Fly Gypsy-FG*XL:remixtape Review and Download

As you well know by now, I don’t write album/mixtape reviews or feature articles unless it’s something very worthwhile. It’s a lot of time and dedication for me, so you know there’s a damn good reason behind it right? Right.

OTU followers will be familiar with this duo (and all you newcomers need to get educated, fast). We’ve followed them for quite some time, and they’ve really stepped their game up in the last 2/3 months with this remix project. If you’ve missed any of the utterly awesome remixes they’ve put out, click on to find the links for recapping.

Anywho, it’s time to unleash the entire project. 18 tracks of fantastic music from an unbelievable (you’ll agree, trust me!) range of genres that will cement these guys as ones to watch for 2010. If you don’t have time for the review, you can download the mixtape here. If you do, click on.

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