Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa (Trailer)

In a weird coincidence, I went back and watched the Jackass movies in their entirety just prior to this film’s official announcement, and even set the TV series re-runs on a series link record. Nothing like reliving your teenage years.

In October, one of many folks’ favourite Jackass sketches is getting some extended screentime. It always seemed like the prank they put the most effort into, in terms of the prosthetic makeup and general effort involved in playing the character(s), and it’s no surprise that of all the skits to get a full movie, it’s this one. It looks like they’re going to deliver in spades too (as all of the Jackass movies have, in fairness), with the inappropriateness scaled up considerably thanks to the inclusion of a (complicit) 8-year old sidekick.

There’s no doubt this will be great fun to watch, and here’s to hoping some of the old Jackass crew make a couple of cameo appearances, and with Jackass 4 rumoured for release next year too, there’s plenty more shenanigans on the horizon. For now, look out for Bad Grandpa on 25th October.

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