Gunplay-Cops and Robbers (Mixtape)

After various assaults, fights, arrests and whatever else, hip-hop’s resident lunatic is back with a brand new 17-track mixtape for his fans. I say fans, I wonder if there are any devout Gunplay followers out there? For me, he’s a bit of novelty and fun rather than anyone I ever take too seriously, but it does make you wonder what it is about him that his core fanbase are into, given his soaring popularity. Regardless, he’s sticking around and carries through his 2012 momentum with this early release.

Features on the MMG representative’s latest project include labelmates Rick Ross and Rockie Fresh, whilst outside contributions from A$AP Rocky, Pusha T, Trina and more complete the lineup here. There are a few recognisable titles in here too, with Clique and Hold Me Back being amongst the tracks remixed, alongside some new and original works. Free stream and download below.

Gunplay-Cops and Robbers (Mixtape)

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Gunplay-Guillotine Swordz (Video)

Everyone’s favourite nutcase is back with a new visual, and it’s a return to craziness for the ever-entertaining Gunplay.

After the 30 seconds worth of MMG ads at the start, you’re met with a frightening prospect: “directed by Gunplay”. Like everything else he puts out, it’s hardly lyrical wizardry but it’s inexplicably entertaining, though credit to him for the beat selection as he borrows the classic backdrop from Raekwon’s seminal OB4CL album. The clip features two versions or sides of Gunplay seemingly opposite to one another, before mixing up scenes of those versions in some kind of fight with those of two normal (and I use that team in the loosest possible manner) Gunplays hanging around his living room. That’s pretty much it. There’s only about a minute of rapping, and whilst I mentioned it’s not going to fry your brain with its complexity, his energy and intensity is commendable, even if its not anything you’re going to go hunting for over the original. Nonetheless, a bit of fun and it’s entertaining for its sheer stupidity.

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Masspike Miles-Skky Miles 2: Cozmic Cloudz (Mixtape)

Masspike is legitimately one of the most overlooked talents on the R&B scene today. Admittedly, he doesn’t brand himself ideally, with a rather aggressive stage name, mispelling of ‘sky’ and excessive use of the letter ‘z’ (it annoys me), but track-for-track his output over the last 18 months has comfortably been up there with his more revered peers.

The prequel to this project found its way to collections everywhere a mere 5 months ago, and Miles caps off a critically-successful year with this 15-track release. Features include Gunplay, Wiz Khalifa and Havoc, whilst the production credits suggest there’s going to be a nice diversity across the soundscapes offered. I know many of you are pining for some new, substantial R&B material and you could do much worse than grab this freebie. Do precisely that below.

Masspike Miles-Skky Miles 2: Cozmic Cloudz

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When the likes of Gunplay are free to roam the streets, you’ve got to ask questions. I love the guy’s craziness and have been fairly open with that, but given that most of the hip-hop world has seen footage of him holding an accountant at gunpoint, it’s beyond surprising that he escaped the charges on lack of evidence.

Nonetheless, our lives wouldn’t be the same without his unique brand of eccentricity. He’s gearing up for an album drop early next year, Medellin, and it’s implied that this will feature. Truthfully though, it’s disappointing. He’s enamoured himself to us previously with in-your-face, larger-than-life style work that’s at the very least entertaining, but here he seems to have been calmed down and goes for a bland, bass-heavy hip-hop style that puts more focus on his rapping abilities and frankly he should probably be avoiding that. Average at best.

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Gunplay-Rap Sheet

The most unpredictable man in hip-hop. MMG’s Gunplay has videos out of him in amusement parks, fishing, being jumped by G-Unit and whatever else. Today? He’s released arguably his best track to date, and then turned himself into the police on armed robbery and assault charges. There are no words.

Many will remember XV’s excellent 30,000 Feet Up In The Sky from last year, sampling Mt. Eden’s Sierra Leone, and Gunplay strips away the dubstep vibe to just borrow the vocal sample from that beat for his own use here. The slow yet sharp percussion that steps in gives the sample a more soulful vibe and hence makes the track a little more vocal-centric rather than bass-focused. Gunplay’s raps aren’t changed much from his usual aggressive themes, but nonetheless the output sounds excellent over this beat and certainly makes for a track more likely to crack a wider audience. Shame he’s probably going to be put away for a few years though, there goes our fun!

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Rick Ross-The Black Bar Mitzvah (Mixtape)

Given that I’m positive he isn’t Jewish, this surely this has to go down as one of the most ridiculous mixtape names of all-time? Worryingly though, it isn’t the craziest thing the MMG clan have done in the last 24 hours-more on that later.

Ross is generally good for a couple of gems on his mixtape work, and coming only a short while after releasing his God Forgives, I Don’t album, you’ve got to commend the generosity. 18 tracks deep, and surprisingly there are fewer features than he normally goes for with any of his projects, limiting it mostly to a couple of MMG members plus Pharrell, 2 Chainz and Drake. Free grab below.

