Foals-My Number (Hot Chip Remix)

Foals’ Holy Fire is certainly an an early album of the year contender, and here electronic outfit Hot Chip opt for a stab at their excellent lead single from that LP.

With a track as upbeat, lively and frenetic as the original, you’d think adding an electronic twist would be quite simple, subtle work. Unfortunately, Hot Chip have completely over-engineered this and mostly torn out the heart of what makes the original so deliciously replayable in favour of a rather aimless backdrop. In isolation, the layers they’ve used are fine, with a huge range of synths, sharp percussion and a couple of funky electro elements, but they don’t ever seem to go anywhere or have any discernable structure. The vocals help to give the song some sense of direction, and as the track builds across its final third the Hot Chip beat does definitely improve, but once again it seems to drag and never actually climax anywhere, particularly when that fantastic hook vocal comes back in. With tracks like this, less is more, and unfortunately in attempting to keep up with the original’s dynamism, they’ve rather overcooked it.

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WIN WIN and Alexis Taylor-Interleave Video

Psychedelic, offbeat and full of graphics and special effects. For the first time, I can use that description along with the phrase ‘it’s exactly as I expected the video to be’.

The ethereal, uneasy nature of the video was going to be difficult to capture in a video, and they’ve most certainly picked the right approach here with a futuristic video that utilises contrasting light very well, as all of the agitated, colourful effects are permanently set to a dark background: it really does represent the audio well, as the darker production being offset against Alexis’ slightly brighter vocals almost matches that particular contrast.

Audio for the original can be grabbed from here, and the more uptempo dance remix here.

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Win Win and Alexis Taylor-Interleave (Xxxchange’s 1993 Remix)

I was (and still am) pretty high on the original version of this track, with its ambient and atmospheric tones making for a very enjoyable listen, and here Brooklyn producer/DJ Xxxchange has completely flipped those vibes and retooled it into an upbeat, uptempo electro monster.

Definitely one the dance/electro/house heads will hugely enjoy, sampling the catchy parts of Taylor’s hook and weaving them in with a head-rattling mixture of synths, samples and a whole lot more. It’s certainly a busy track, and hence it remains fairly entertaining throughout with no real ‘comedown’ periods, making for a potential club anthem. Unmissable if you’re an electro head.

Win Win-Interleave ft. Alexis Taylor (Xxxchange’s 1993 Remix)

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WIN WIN and Alexis Taylor (of Hot Chip)-Interleave

Sometimes I stumble on a gem of a track from people I’ve never heard of, and actually wonder ‘where the hell did I even find this?!’. I’m fairly sure most of you do too, but I’m far too good at this to get it wrong (yeah I said it, no need to read it again), so stick with me when I do find these odd gems.

The best words to describe this track are the following: airy, spacey and atmospheric. It’s one of those that creates the type of environment that will probably shape your listening habits for the next few hours, as it’s both impacting and addictive with the deep synths, urgent melodies and ghostly vocals. As a result, it straddles a few genres without ever really settling into one, hovering above chillout, electronic and alternative to deliver a frighteningly-replayable track that will slide into any playlist pretty easily, and definitely satisfy the more open-minded and diverse fans out there.

WIN WIN-Interleave ft. Alexis Taylor

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Tuesday Indie Throwback-Bloc Party

Feast your eyes on this, the first of many weekly ‘back-lookings’ at the various Kings and Queens of the Indie genre.

This week, it’s Bloc Party. Cast your eyes left and enjoy the video to Banquet; single off their debut album Silent Alarm, or below to une-petit bio of the band themselves….

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