Big Shug-We Miss You (Guru Tribute)

Yesterday marks what would have been Keith Elam’s 50th birthday. Long-time collaborator (and one of Gang Starr’s forming members) Big Shug teams up with the-legend-behind-the-boards DJ Premier for a Guru dedication track.

The track itself isn’t much to write home about but it’s the sentiments which are undeniably important here. And more than anything gives us a moment to reminisce upon the life and times of Guru. Essential Guru here.

Big Shug-We Miss You (Guru Tribute)

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DJ Premier & Fat Joe Explain 'I'm Gone' [Video]

We all know now that Fat Joe’s centrepiece to his Darkside Vol 1 is the modern-day classic, DJ Premier cut: I’m Gone.

Quick video here of the two breaking down exactly how the record came about. I know Joey dedicated his joint to Guru, but doesn’t it seem a bit insensitive he made Premo send over not one, but two beats even though Premo’s man had just passed?!

Joe speaks a lot shit (especially lately), but can’t hate on his closing words.

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Group Home's Lil Dap Talks Guru

Group Home’s Lil Dap talks about how he met Guru and tells us the duo’s new album is titled: Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal.

Although their debut was classic, without Premo I’m not holding out for too much though here. Nice Guru tribute though.

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I'ma Make Ya Pay Homage

In line with Ajay’s promise to bring you something a little bit different over the upcoming months, here is my contribution to the effort.

Posted this a few weeks ago on my Twitter (where you can cop a better look) and yesterday I got my hands on this awesome tee which pays homage to the late, great Guru of Gang Starr.

Stickupkids (here in the UK) have put together two Guru tribute tees (the other perhaps less subtle) and I recommend you go over there and grab one to help hip-hop live on.

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Lord Finesse Talks Guru And Influences

The Funky Technician, Lord Finesse, talks about being influenced by Showbiz and Premo and reminisces over the late, great Keith “Guru” Elam.

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Guru: A Tribute To An Everlasting Legacy

This week hip-hop was plunged into mourning as we lost Keith Elam, fondly remembered as Guru; the mastermind behind rap music’s most-loved duo, Gang Starr.

No doubt there will be a few bandwagons driving through the blogs over the upcoming weeks. ‘Tupac-syndrome’ (no disrespect Pac) will flood the forums as Guru makes his way into everyone’s top five. Don’t get me wrong; I have a front row seat on that bandwagon. The difference being, I’ve been here a while.

Guru played an important part in developing my love for this genre. This is my way of giving back to the man who helped shape my journey. But this isn’t about my scrobbles on, it isn’t about DJ Premier, and it isn’t particularly about Gang Starr. This is mine and Overrating The Underrated’s tribute to Guru.

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