Gil Scott-Heron and Cookin' Soul-The Revolution Is Being Televised Mixtape

Inevitably, there will be a ton of tribute tracks and mixtapes surfacing in the aftermath of the untimely passing of Gil, but if you’re to check out one you could do an awful lot worse than go with Cookin’ Soul’s effort. They’re simply superb at putting remixes together, and I have faith they’ll do justice to both the quality of Heron’s back catalogue, and justice to the legacy of the man himself.

I expect many of the younger heads will be largely disaffected by the passing of Gil having had minimal exposure to his music, hence I’d recommend this should be checked out by those of you in that category, as inevitably Cookin’ Soul will put a modern twist onto his many classics. Free grab below.

Gil Scott-Heron and Cookin’ Soul-The Revolution Is Being Televised Mixtape

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R.I.P. Gil Scott-Heron (1949-2011)

I hate doing these. For the second time in two weeks, someone I have a deep respect for has passed away, with the genuinely legendary Gil Scott-Heron unfortunately succumbing to illness last night. Our thoughts here at OTU are with his family and friends.

His contribution to almost every form of music was massive, and crucially Gil was certainly one of the original ‘ancestors’ of hip-hop. His brutally honest, often socio-poltical content was undoubtedly an inspiration to the early generations of rappers, as he effortlessly combined music, poetry and the spoken word to critical acclaim for over 30 years. A true legend of the music game, and he will be missed.

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Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie XX-I’ll Take Care Of You Video

Probably the best track from their collaborative album, and hence a great choice to give the visual treatment. It’s a fantastically unique bit of music, and they’ve certainly done it justice with a video that really captures the imagination.

It would have been easy for the duo to grab some camera time for themselves, but being pretty artistic guys they’ve shown their integrity here as they spotlight the struggles of a single mother who also has a challenging line of employment: boxing. The boxer analogy always works well with music, as it spotlights the personal battles of people and both visualises and compares them with actual physical battles.

It’s a sport from which the ‘glamour’ can be easily removed too, and hence generally works very well when placed with a meaningful track. Here, the story certainly works with the audio to make this a realistic, relatively feel-good package (helped by the pretty adorable kid!) that is definitely worth a watch.

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Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie xx-We’re New Here (Full Album Stream)

Very nice surprise here, as the much-anticipated remix album from this unusual duo is made available for a full stream.

The previous two tracks made available have both shown the potential in this duo, fusing together Jamie’s experimental and often enjoyable production style with Gil’s diverse, vintage vocals to great effect. I’ve skimmed through the album very briefly, and it seems as though that quality is consistent throughout, as Jamie serves up a multitude of styles that manage to work with Gil’s voice, for the most part.

Fans of The xx will be clamouring for whatever new material they can get, and hopefully this collaboration has won over many others that weren’t previously familiar with either artist’s work. You can pre-order and listen to the whole thing in the widget.

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Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie xx-I’ll Take Care Of U

As the release date for their collaborative project draws nearer, we’re treated to another track from the highly-anticipated We’re New Here.

This has a considerably more positive feel than the previous offering, with Jamie serving up a lighter production that reflects off Gil’s voice with a positive exuberance. Lots of diversity in the production too, with keyboard melodies alongside futuristic synths, all served up over a mid-tempo percussion that keeps your head nodding all the way through.

It’s another nice show of eclecticism here, and I’m really looking forward to that album!

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Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie xx-NY Is Killing Me

Probably one of the most unexpected collaborations of the year. The legendary Gil Scott-Hero’s I’m New Here album from earlier this year is set to undergo treatment from Jamie of The xx, resulting in a full remix album entitled We’re New Here due out 21st February 2011. It’s been a huge 12 months for The xx, and it’s great to see Jamie getting involved in this sort of artistic diversity.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance to give the original NY Is Killing Me the review and acclaim it deserved, but it was a really interesting track that was held together by nothing more than claps and the odd bass pound. Jamie strips that away in favour of an atmospheric electro production that manages to retain the slightly disquieting and uneasy vibe of the original. You can watch the video here, and grab the track/pre-order the album here.

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Quick Blast: Gil Scott-Heron and Nas

Quick one from me. Expect some soulful vibes along with some great lyricism on this track. I’m sure fans of the old school stuff will definitely be grabbing this one.

Gil Scott-Heron-New York Is Killing Me ft. Nas

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