Flying Lotus - Ideas + Drafts + Loops (Compilation)

flying lotus
To celebrate reaching 300k followers a few days back, FlyLo let loose of a .zip file full of remixes, draft tracks, loops, unreleased material and much more for his evidently growing fanbase. Given the amount of material some artists sit on (looking at you Dre), it makes you wonder why more acts don’t just do the same with tracks they never intend on doing much else with, though in fairness recieving this from someone the calibre of Flying Lotus at least comes with the comfort that even his cast-offs will be good material.

Plenty of his previous collaborators are invovled, from Thundercat to Earl Sweatshirt, whilst it seems the remix of Kanye West’s Black Skinhead has been one of the releases from the pack gaining the most traction thus far. Add to that the inclusion of material from his “side project” as Captain Murphy, and you’ve got plenty of potential contained in this archive, and enough to keep fans going until the next album. That being said, there’s another of these generous offerings planned before his next LP release- we’re basically spoilt.

Flying Lotus – Ideas + Drafts + Loops

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Captain Murphy-Between Villains ft. DOOM and Earl Sweatshirt

Pseudonym city. As many will know, Murphy is the rapping alter-ego of Flying Lotus, whose production credentials seep into mainstream consciousness with each passing day, whilst DOOM is credited as Viktor Vaughn, one of his many alternative handles.

Comprised of light piano melodies, distant guitar plucks, creepy vocal samples and a few other in-and-out additions, the production is dark, bleak, and downright eerie throughout- an ideal platform for the deadpan deliveries of all involved. Vaughn opens up with a very likeable verse, packing in some very impressive internal rhyme schemes that give his verse a very natural bounce, whilst his comparatively higher pitch leads Earl’s more dulcet tones in excellently, who himself follows up with a solid verse, though not quite on par with his predecessor here. Murphy closes out by lowering the pitch even further with his distorted effect, giving the track’s sonics a natural downward progression that works to create a deep, ‘next level of hell’ type effect, before he switches back to his regular voice to close off another enjoyable verse. 3 verses of good quality, and a grim, gritty production that would be fit to soundtrack any horror movie or bad mood, and it’s another great release from the Adult Swim Singles series.

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Flying Lotus-SDS Instrumental

flying lotus
A short while back, it was mentioned that Mac Miller had enlisted FlyLo to produce his upcoming single. The prospect sounded interesting, and when the audio did drop, there was mentioned of a video following very soon. So, I figured I’d wait for the video before posting. However, when the video did land, it was simultaneously mentioned that the instrumental would be liberated shortly afterward. So, here we are.

It’s a production that you’d probably instantly recognise as a Flying Lotus piece too: from the scratchy, grainy samples through to the unexpected moments of offbeat momentum dips, it’s a production that typically blends electronic, experimental and alternative in together, and packs them into a coherent sound. It’s eventual hip-hop usage is actually a brave move from Mac, as its the sort of production that’s so well-rounded it dominates the soundscape, filling almost all available gaps and leaving little room for vocals. That’s not to disrespect Mac’s work at all, but as with all of FlyLo’s work, it’s a piece that requires no vocal layer for depth or quality; it’s got that in abundance, and this is a production worth several replays, whether that’s this instrumental version or the original.

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Flying Lotus-About That Time/A Glitch Is A Glitch

You know FlyLo is getting proper appreciation when Cartoon Network commission him to put together a piece for the end tag to of their most popular cartoons, Adventure Time.

Quickfire electronic synths, melodies and percussion combine for a lively and wholly energetic track, and one that’s typical of FlyLo in creating emotion out of experimental electro, something very few artists are capable of. Here, it’s a playful warmth that he builds, with the jagged melodies moving in rhythmic yet wild fashion over the relatively gentle yet rapid percussion, with the positive synths helping fill the void between the two. This is vivid, upbeat work packed with a cheeriness that makes for hugely addictive listening, and is certain to stick around my playlists for the foreseeable future.

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Captain Murphy-The Killing Joke (Video)

Captain Murphy, the hip-hop alter ego of electronic producer Flying Lotus, picked up a ton of buzz last year for not only revealing his true identity, but also the quality of the aptly-titled Duality mixtape. Whilst I’m admittedly a novice with material from both ‘personalities’, I’ve heard enough to know FlyLo deserves every ounce of critical adulation he gets.

Naturally, the Joker-themed title and Batman references within the lyricism make this a rather enjoyable listen for yours truly, but it’s more than good enough to command everyone else’s attention. A minimal, eerie soundscape is created, throwing together horror-esque melodies with a haunting, repetitive hook, sampled from a Portuguese song that translates as Hail, Lucifer. Enough said. Murphy’s raps are brief but very enjoyable, with the first verse being relatively matter-of-fact, present-day content, the second being considerably more introspective with hints of menace, before the final verse closes with a very dark, corrupted view, and closes off an excellent progression in such a short time.

The video is appropriately unsettling, relying heavily on monochromatics, and swapping between an increasingly-warped version of Murphy, and grim, desolate outdoor environments typical of horror clips. A dark audiovisual of the highest order, be sure to grab that Duality project now.

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Flying Lotus-Thinkin About You Remix

i knew id never finish it so might as well let u hear it…

There’s not an enormous amount changed from the Frank Ocean original, and that’s just as well given that it’s one of the best R&B songs of recent times. Lotus has essentially sped the track up, given Frank’s vocals a little hint of synthesiser, and thrown in a nice new percussion line to match that increase in tempo. There are some finer touches too, including the odd sample and electronic effect here and there, but the track’s unfinished nature means they don’t quite pop out as they should. Nonetheless, decent for a couple of listens.

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Flying Lotus-See Thru To U ft. Erykah Badu

This Autumn, Flying Lotus releases Until The Quiet Comes, the long-awaited follow-up to 2010’s Cosmogramma. Featuring the inimitable queen of leftfield R&B herself, Erykah Badu, ‘See Thru To U’ is one of the many highlights of an album composed, according to Flylo, as “a collage of mystical states, dreams, sleep and lullabies”.

I’ve not got much of Lotus’ previous material, and if you’re anything like me, this is a great place to start. The production fuses all sorts of influences together, and the outcome is a jazz-style production with a heavy neo-soul sensibility. A modern sound in a vintage packaging. Erykah’s drifty vocals are seeded in an almost freeform manner throughout the track, and instead of the usual production-vocal division her tones are instead used in as another ‘instrument’, moulding into the production excellently and embellishing it in a non-extravagant manner.

An excellent slice of something very different, and that album should be worth a pre-order if this is anything to go by; grab the pre-order here if you’re already convinced. Thanks to the Warp team for dropping this off.

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