George Reefah’s Rollin’ Released Today!

Unless you walk around with a knife jammed in your head, you should remember this awesome club banger from George that we graciously let you preview a little under 2 months ago. Release date has arrived finally, and anyone looking for a cracking slice of party music should look no further.

Genuinely one to be switching to full volume (and you know how critical I am of club-oriented tracks), I implore you to shell out your hard-earned 79p (more if you want the remixes) and support this guy. Preview the track again if you don’t believe me. Go on, I dare ya.

Let’s be honest, if you don’t help bring new artists to the table we’re just going to end up stuck with Flo Rida forever. Nobody wants that. Think about the kids. It’s not fair on the kids.

George Reefah-Rollin’

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George Reefah-Rollin'

Longtime followers will remember a Reefah mixtape way back in UGHH 4. However, whether you’re a new or old fan, you should really keep reading.

George has stepped up his game greatly, and has a fantastic new single coming out later this month (we’ll post links later). I got a preview of it late last week, and it’s a surefire hit for the upcomer. The beat is lively, the hook is very catchy and Reefah brings some nice flows to round off this club banger. You can preview it yourself below, and I’d fully recommend you did. Keep your eyes open for this guy, I’ve got high expectations.

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Underground Hip-Hop Part 4

It’s been a while since we’ve got a little raw, a little under-the-radar, and a little underground on here. Let’s change that with a Deluxe Edition of UGHH. Why is it Deluxe? Stop asking questions and click the damn link.
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