FIDLAR-Cocaine ft. Nick Offerman (Video)

When a music video features Nick Offerman, and is hosted on Funny or Die, you know it’s going to be pretty fantastic. It helps that the track itself is pretty lively too. This is NOT safe for work/kids/when your parents are in the room etc.

FIDLAR serve up a thoroughly energetic backdrop, combining aggressive vocals, punishing guitars and powerful percussion into a track that’s entirely relentless throughout. There are no breaks-this one just keeps coming at you with its throwback brand of punk that’ll evoke memories for many of punk’s most recent renaissance at the turn of the century. It’s a fun yet angsty listen that will certainly be a good addition to libraries in need of a bit of new school punk to liven up a summer playlist.

The video will keep you coming back for more though, and it’s beautifully simple. Nick Offerman gets fired from his job, and ends up getting drunk in an alleyway and urinating across the city of Los Angeles. That’s pretty much it. There are gratuitous penis shots, cars being cleaned with urine, and plenty more. Worth a watch for its sheer ridiculousness, though be warned- it might make you want to pee (everywhere).

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