meantime, we just have to feed on the scraps we’re given, and here we’ve got Jay’s freestyle over Kanye’s soulful production.

This is certainly the sort of beat that suits Jay Elect, as he comes through with an enjoyable 3 minutes of bars and although they’re not up there with his absolute best, the synergy between his style and the production fills that particular gap and gives it more of a rounded feel than some of his material.

Jay Electronica-Prelude To A Freestyle (Devil In A New Dress Freestyle)

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Jay Electronica-The Making Of Act II

Not your average ‘The Making of’ here. (Seriously, it’s Jay Electronica here, possibly the deepest man in hip-hop right now. What else did you expect?)

Obviously that very soulful lady kicks some vocals for a joint from Act II. At some point, perhaps 2019, we will hear this track and be like “Damn! I knew I heard those vocals before!”

Absolutely worth a watch and it’s nice to have some actual professional camera work going on here rather than your usual iPhone recordings.


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Lloyd Banks on Wiz Khalifa, J. Cole & Jay Electronica (and the NY Knicks).

A little snippet of Bank’s giving props to Wiz Khalifa, J. Cole and Jay Electronica, as the artists he’s most looking forward to in 2011.

It’s nice to hear established artists such as Banks speaking on the new acts coming up, and actually giving them the credit they deserve. It was also interesting hearing how he was ahead of the game with J. Cole after hearing his stuff before he blew up. He raises an interesting point on Electronica’s flow as well, which I’d have to agree with. Unfortunately I have nothing to add on the New York Knicks, so I’ll just take his word on that situation.

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Jay Electronica and Tone Treasure-Jazzmatazz (Guru Tribute)

Dropped earlier on Twitter by Mr. Electronica, I actually saw the Tweet and thought he was just promoting another artist called Jazzmatazz. Turned out to be one of my stupidest assumptions to date, as the track is in fact his own tribute to the memory of Guru.

The production borrows the DJ Premier-produced intro for Group Home’s 1995 debut album Livin’ Proof, and loops the soulful vibe to great effect, allowing for extended enjoyment of the original’s smooth vibes. Jay comes through with some memorable lyricism as ever in his two verses, accompanied by a slightly slower flow that meshes nicely with the beat. Great vocals from Tone in her brief additions, as she works with the soulful style of the beat nicely.

Jay Electronica-Jazzmatazz ft. Tone Treasure

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The Bullits, Jay Electronica and Lucy Liu–Close Your Eyes

I’ve not heard of The Bullits, but I can only assume they’re a big deal (or have a lot of money) as they’ve grabbed Lucy Liu to narrate this video, and Jay Electronica to contribute a verse to the track.

Close Your Eyes is a psychedelic amalgamation of indie, pop, electronica and vintage soul, and makes for addictive listening. The vocals are hauntingly captivating, and the diverse production is powerfully driven by a steady percussion that emphasises the melodies nicely. Jay’s verse is short but fits in comfortably, with a varied flow that contains some nice lyricism and switches the vibe of the track at the right time.

The scene at the beginning of the video defacing an eye will make you feel pretty queasy, and whilst it’s an unsettling video the combination of vintage and bizarre keeps you morbidly curious enough to watch more. Overall, a strong, unique audio-visual from an act I’ll be keeping an eye (…) out for.

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Jay Electronica-The Announcement

It’s not that we’ve forgotten about this. It’s just been such a ridiculous week for new/awesome music and it’s only Tuesday! First up, remember to check for the Jay Elect/Jay-Z track Ajay posted yesterday.

Here is the MP3 to the joint that Jay Electronica performed at the Roc Nation signing event last Friday. Again, it’s got that spacey, though-provoking backdrop with interesting soundbites before Jay Elect steps up to bless us with his rare vocals. Can this boy do no wrong at the moment?

Jay Electronica-The Announcement

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Jay Electronica, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Jay-Z-Shiny Suit Theory

After announcing Jay Electronica’s deal with Jay-Z Roc Nation label, it was revealed that this track would be their first collaboration and it hasn’t taken long to surface, with Electronica releasing it moments ago on Twitter.

The production has that off-beat, alternative style Elect seems to favour, whilst the raps come with the memorable wordplay that has become synonymous with the Jay Electronica name. Arguably, it’s not one of his strongest verses, but that may be a harsh judgement with such great expectations and from only one listen. Jay-Z’s verse is really enjoyable, continuing his recent vein of form with an attention-grabbing delivery that is garnished with the customary Jay boasting. Gainsbourg is sampled towards the end, though I’m not sure why The-Dream is credited. Maybe slightly underwhelming overall, but we’ll see after a few listens. Interestingly, the album field has the much-anticipated (or excessively delayed) Act 2-Patents of Nobility title: when’s it coming Jay?

Jay Electronica-Shiny Suit Theory ft. Jay-Z, Charlotte Gainsbourg & The-Dream

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The Catch-Up: Nas, Game, Jay Electronica and More

I don’t like doing these as it doesn’t leave room for reviews, but time’s been a rare commodity this weekend and it’s not right to hold this material from you. Some big name material below, although keep in mind the star-studded Game track is an unfinished version and hence it’s not yet getting the headline feature you’d expect it to.

Cam’ron-Yo Momma On Ya ft. Snoop Dogg and Jim Jones

Nas-Power, Paper & P****

The Cool Kids-Clicking

Game-Higher ft. Jay Electronica and Swizz Beatz

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Jay Electronica – Exhibit C [Live]

Jay Electronica in Paris performing Exhibit C. This is visually great, with the fishbulb effect and all that, and this is Jay Electronica performing live in the crowd! Must watch.

