Meek Mill-Dreamchasers 3 (Mixtape)

On the back of the first two tapes in the Dreamchasers series, Meek’s carved out a very strong position in the mainstream hip-hop scene, and certainly ranks as one of MMG’s more recognisable names. Credit to Meek then for sticking with the mixtape scene, despite the fact he could have probably put half of these tracks onto an EP and made a lot of money; clearly, he just wants to get a lot of product out there, and that’s to be appreciated.

Features on this are big-name heavy, as you’d expect, with Diddy, Nicki Minaj, Fabolous, Future, Jadakiss and Ma$e appearing alongside MMG leader Rick Ross, whilst the producer lineup boasts Cardo, Boi-1da, Key Wane and even the massively-forgotten Scott Storch. Meek’s proven himself a very versatile rapper, so expect a couple of club hits, speaker rattlers and maybe a more introspective track or two. Either way, mainstream heads will be grabbing this one- do so for free below.

Meek Mill-Dreamchasers 3

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Big K.R.I.T.-King Remembered In Time (Mixtape)

big krit
It’s tough to quite pinpoint why, but Krit’s music just doesn’t seem to stick with me. There’s clearly talent there, demonstrated well on some of his features, but for some reason I don’t find myself replaying much of his material at all despite his heavy critical and hip-hop community acclaim.

Could this be the project to change that? The features will certainly help. Bun B, Smoke DZA, Wiz Khalifa and Trinidad Jame$ appear alongside the ubiquitous (for better or worse) Future, whilst 9th Wonder contributes a beat to a project otherwise fully helmed by Big K.R.I.T. himself. There aren’t many rappers I find myself latching onto these days, but I do find myself pulling for this guy to be one of them, purely for his multi-talented nature and the regularity with which he delivers work. Stream and free download below.

Big K.R.I.T.-King Remembered In Time

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Mike WiLL Made It-Est. In 1989 2.5 (Mixtape)

Along with Hit-Boy, this guy’s been one of the legitimate breakout stars in the production world over the last 18 months, and here he collates some of his more well-known beats alongside some brand new original material for a massive 25-track free release.

The track’s he’s produced for others include names such as Rihanna, Future, Kelly Rowland and B.o.B, whilst his original additions to the tape benefit from some rather popular guests, including Young Jeezy, Chief Keef, Jim Jones and many more. Whether you’re a fan of his beat style or not, I’m sure there’ll be a few heavy-hitting party joints on this one to add to those new year playlists. Stream and download below at your leisure.

Mike WiLL Made It-Est. In 1989 2.5

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Pusha T-Pain ft. Future

Pusha T springs right back into the game after Cruel Summer, preparing folk for that hotly-anticipated debut solo album that’s expected to drop in December. He’s put out plenty of good work in recent times, whether as part of a collaborative track or one of his own, and it’s certainly a good time for him to start properly breaking away for himself.

With that said, he’s not helped himself by featuring the mostly-talentless Future here. His hook is absolutely terrible, and can only be compared to a drunk, sleepy 2007 T-Pain, making his feature entirely pointless and to the detriment of the track. It’s a real shame as the production is pretty solid, throwing together pounding, bassy percussion with intense synths and lively work on the keys for a soundscape full of intensity and power, the type of beat Pusha thrives on. His raps are really likeable too, sticking to the pain theme well enough, whilst his natural aggressiveness capitalises on this beat to good effect. It’s just a shame the feature brings this down so much.

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