Rick Ross-The Black Bar Mitzvah

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Torch-Slow Down ft. Meek Mill, Gunplay, Wale, Young Breed and Stalley (Video)

The MMG clan almost come together in their entireity on this one, and there’s always a sense of trepidation when seeing a line-up this strong from the group, usually because it results in tired flows on repetitive beats.

Not this time. The production is funky, upbeat and packed with an infectious energy, elements which are excellently recreated by every rapper on the track. Torch lays down the gauntlet with a speedy delivery that sets things off nicely, before Meek Mill jumps in with quick raps of his own that amp up the track’s intensity, helped by an energetic performance in the video. A smooth vocal hook eases things off briefly before the ever-crazy Gunplay gets going with a very active performance of another in-your-face verse, followed by Wale who comes close to getting the highlight verse with a watertight flow delivered with an unflappable cool. Breed makes a decent account of himself next, and Stalley’s on last with the standout verse, combining razor-sharp flow with lyricism that’s different enough from his colleagues to command a little more attention. A surprisingly enjoyable posse cut. iTunes is your friend.

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Random Funnies: Gunplay Visits Six Flags Theme Park

By now, it’s well established that Gunplay is pretty wild. So, what do you think is going to happen when a firecracker like Gunplay, with the name GUNPLAY, is let loose in a theme park?

From miscellaneous dancing for no reason to running around with a cape on, this guy knows how to have fun and pretty much not care what anyone else thinks. Either that, or he’s massively crazy. Place your bets now.

There’s not much else to say here. Watch and be amused, and feel free to check out his recent mixtape if you’re drawn to his eccentricity. Shouts to Nikul on the find.

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Gunplay-601 & Snort (Mixtape)

Originally called 106 & Snort, I can only assume legal reasons forced the change to 601. Hilarious, and right out of the playbook of the eccentric and wild Gunplay.

A 12-track mixtape with Rick Ross being the most high-profile of very few features, it’s a great opportunity for Gunplay’s increasingly-unique nature to be solidified amongst music fans, whilst possibly giving him a chance to demonstrate his capabilities outside of the crazy, high-intensity work-one listen to Kendrick Lamar’s Cartoons and Cereal suggests he’s got it in him, so let’s see if this tape’s got more of that.

Gunplay-601 & Snort

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Gunplay-M1 (Video)

I’ve made my peace with this guy being my favourite ‘ignorant’ rapper, and this track, along with the utterly mental Jump Out (which comes equipped with screaming and gunfire) were probably the standouts in terms of intensity from his Bogota Rich mixtape.

The video doesn’t add anything to the track, and instead somehow makes standing on a porch into the most frenzied, impossibly-busy scenario. It’s actually mildly refreshing to know that not everyone in the Maybach Music Group is overly self-conscious and focused on appearing indifferent: Gunplay’s full of emotion and a balls-out rabidness that’s increasingly rare in mainstream hip-hop. Whereas most rappers nowadays seem like they’d probably give you a hug, this guy just seems like he’d rather harpoon you in the thigh. What’s not to like?

Let’s be honest, just one listen of this is enough to put many of you off for life, but sometimes you’ve just got to embrace the craziness. Should you be willing to do so, grab Bogota Rich now.

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Gunplay-Take This

Everyone has that guilty pleasure rapper who isn’t exactly going to go over with the purists, but just makes that head-banging, ignorant hip-hop that we all need from time to time.

Ever since his feature on Kendrick Lamar’s Cartoon and Cereal, Gunplay has cemented his position as mine. His Bogota Rich mixtape has a few gems on there for cutting loose and getting crazy, and whilst this is comparatively tame, it’s still likeable for similar reasons. An aggressive production with a menacing pace backs up Gunplay’s intense raps well, boasting a couple of samples that I’m fairly sure are from select 90s hip-hop tracks (for once, I can’t recall which ones), but it’s the video that tells you all you need to know about this guy. From snorting electronic cigarettes to general spazzing in a studio, it’s full of the energy and eccentricity Gunplay brings to the table, and with the 106 and Snort (…) mixtape coming soon, I’m sure there’s more where this came from.

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Kendrick Lamar-Cartoons and Cereal

Since releasing Section.80, Kendrick musical output has represented that of someone who is operating with considerably more freedom. You really sense the shackles have been thrown off, and his recent spate of features on very unique, often offbeat productions (Blessed with Schoolboy Q being an obvious example) has suggested that freedom results in a little more eccentricity and originality on his part.

This track continues that trend with a dark production that bursts between minimalism and thudding bass-heavy work, with that contrast mirroring that of the raps and samples, as the cartoon clips and Kendrick’s softer verses and hook are much opposed to the gristly, aggressive work following the hook. The verses are excellent once again, boasting a few thought-provoking lines packaged in the slick flows now expected of him. It’s a very unique listen that almost defies structure at times, and hence is a very refreshing slice of hip-hop that clearly demonstrates what someone operating with a much more boundary-free mindset is capable of.

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