Intuition's I Ruined These Songs For You

The two previous leaks from this mixtape/EP have gone down quite well with you guys, so I expect some of you are probably clamouring for this one!

Intuition finally drops the whole project, whereby he’s adding a verse to otherwise-untouched alternative tracks. Aside from the Grizzly Bear and Portishead tracks I’ve alredy dropped, the artists on here include The Black Keys, Raphael Saadiq and even Ms. Dynamite (and yes, the track is Dynamite-ee-ee!).

Definitely one everyone should be checking out, and it’s this very project that’s really cemented Intuition as one of my favourite upcomers right now. The most creative mixtape of the year, no question.

Intuition-I Ruined These Songs For You

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Intuition Remixes Portishead's Humming

Hopefully you checked out the fantastic Grizzly Bear remix last week from Intuition’s I Ruined These Songs For You project. This is another really good addition to an alternative track, this time taking on a Portishead song. I’ve never really listened to any Portishead stuff before, but this track sounds pretty decent. It’s got a pretty creepy, haunting feel to it and Intuition slows his flow down to fit it excellently.

Portishead-Humming Remix ft. Intuition

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Intuition Remixes Grizzly Bear’s Two Weeks

I do like it when hip-hop artists move away from the norm and deliver stuff like this. Kidz In The Hall did it, and now Intuition adds a really likeable spin to this superb alternative track. As stated previously, I really enjoyed the original version of Two Weeks when I checked out the album late last year, and the Intuition verse is a very nice addition.

Click here for more Intuition too. He’s an underground rapper I’ve only recently heard of, but he’s very good. This particular track is from his I Ruined These Songs For You collection. Hilarious name, but not remotely true luckily!

Grizzly Bear-Two Weeks Remix ft. Intuition

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Underground Hip-Hop Part 10

Woops. It’s been over 2 months since I dropped UGHH. It’s worth the wait though, as regular readers will know that these posts are your best shot of discovering some of the finest upcoming talent and catching a couple of established rappers along the way.

Click on to check out some new (ish) hip-hop of various styles and discover the next big thing. I warn you now, that I’ve been sitting on this stuff for a while so go easy on me if you’ve caught one or two tracks before.

Despite the massive backlog of potential material for this, I’ve tried to keep this shorter than previous episodes to make it a bit more digestable. Nice really aren’t I?

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