Holy Ghost!-Hold On, We're Going Home (Cover)

A lot of readers won’t like this at all, but there’s something about the retro funk take on the ubiquitous Drake single that’s quite endearing. It’s not technically perfect or the cleanest cover in the world, but instead is a rough-around-the-edges slice of bouncy alt pop that makes for fun listening.

Stripping out the R&B-styled production, Holy Ghost! throw in a set of chunky synths, some airy and some disco-esque, taking the track from being geared around a teenage girl’s alone time listening (not criticism as I listen to it too, but then I’m essentially a teenage girl) and to a teenage girl’s pre-night out listening. The vocal work is fairly laidback, though opts against the whispery tones Drake went with, and instead for a clearer, crisper style that plays off the buzzing synth work well.

Worth a go if you liked the original, but not one that will exactly convert those who don’t like the track as it is.

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Holy Ghost!-Wait and See

Can’t say I’ve heard any of their material before, but the alternative-dance-pop stylings of Holy Ghost! won me over here. Wait & See is a retro, uplifting effort boasting a production that feels as though it was lifted right out of the 80s, fused with a more modern electronic sound and layered with light and catchy vocals. Hence, it’s a very positive, squeaky-clean sort of sound that will really appeal to the electro pop and alternative pop fans, with the summery vibe of the track likely to prove very addictive for those who venture to give it a listen. You can preview and download it for free below, and also buy it from there if you’d like to support the duo.

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