Weekly Roundups

For this week’s Wu Wednesdays RZA brings back the Gravediggaz for a joint which sounds straight out of their 1994 debut. If you’re not familiar with Gravediggaz I honestly don’t have the strength to bother explain it to you so you are advised to visit here.

Secondly, we’ve got that new Crooked HHWR with Crook going in over Jay-Z and Usher’s Hot Toddy.

Gravediggaz – 2 More Cups Of Blood

Crooked I – Hip Hop Weekly Reloaded: Part 12 (Hot Toddy)

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Throwback Thursdays Vol 33

The Gravediggaz are credited as one of the most influential horrorcore groups hip-hop has seen. In 1994, with their acclaimed 6 Feet Deep album, they laid the foundations for artists to come such as Big L, Eminem and Necro.

After widespread success, Prince Paul found himself between a rock and a hard place with regard to his label. To vent this frustration, Prince started to create a new, heavier sound but needed a crew to aid him. This is where he enlisted Wu-Tang’s RZA, fellow Stetsasonic MC; Frukwan, and Too Poetic to complete his quartet.

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Quick Blast: Army Of The Pharaohs

A.O.T.P are one of the reasons I still bother trawling through new-age hip-hop.

The undergound super-group, often cited as the modern Wu-Tang, possesses a roster boasting of lyrical masters such as Apathy, Reef The Lost Cauze, Vinnie Paz and Esoteric (to name only a few). You always know what you are going to get with A.O.T.P.; consistent, yet genius, battle-rap. However Suicide Girl (from their new LP The Unholy Terror) offers an alternative direction. Apathy accompanies his ending verse by lending a hand on the boards; A retrospective, strings-driven beat which compliments the slightly more contentious issue of suicide.

Gravediggaz heads: Listen out for the reference – don’t worry, it’s unmissable.

Army Of The Pharaohs – Suicide Girl

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