Quick Throwback: Joe ft. G-Unit-Ride With You

Watch me try and justify why I’ve posted this. Well I was checking to see when Banks is finally going to release his Cold Corner II mixtape and that got me browsing old school G-Unit videos on YouTube. Then I ended up here.

This was a time when 50 and his G-Unit soldiers could literally take a shit on wax and people would argue that it was hot. I mean verses are pretty dope, but can you imagine something like this hitting the Internet now?

I’m all R&B’d out listening to this. *Clicks play on Goblin*

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Throwback Thursdays Vol 41

Inspired by Complex Magazine’s excellent best 25 Lloyd Banks’ verses and on the back of the release of Banks’ heavily anticipated third LP, The Hunger For More 2, I’ve decided to take us back to a time when 50 Cent was merely an underground king and Banks, alongside Tony Yayo, his noble foot soldiers.

2002 was a busy year for 50 and his G-Unit imprint, with the release of now-classic mixtape 50 Cent Is The Future, compilation album Guess Who’s Back, today’s featured mixtape No Mercy, No Fear, before finishing the year with God’s Son and putting the final touches to his 2003 debut album Get Rich Or Die Tryin’. But all this wouldn’t have been possible without the solid footing 50 had in the underground and the lyrical prowess of a certain 20-year old keen to follow in his mentor’s footsteps.

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Lloyd Banks on HFM2, G-Unit and working with Kanye

Here we have Lloyd Banks talking about his soon-to-be-released album The Hunger For More 2 album, how he came about working with Kanye West on Christian Dior Denim Flow (if you haven’t heard it already I highly recommend you do here) and Start It Up which can be found here , as well as his admiration for 50 Cent and the whole G-Unit movement.

A particular highlight for me is when he speaks about walking in the studio when both the aforementioned tracks were being recorded. If ever I could’ve been a fly on the wall in a studio that would’ve been it, the talent on show just sounds ridiculous. G-Unit to go down in hip-hop history though? I’m not too sure. One thing I am sure about though, HFM2 is going to be something special. Props to GWHH for the interview.

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Game Wants To Get G-Unit Back Together?

For those of us who remember when Hate It Or Love It and How We Do came out, you can’t deny this could potentially be awesome.

However, we won’t hold our breath. Game is unfortunately prone to changing his mind about things fairly frequently and it wouldn’t surprise me if there is a diss track out by the end of the week.

He talks about his and 50′s egos clashing but reaches out to his one-time collaborator stating that he wouldn’t oppose a reunion if they could put their differences aside.

He even screams G-G-G-G-Unit! at the end!

Skip to around 1:10 for the juice.

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New G-Unit

Remember G-Unit? This sounds like some kind of mixtape track. Typical G-Unit sounding production alongside a disappointing Tony Yayo (albeit short) verse as to be expected.

However. Is this the same 50? Him and Banks go in hard and it’s nice reminiscing on how they used to sound back at the turn of the century.

G-Unit – Where The Dope At

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Young Buck, Crooked I and Cassidy

Three tracks from the last day or so. The Cassidy track is over Jay/Swizzy’s On To The Next One, Crook takes on Game’s Big Money and Buck drops something new…sort of. He’s back to dissing G-Unit, which is pretty played out. The track is alright though to be fair.

Cassidy-On To The Next One ft. Jag

Crooked I-Big Money Freestyle

Young Buck-Happy New Year

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“Come At The King, You Best Not Miss”

The Game


Following on from The Game’s recent disses towards Jay-Z (which you can download from here) I’ve compiled a list of the best diss tracks ever released from the renowned battle rapper, with a brief summary of each ‘beef’. Would it be wise for Jay-Z to respond? Or better to ignore The Game’s recent ‘campaign’ against him? Click on for numerous tracks of goodness. → Continue Reading

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