ILL BILL - When I Die

Brand new ILL Bill, and we have the first official video from his new album The Grimy Awards. The self-produced beat provides a haunting landscape for Bill to reminisce about the lives of his grandmother and the legendary Uncle Howie. It’s always great to hear Bill switch things up and delve into more personal tracks and this certainly delivers.

A running-theme throughout Bill’s career has always been the tales of Howie’s exploits, promoting him to an almost cult-hero status. After Howie died a couple of years back, his problems began to feel more real when listening back to old Non-Phixion albums. More recently, tracks like My Uncle started to show Bill’s concern about Howie’s situation, while Narco Corridos (with DJ Muggs) seemed to give a glimpse of Bill’s immediate feelings after Howie’s death. This history really adds to the track, as we’ve seen Bill maturity and growing concern about Howie’s health, before finally reflecting on his passing and the problems faced.

It’s a solid dedication to both Howie and his Grandmother, and has got me excited for The Grimy Awards which drops January 29th.

On Dec 2nd, Bill will headline the next OTU Live night alongside Vinnie Paz, at Lakota, Bristol. Tickets available: here

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ILL Bill-Severed Heads Of State ft. El-P

Fresh off the back of the recent La Coka Nostra release, ILL Bill drops the first single from his new album The Grimy Awards.

Teaming up with fellow Brooklyn-native El-P for the first time since the memorable Company Flow collaboration, Simian Drugs, we are faced with a tripped out, acid-flashback to earlier ILL Bill work. This is definitely one for the older Bill fans.

With a similar feel to the recent La Coka Nostra track A Letter To Ouisch, this could give us a hint of the direction Bill is heading with the new album.

Along with Vinnie Paz, ILL Bill will headline the next OTU Live event in Bristol on Dec 2nd. More details can be found here.

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OTU:Live Presents Vinnie Paz and Ill Bill @ Lakota, Bristol-Sunday 2nd December

Almost a year to the day after we brought you Slaine, Reef the Lost Cauze and DJ Illegal, we’ve lined up an even bigger set of performers for the hardcore hip-hop heads.

With incredible histories in the music game, Ill Bill and Vinnie Paz bring a rapping pedigree and calibre of lyrical mastery that few can compare with, both as solo artists, part of La Coka Nostra and Jedi Mind Tricks respectively, and of course as the duo Heavy Metal Kings. Both will be joined by the revered DJ Eclipse (Non Phixion).

Support on the night comes from Leaf Dog, BVA and an additional RLD showcase that features Smellington Piff and Rag N Bone Man.

It’s an utterly stacked lineup that’s going to be unmissable for the hip-hop heads, and we’re bringing the goods to a city with one of the best rap communities in the UK right now. Tickets are on sale right now, and do yourself a favour and grab them quickly.

Tickets: £16 advance, more on the door
When: Sunday 2nd December 2012, 7.30pm doors
Where: Lakota, 6 Upper York Street, BS2 8QN, Bristol

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Snowgoons-The Legacy ft. Esoteric, Ill Bill, Reks, Reef The Lost Cauze & more

Another drop from the Snowgoons’ Dynasty album, and although it’s not a proper video, it does contain the audio and that’s the main thing!

Expect classic ‘Goons’ production here with a huge and impressive group of features. Continuing in the same vein as the previous leaks, The Legacy showcases the long list of contacts that Snowgoons can call on upon for a favour, and it results in another hard-hitting track that has me looking forward to their most ambitious effort yet.

Featuring: Esoteric, Ill Bill, Godilla, Fredro Starr (of Onyx), Sicknature, Punchline,
Reks, Thirstin Howl the 3rd, Planetary (of Outerspace), Virtuoso, Maylay Sparks, Swann, Sav Killz, M-Dot & Reef The Lost Cauze

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La Coka Nostra-Mind Your Business ft. DJ Premier (Video)

A few days late on this track, but it just wouldn’t be right if we didn’t have it up on OTU.