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Paul Wall/Jay Electronica/Raekwon/Yelawolf/Chamillionaire/Bun-B/Kid Sister

Here are three excellent tracks from Paul Walls upcoming album, Heart Of A Champion. Starting with my favourite of the three – the first is star-studded with features, with Jay Electronica, Raekwon & Yelawolf all contributing, this is a real nice introspective song, with everyone coming through with a good verse. The second track is a Chamillionaire collaboration (who provides a great harmonic hook, as per). The third track is one with Houston legend, Bun-B and also Kid Sister – the beat on this one is pretty crazy.

On the strength of these three tracks, this Paul Wall album is going to be very good, and I’ll certainly be checking it out – as should you.

Paul Wall – Live It ft. Jay Electronica, Raekwon & Yelawolf
Paul Wall – Round Here ft. Chamillionaire
Paul Wall – Imma Get It ft. Bun-B & Kid Sister

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Jay Electronica: Songs That Didn't Make Act II

To say Jay is random would be an understatement.

Here he drops us a taster of the kind of material we can expect on his long-awaited Act II. For this track not to make it then it makes you wonder the quality of the material that did make it!

Download this.

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Quick Blast: Curren$y/Mos Def/Jay Electronica

Curren$y teams up with his Center Edge Territory buddies for the latest drop from his Pilot Talk album set to hit on the 13th July.

Ski Beatz on the production for this one. Not convinced with Curren$y’s lyrics, but one thing you can be sure is that Mos Def and Jay Electronica always bring the heat! Should be an interesting supergroup once it gets into full force. Slaughterhouse competition?

Fancy some of this action do ya?

Curren$y (feat Mos Def & Jay Electronica) – The Day

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Jay Electronica and Diddy-The Ghost of Christopher Wallace

Indi & Murray: start hyperventilating. One of the best alive pays tribute to one of the best ever. What a week for hip-hop music this has been.

The beat? Simple, raw, effective, will make your head bop.

The Diddy feature? Just adlibs and outro, thankfully.

The verses? Oh my word.

Edit (Notorious Indi): Yeah, I’ve now sufficiently recovered from listening to this track. Bringing this back to the top as we’ve just got the CD quality version of it – don’t say we don’t look out for you, grab it below..

Jay Electronica-The Ghost of Christopher Wallace ft. Diddy

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Jay Electronica-A Million In The Morning

The thinking person’s favourite rapper drops some new material. Jay draws a lot of inspiration from the TV/film world, and this one is the title track for a documentary of the same name. The video has clips from the documentary and it’s both intriguing and odd in equal measure, just like Jay.

The track sounds really good, and accurately fits the slightly disquieting nature of the video. Jay brings his smart rhymes to the table, and as ever you need to give it a few listens to really get everything. You can get the audio here, although it’s just a YouTube rip so has the talking etc. Better than nothing though, and the quality is good.

This is one of those quasi-artistic combinations that I’m a real sucker for, and I’m probably going to be checking out this documentary.

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Ski Beatz, Jean Grae, Jay Electronica, Joell Ortiz & Mos Def Collab

I don’t know much about this Ski Beatz guy (it’s technically his track) but have those 4 on guest spots is frankly incredible. What a line-up!! The real hip-hop heads will definitely be rushing to the link for this one.

The beat is pretty simple, but allows the rappers to take centre-stage. Each one does their own thing well, and you’d probably be a bit of an idiot to miss this one eh?

Ski Beatz-Prowler 2 ft. Jean Grae, Jay Electronica, Joell Ortiz & Mos Def

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Gig Review: Jay Electronica at the Jazz Cafe, London (17/02/10)

The picture symbolises a lot. Not only do I revere Jay Electronica as a rapper, last night I felt like he was just one of us-a regular guy who loves hip-hop.

I’ve been to an awful lot of gigs in my time, but have never been to anything that was as fulfilling on so many levels as Jay Electronica’s debut concert in the UK. Click on, I’ve got a lot to say.

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Jay Electronica Comes To The UK

That’s right sports fans. One of OTU’s favourite artists is heading to these shores to perform at the Jazz Cafe in London.

The dates are the17th and 18th Feb, and at least two of us will be there on the 17th. This is a rare opportunity to catch one of the fastest rising rappers in the game, and from what I’ve seen on YouTube, this will be a great event. Hopefully we’ll catch some of you there!

Be sure to check out this promo video for more details, ticket information, and to get hyped for the gigs!

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Jay Electronica-Exhibit A Video Trailer

I’m back folks. Rejoice.

I bring to you some nice visuals for the upcoming video to Jay Elec’s fantastic Exhibit A. The video looks like it’s gonna be pretty epic, and I’m informed it was filmed in Nepal, Dubai and a few other locations. Really worth checking out this trailer.

If you want the audio, it’s on here somewhere. Look for it you lazy fool.

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Quick Blast: Jay Electronica

Dunno if it’s new or old, but it’s unreleased and worth grabbing either way.

Jay Electronica-Glass Everywhere: Act I Encore

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I Should Get Fined For This

I’ve been AWOL for the last 24 hours, so I’m having to put together another catch-up post. Lots of decent stuff for you below (predominantly hip-hop), be sure to click on and make up for a quiet 24 hours in your iTunes library.

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Quick Blast: Jay Electronica

Easily one of the best rappers in the world right now, Jay finally lets loose of Exhibit C. It’s another dope beat, and another example of Jay’s superb rapping ability. I’ve thrown in Exhibit A too, which is the track that really got me into Jay, and is frankly awesome.

Jay Electronica-Exhibit C

Jay Electronica-Exhibit A

Mickey Factz-The Lost Exhibit

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