Frightened Rabbit-Wildest Moments (Cover)

An excellent cover from the Scottish folk band, and whilst their introductory statements are absolutely on point, their performance is even more so.

They’ve captured the best parts of the original, particularly the reflective, somewhat downbeat elements, and added a raw quality that only serves to enhance those facets. Hearing a song stripped down to absolutely minimal proportions is always an interesting listen, and here it’s a style that completely suits the original work, pushing forth the emotion in the vocal and lyrical content by adding an organic aspect to the backdrop- it ends up being a blend that arguably takes the original song’s content into an area that allows it to properly flourish.

There’s something likeable about hearing it sung in such thick Scottish accents too, and whether that’s just the novelty factor or not remains to be seen, but for now it adds another twist that allows this cover to completely standalone from the original piece. Most definitely worth a listen, and a watch if you’re a fan of good beards.

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