For those who don’t know, Everlast has left LCN since the last album, with just ILL Bill & Slaine remaining as the only MC’s in the group. For me, this is no bad thing. Bill is one of my favourite MC’s, and I would have a hard time thinking of another MC who has made more progression over the past number of years than Slaine.

Anyway, on to the track, and we finally hear LCN supplied with a Preemo beat. The beat is a little different to other LCN tracks we’ve heard before and definitely moves in a different direction to the previous leaks from this album, but the change is welcome and it’s refreshing to hear Preemo playing around with the samples between Bill and Slaine’s verses.

It’s a solid track, and definitely reinforces my belief that LCN have developed into a Bill/Slaine duo project that delve into the dark subjects that seem to be so prevalent in their solo careers. The album drops on July 31st, and will definitely be one to look forward to.

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Heavy Metal Kings-Metal In Your Mouth ft. Slaine & Q-Unique

Vinnie Paz & Ill BILL get yet more visual treatment from Reel Wolf Productions for their efforts under the Heavy Metal Kings moniker, this time accompanied by underground heavyweights Slaine & Q-Unique. One of the best tracks from HMK, with solid verses from all involved and Slaine delivering one of my favourite lines on the album: “Not the man, not the myth I’m your superhero with his mask off.”

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Ill Bill & Vinnie Paz-Children Of God

Second release from the duo’s Heavy Metal Kings project, dropping April 5th.

This sounds exactly as you would expect it to, but that is never a bad thing when fused together by the remarkable chemistry that Bill and Paz clearly have. Heavy guitar chords dominate proceedings here, yet never rise above the vocalists’ verses allowing both to spit their trademark social and politically-conscious bars. If you missed the first drop, get your hands on that here and hit the jump for the tracklist. No Rugged Man feature though *sad face*

Chris, this one is definitely for you my man!

Ill Bill & Vinnie Paz-Children Of God

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Ill Bill and Vinnie Paz-Keeper of The Seven Keys

A collaboration that’ll make any hip-hop head a little sweaty, here goes the first track from their upcoming joint album, Heavy Metal Kings.

It’s an absolute treat to listen to hip-hop of this quality too. The production boasts some thudding drum work that gives this track a real driving, powerful feel, scratches that give the hook a real raw quality, and haunting melodies that add further depth and character in an intricately constructed beat. Bill and Paz aren’t exactly rookies in the rap game, and both come through with passionate, aggressive rhymes that combine perfectly with the intense production to deliver a head-nodding, break-something-with-your-face slice of hip-hop.

Ill Bill and Vinnie Paz-Keeper of the Seven Keys

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OTU's Top 15 MCs of 2010

As the end of year lists begin to pop up everywhere, it’s only right that we enter the fray. Murray, Indi, Liam and myself have put our heads together to compile a list of the very best acts in hip-hop this year, and come up with shortlist of who we feel stood up and really did something worthwhile this year. With the differing tastes and perspectives of four writers, you’ll definitely find some good talking points amongst the commentary we’ve offered on our selections, for better or worse (hopefully better!).

Click below to see who ranked at #15 all the way up to #4. The top 3 will be released shortly afterwards. Without further ado, let the mayhem begin!

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John Regan-Sorry I'm Late [Album]

This is the debut solo album release from 24-year old Baltimore born emcee John Regan. It features the likes of Marsha Ambrosius, Joell Ortiz, Skyzoo, Sha Stimuli (you can grab that collab here), Needlz, Nottz, 88-Keys, PackFM, Ill Bill, Juganot, Kidz in the Hall, Jaiden and more. Certainly an eye-catching lineup for an underground artist such as Regan, and gives you an idea that the album is going to be something worth taking note of.

I’ve only managed to give it a quick listen, but it certainly does impress and comes across as an album that you’d expect from a far more established artist, which is a credit to the talent Regan clearly has. The album describes his struggles at trying to make it in the hip-hop game, whilst having to balance a family life at the same time. It’s available for purchase on iTunes/Amazon now, but before you take the plunge, you can listen to the full album for free here (My favourite track has to be the superb All I Got To Give).

