Foals-Bad Habit (Video)

Another release from their fantastic Holy Fire album, and as they did with their previous visual offering, they’ve hooked up with the masterful Nabil Elderkin to deliver this one.

Whilst this wasn’t necessarily one of my favourite tracks on the album, it’s by no means a bad track either and still remains one of the LPs stronger efforts. It’s well-suited to a summer release too, a vibe which is played on in a rather extreme manner, as Yannis traverses a hot, arid desert setting in pursuit of his lady of interest. Unlike their previous video release, this is one that’s less about a direct ‘storyline’ in the video and seemingly more about its visual splendour and implied messaging From the expansive sandy landscape through to the various effects employed throughout, which range from spontaneous sprouting of vegetation through to sandstorms and ground cracks, it’s an impressive clip that has a very cinematic feel. Of course, the eventual disintegration of his surroundings points towards either an illusory world or a gradual breakdown in his relationship, and either way it’s a digestable undercurrent that’s visualised smartly. If, for some reason, you haven’t already, be sure to grab the Total Life Forever album now.

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Foals-Late Night (Video)

Holy Fire is one of the standout albums of 2013, and the latest release from the LP sees Foals hook up with the esteemed Nabil Elderkin for a fantastic video. Not safe for work, by the way.

Set in an Eastern European hotel, the camera work is excellent from the off with a slightly shaky view carrying its way progressively through the building; starting outside in cold conditions, the clip moves inwards to the band performing in a dingy bar, before moving through three equally human yet distinctly unique activities going on in the rooms above. There’s a heavy dose of realism here, and as the song grows in stature the actions and physicality of and focus on those scenes grows expontentially, with the couple’s sexual encounter increasing in intensity, the childbirth nearing its conclusion, and the asphyxiation coming to a sad end.

It’s a video that most will relate to due to the mortal nature of each activity, each representing three stages of life (procreation, birth and death) whilst the blood dripping from Yannis’ nose represents the tangible factor connecting all of those events, and everyone by extension. The grimy setting helps make those simple themes more engaging, whilst the powerful physical acting of all involved is also a huge contributor to that, building well with the highs and lows of the audio. As good a song as this is, the video pushes it into a new realm of excellence. Buy the album.

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Foals-My Number (Hot Chip Remix)

Foals’ Holy Fire is certainly an an early album of the year contender, and here electronic outfit Hot Chip opt for a stab at their excellent lead single from that LP.

With a track as upbeat, lively and frenetic as the original, you’d think adding an electronic twist would be quite simple, subtle work. Unfortunately, Hot Chip have completely over-engineered this and mostly torn out the heart of what makes the original so deliciously replayable in favour of a rather aimless backdrop. In isolation, the layers they’ve used are fine, with a huge range of synths, sharp percussion and a couple of funky electro elements, but they don’t ever seem to go anywhere or have any discernable structure. The vocals help to give the song some sense of direction, and as the track builds across its final third the Hot Chip beat does definitely improve, but once again it seems to drag and never actually climax anywhere, particularly when that fantastic hook vocal comes back in. With tracks like this, less is more, and unfortunately in attempting to keep up with the original’s dynamism, they’ve rather overcooked it.

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Foals-My Number (Video)

I do genuinely enjoy this song, and having admittedly slightly forgotten about it, this makes for a timely reminder with its accompanying album due out in just a few weeks on 12th February.

I gave the audio a glowing review last month, and hence I’ll not repeat that here, but those guitars remain s deliciously infectious as they were back then. Despite all of its upbeat stylings, there’s still something likeably stripped back about it, and that’s represented well in the video, which is focused mostly around a performance of the song. It also pans away to various goings-on in and around that show, from drunk (or related) youths hanging around the venue to a dance trio getting down outside, the latter eventually “making it inside” and undoubtedly livening up proceedings, though there’s a nice twist on that at the end.

It’s a very fun and mostly quite feelgood visual, with a simple and unfussy execution that reflects the key parts of the audio wellm whilst making for a welcome refresh of the song. Worth a watch, and definitely look to grab that Holy Fire album in a few weeks.

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Foals-My Number

An excellent release from Foals, ahead of Holy Fire which is due for a February release.

