Jamieson-I Get Busy Video

The lead single off of his most recent release, “I Came, I Saw Vol.3,” currently available on iTunes. The video is already on rotation on MTV Base in Europe and Africa and featured MTVIggy.com.

With plenty of international traction already, it looks like Jamieson might have a breakout hit on his hands here. The production has a real knock to it, throwing a punchy, pacey percussion in with a sharp melody that’ll ring around your head for hours, providing Jamieson with a strong, sturdy backdrop to lay out some rhymes on. The flow is as watertight as ever, demonstrating that unique hybrid style once more with his British style wrapped in with a little New York influence, whilst the wordplay and lyricism keeps up well throughout.

The video is a pretty simple one, mostly focused around the animation of the hook points of his lines, and whilst I’m sure many would prefer a more ‘traditional’ video, we’ve seen plenty of them from Jamieson in the past and this makes for a bright, colourful departure from that style. Diversity in your catalogue is never a bad thing. Be sure to pick up the I Came, I Saw, Vol. 3 EP on iTunes right now.

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Jamieson-I'm Losing Faith ft. Shareen Amour

A smoothed-out, soulful effort from the ever-entertaining Jamieson to close off your Monday night, taken from his upcoming June release I Came, I Saw Vol.3.

The production has a cool, mellow vibe, courtesy of a soft vocal sample, pillowy bass and easygoing melodies, with the combination being a production that could certainly stick around on those summer playlists we’re all so desperate to get in rotation. Jamieson’s raps are pretty solid throughout, sticking true to the track’s title for a self-doubting yet occasionally feelgood performance, packed with a commendable honesty throughout that reveals a couple of interesting moments, particularly the suggestion that he once rapped rings around Asher Roth.

It’s worth noting that there’s zero malice in his voice, and such references are clearly meant in a non-harmful manner, and in some way that probaly enhances that chilled-out style of the track. Decent all-rounder and hopefully the full project follows suit.

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JAMIESON - Ways To Get Ahead [Video]

It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from JAMIESON, here he returns in 2012 with a great song, detailing his journey thus far – the good, the bad and the ugly. The hook on this is pretty addictive!

To see what else JAMIESON’s been up to click here to check out his ode to his hometown London, and click here to see part I of the trailer for his upcoming I Came, I Saw Vol. 3, which features co-signs from Yelawolf, RZA and Steve Rifkind!

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Jamieson-Lark On My Go Kart Freestyle

The entertaining Jamieson comes through with both new visuals and a new track, taking Asher Roth’s 2009 jam for a spin. Certainly a solid effort on the freestyle, with Jamieson blending decent raps with a light dash of humour to come through fairly strong.

Interesting video too, as he walks around what looks to possibly be a label building (there’s even a sneaky Asher Roth poster in there), generally just grabbing a bit of face time whilst casually enjoying a bit of booze. Nothing to analyse really, as true to the original Jamieson’s just having a bit of fun and rapping along the way.

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Jamieson-Shine On Me [Video]

Jamieson returns with a new video for a song that featured on his recent EP, I Came, I Saw Vol. 2.

The overall sound of this song gives it a rather jovial tone, but when you actually listen to the lyrics you’ll find that this is no song to smile at. Jamieson gives us cutting lyrics of everyday life with an excellent ability to story-tell through his raps.

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Jamieson-Falling Down

Some new visuals from the talented Jamieson. From the EP I Came, I Saw Vol. II, this is another delightful storytelling hip hop track.

Another deep track from the UK born rapper. What’s been most surprising about this guy isn’t that he’s making it out in the US and is from these shores, but how good his use of social commentary has been (another good example is here).

You can go grab the EP that this is on for free by going over here (if you didn’t get it the first time!).

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Jamieson-I Came, I Saw Vol. 2 [EP]

“UK wordsmith Jamieson returns with “I Came, I Saw Vol. II,” the second EP in his trilogy series. Over the past 6 months, Jamieson’s music has been covered by most of the top tier hip-hop tastemakers. He has collaborated with the likes of Sean Price, Joell Ortiz, Skyzoo, and Emilio Rojas.

Below is the download link for the EP with guest appearances from Joell Ortiz, Sean Price, and R&B up and comer Sammy.”

If you’ve checked out any of Jamieson’s music from this site you’ll find this a must download. Click here to grab hold of it, and click below to check out the tracklist.

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Jamieson-Chasing This Dream ft. Joell Ortiz

From Jamieson’s forthcoming EP, I Came, I Saw Vol.II., UK emcee Jamieson collaborates with Brooklyn’s beast of a rapper – Joell Ortiz.

As you’ll hear from the stream below, this beat is really, really good. Very much something you’d expect Joell Ortiz to rap on, so it’s no surprise to hear him excel on this. Jamieson holds his own too, which adds to the burgeoning buzz he has been gaining over the last year or so.

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Jamieson-Things I Learned Video

A decent video for the latest track from Jamieson’s forthcoming EP, I Came, I Saw Vol. II, which is due later this month.

As with most of his material, it feels like a genuine hip-hop track without the grime/dubstep/electro influences that seem to be standard practice in the UK hip-hop game, which is a huge plus for me as those immovable influences make it far more difficult for the untrained ear to appreciate them alongside the favoured US rappers.

Big fan of the ‘live and you learn’ style message Jamieson brings to the track, and video accompanies it well with slick camera/editing work that gives Jamieson some worthy camera time.

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Jamieson-Foreign Exchange

UK born, (but US raised) Jamieson continues to impress with the first video from from his EP I Came, I Saw Vol. II, which is out early December. A little background info for the song:

“The recent passing of Arizona Senate Bill 1070 has been widely criticized because many have felt it would encourage racial profiling, harassment and discrimination against Hispanics, regardless of their legal status. The most controversial provisions of the bill (currently on hold) give authorities the right to detain anyone suspected of being in the US illegally, requiring individuals to carry proper documentation of their legal status with them at all times. As an immigrant himself, Jamieson empathizes with those affected by the issues surrounding immigration, and for that reason he has taken the opportunity to incorporate his portrayal of the recent debates in the Foreign Exchange. This second track from I Came, I Saw Vol. II features production by Xplosive and Video Production MonStar Films.”

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Jamieson - P.U.S.H. [Video]

You may remember Ajay posting about this guy, he’s a London born but New York based rapper. Here’s his brand new video for a track called P.U.S.H. Immediately you can hear his flow’s been heavily influenced with that classic New York sound but you can still hear the English in him. Very likeable track here from a talented artist.

You can also exclusively grab his I Came, I Saw Vol. 1 EP for free over at DJBooth.net too if you like what you’re hearing.

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Jamieson: UK Born Rapper out of NY

Being based in the UK, we’re always looking for the best talent from our homeland here at OTU, and here goes a London-born MC that’s making moves over in New York. Liking this guy’s rapping style, and there will be inevitable comparisons with Slick Rick, although they do have quite different styles. Good to hear UK hip-hop that isn’t rooted in Grime, and has a crisp sound about it.

Plenty of potential in Jamieson, and I’m sure many of you readers will be able to connect much quicker with his sound than that of the usual UK rappers. Nice feature on this one too, with one of the underground’s favourites Skyzoo delivering a verse.

Jamieson-So You Know ft. Skyzoo

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