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DJ Muggs & Ill Bill - Illuminati 666 [Video]

Latest visuals for Kill Devil Hills which follow the same style at the previous videos which you can, of course, check out here.

Great album. Make sure you cop it.

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DJ Muggs & Ill Bill - Kill Devil Hills [Video]

Some more visuals for one of my favourites from the album (Out today. Buy here).

Make sure you pick up the audio because it’s a banger.

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7L & Esoteric - No Shots

If you like hip-hop, you really should be familiar with the underground duo of producer 7L and Army Of The Pharaohs’ MC, Esoteric.

First leak from their album 1212 which drops October 12th. Here Esoteric spits some rhymes on his thoughts of the current industry over 7L’s Rihanna-sampling instrumentals.

1212 boasts features from the likes of Ill Bill, Alchemist, Evidence, Inspectah Deck, Sadat X, Vinnie Paz, Celph Titled, Statik Selektah and OTU favourite Reef The Lost Cauze.

7L & Esoteric – No Shots

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DJ Muggs & Ill Bill - Kill Devil Hills

This is the last drop we gift you because I don’t want to ruin the sales of this really, really good album.

I had to give you one more from the album though and, although it was hard choosing, the title-track is the perfect one. Bill’s lyricism was never in question for me, if anything I was concerned about Muggs but he came through on the whole album. The track features a pulsating, almost military-like bassline, held together with some dark keys from the ivory. B-Real and Vinnie Paz illustrate the coming together of two sides: B-Real from Mugg’s Cypress Hill days and of course Paz, a frequent collaborator with Bill.

DJ Muggs & Ill Bill – Kill Devil Hills ft B-Real & Vinnie Paz

Other Kill Devil Hills stuff, including artwork, tracklisting and a few other singles and videos can be obtained here. Kill Devil Hills is released on 31st August.

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DJ Muggs & Ill Bill - Ill Bill TV [Video]

I don’t expect to be seeing this on the music channels any time soon. Brilliantly gruesome visuals for Muggs & Bill’s upcoming Kill Devil Hills released at the end of August.

Watch right through to the end. Clever.

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DJ Muggs & Ill Bill Talk Chemistry & Guest Appearances

Muggs and Bill run through the chemistry and guest spots that we can expect on their upcoming album Kill Devil Hills.

Confirmed exactly what I thought/wanted.

Leaks and videos so far.

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DJ Muggs & Ill Bill - Cult Assassin [Video]

With the small matter of graduating from university out of the way, I’m back presenting you with the video of the lead single from Ill Bill & DJ Muggs Kill Devil Hills LP.

Yet to watch but you can get the audio and album scoop from here.

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Quick Blast(s): Ill Bill / DJ Muggs

First two leaks from the collaboration project between DJ Muggs and Ill Bill. If you missed the scoop on the album Kill Devil Hills you can get that here.

On the strength of these two leaks, this album is going to be insane. Muggs draws on his unequivocal experience to set up two perfectly complimenting beats tailored for Bill’s fierce delivery.

Ill Bill & DJ Muggs – Cult Assasin

Ill Bill & DJ Muggs (feat Sick Jacken & Uncle Howie) – Narco Corridos

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Album News: Ill Bill / DJ Muggs

<—- Artwork for La Coka Nostra’s Ill Bill and Cypress Hill’s DJ Muggs’ collaborative effort Kill Devil Hills scheduled for release August 24th.

Ill Bill is one of the underground’s strongest and most respected MC’s. Muggs is known for his numerous years in the game, most notably with Cypress Hill. What better way to describe the album than let Ill Bill do it:

“Production and conceptually, this record plays out like a movie. All the songs connect. It moves like a concept record the way the beats blend with the words even though we didn’t plan it like that. It’s basically it’s own sound, the Muggs vs. Bill sound.”

Take a look after the click for the tracklist. With features including O.C., Raekwon, Vinnie Paz, B-Real, and Everlast and Slaine of La Coka Nostra this is a project I’m certainly looking forward to. Stay tuned for more news as it drops!

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