From the perky guitar riff to the flowing percussion work, this track’s got a lot of instrumentation to love. The two combine for a bright, upbeat soundscape that will surely infect indie dancefloors all over, and certainly makes for an uplifting change of pace during this dismally dark winter. It’s one that’ll sound fantastic in the summer, and the vocal work is a big factor behind that, with the easygoing, mainstream-friendly lyricism and vocals anchored around an infectious hook, and supported well by sharp backing vocals.

Very enjoyable all-round indie jam, and this could very well be a decent hit for Foals. Looking forward to that album release.

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Foals-Blue Blood Video

Many people felt this was the best track on Total Life Forever (I’m as yet undecided), so those people will be looking forward to this one.

I gave it a brief look and it looked pretty interesting, one of those mini-story type videos that are always good to watch.

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Foals-Wear and Tear (Unreleased Demo)

An unreleased demo for their recent Total Life Forever album, Wear and Tear is actually pretty good stuff. The predominant similarity for me was with the last third of the brilliant Spanish Sahara, which is clearly a good thing to be held up against. For a demo, it’s also surprisingly clean sounding and could certainly have slid onto the album with no difficulties. Definitely worth a look.

Foals-Wear and Tear

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Foals Cover Swedish House Mafia's One

What is it with me and cover tracks these last 24 hours?!

It seems that Foals also ‘wanna know your name’ as they drop off a cover of the Swedish House Mafia/Pharrell hit. Really likeable cover too, as Foals do their best at retaining the energy of the original, despite it being a live performance by an indie band.

Foals-One (Your Name) Cover

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Foals-Miami, Live at iTunes Festival

I really like the original version of this song, and they certainly do it justice with an enjoyable live rendition of it. Not really a great deal I can say here: if you heard the original you’ll know it’s a good bit of indie music, and you’ll be very satisfied with this version.

Foals-Miami (Live)

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Review: May Alternative Tracklist

June is finally here and the weather has been strangely nice for the British summertime. However, before we get too carried away with what the exciting months ahead hold, come and take a quick look back over my pick of the best Alternative tracks to come out in May.

It was a pretty big month for Indie/Electro music, with new tracks from Portishead, Chemical Brothers and Crystal Castles, as well as new material from Arcade Fire finally hitting our ears! There have also been plenty of tracks from many a new band on the block, so you’d be daft not to check this out……

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Foals-Miami Video

Feast your eyes one the new video for Miami, the second official single from Total Life Forever.

With it’s bombastic and frankly comical style, the video for Miami suits the afro-beat-esque nature of the track whilst encaptulating it’s indulgent and vuluptuous sound. Needless to say, this is Foals throwing us a bit of a light-hearted ‘curveball’. Donwload the audio below!


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Tuesday Indie Throwback-Bloc Party

Feast your eyes on this, the first of many weekly ‘back-lookings’ at the various Kings and Queens of the Indie genre.

This week, it’s Bloc Party. Cast your eyes left and enjoy the video to Banquet; single off their debut album Silent Alarm, or below to une-petit bio of the band themselves….

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Total Life Forever Out Now!!!

To celebrate the release of Foals already highly acclaimed album Total Life Forever today, here’s the video for the awesome track Spanish Sahara.

As one of my favorite tracks from the album, reviewed here, the video definately adds another dimension to the tracks beauty and vulnerability….. enjoy!

Download the audio here:

Foals-Spanish Sahara

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Album Review: Foals-Total Life Forever

As the much anticipated follow-up to Antidotes, the potential for greatness here is undeniable! The drooling populous teased by the band members vague preamble and this teaser site, TFL could prove to be one of the most influential albums of the upcoming decade.

Hitting shelves and iTunes everywhere on Monday 10th of May, Total Life Forever WILL rock your world. Read on to find out why.
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Review: April Alternative Tracklist

As May rolls in and the summer moves closer, take a quick look back over my pick of last months Indie/Electro/Alternative-rock tracks that should be dominating your ears.

If you think that you’ve seen all that April had to offer, or just want some fresh acts to dig your teeth into, look no further and check out some awesome tracks and bands that may just have slipped in under the radar.
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2010: An Indie Odyssey

Seeing as this is my first post on OTU, I believe a look at times ahead for indie is in order! Times of veritable excitement these are too, so exciting in fact that I literally had a crisis when I saw the just who was releasing music in the summertime. In anticipation of this, here are the three albums that I expect to dominate playlists over the coming months…..

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