Icona Pop-Girlfriend

icona pop
Over time, 2Pac’s Me and My Girlfriend has becoming increasingly bastardised. There was the oft-forgotten Toni Braxton remix in ’02, but most notably Jay-Z and Beyonce’s ’03 Bonnie and Clyde has almost surpassed the original in terms of popularity; it’s creepy to think that upon hearing this, there’s an entire generation of people who will think that Jay’s version is what this is sampling/covering.

Ten years after Hov’s version comes this, whereby the Swedish duo complete the track’s transition; we’ve had 2Pac’s aggressive original, Jay’s slightly less in-your-face version, and now a a bubble-pop, electro-infused cover that will once again open the track up to a whole new generation of mainstream heads. The production is unashamedly textbook pop, whilst the duo’s vocal work has a fun sense of rebellion and carefreeness- independent of the hook’s origins, that combination makes this a definite contender for chart domination this summer, whether you like it or not. I’m not a fan as it’s not really my style of track, and I’m fiercely loyal to the untouched original, but credit where it’s due as they’ve moved the track completely away from its origins and turned it into a potential pop smash of their own.

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