New(ish) Shi’ite From Jaguar Skills

Firstly, is that Jaguar in the picture trying The Rock’s People’s Eyebrow? I hope so.

Rigtho, basically there’s a few new mixes out from Jag Skills recently.

Without further adieu:

Jaguar Skills Meets Kanye West and Daft Punk In The Year 5000

Jaguar Skills New Years Battle Weapons.

Jaguar Skills Presents 23 Bullets In Your Dome Part 1, Part 2.

Word to all your mothers.

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Tempest's Best of '09... better late than later.

Yes, the title makes sense. What of it?

Anyway, hereon-in is my Best of 2009 straight through the internets to your face. Mostly your eyes, then ears. Not sure you’ll be able to taste much of it. I digress, I’m going to attempt to get my albums of the year out of the way first, then probably just artists that I’ve enjoyed in 2009, irrespective if they actually released anything (decent) in 2009.  How does that scan?

Right, I hope you’re sitting comfortably; this could get lengthy………wahey!! But seriously, read on.

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Fancy Seeing Example, Jaguar Skills and More?

We’ve got another treat for you, this time in the form of a giveaway.

On Saturday December 5th, Malibu are hosting their Mish Mash extravaganza at Club W in Wandsworth, London. MC Normski will be hosting the night, with a stellar line up of DJ’s and MC’s including Example and Radio 1 DJ Jaguar Skills.

Malibu Mish Mash combines the sounds and party style of the Caribbean with British dance music, to mash up top tunes with a unique twist for what promises to be a rather entertaining night. The crew from Kiss (the TV channel, not the rock band…) will be on hand to film the whole thing too, which could give those of you who are  fame-hungry  a quick shot at being on TV.

Want 2 free tickets? Yeah you do. No funny business, just send an email to me with ‘Mish Mash’ in the title, and I’ll pick someone out at random to go along to what should be a top night. Easy enough.

Malibu Rum, supporting their Mish Mash Club W extravaganza on December 5th featuring Example and Jaguar Skills
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Jaguar Skills… HhhhoooooOOOOO!

For those of you who are fans of Trevor Nelson on BBC Radio1 and 1Xtra on Saturday nights, this will be of no news to you. However for the rest of you, listen up and listen good. Jag Skills is a mash-up/mix DJ who, as his name suggests, has some serious skills. Click below to find out more about the acclaimed “funkiest ninja DJ on the planet”.

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