Eve-She Bad Bad (Video)

For months we’ve had her remixes of other artists’ tracks, and there’s been a growing demand for some original work: rarely one to disappoint, Eve delivers the brand new single from her upcoming Lip Lock album.

The production pens up in a heavily dub/electro-inspired style, before breaking down into a much heavier hip-hop beat, with a commanding bass accompanied by an alternating and chaotic choice of claps, electronic synths, and of course the heavy vocal sample on the hook. The latter anchors the track excellently, allowing Eve’s verses to wrap around it smoothly and being short enough to give us plenty of fresh Eve raps; she delivers with a range of typically razor sharp flows, whilst her supreme confidence is stitched into every line. Naturally, it’s not lyrical wizardry, but it’s a track full of an energy and vibrance that reflects someone who’s refreshed and ready to take her rightful place back.

The video plays on the frenetic nature of the audio with plenty of bright, dynamic visual effects on a dark background, with Eve almost a task to find on occasion. Intended to keep you focused on her I’m sure, and it’s a video that supports the audio well enough. Look out for more Eve soon.

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Miguel-Adorn Remix ft. Eve

Those Eve remixes just keep coming, and this time she’s tacked a verse onto Miguel’s popular (and excellent) single, Adorn.

Once again, the brief nature of her contribution leaves you wanting a little more, but there’s no doubt now she’s ready to put some new, lengthier material out: her verse is a nice addition to the track, playing off Miguel’s lyrical theme well and keeping in line with the mood of the track, unlike other attempted remixes of this track which kill the momentum of the track rather than enhance it.

Not much else to say given Eve’s abbreviated contribution, but you get a few minutes of listening to the original, uninterrupted version after her verse, and frankly that’s never a bad thing. Grab Miguel’s Kaleidoscope Dream album if you haven’t already, or stream it in full here.

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Rihanna-Diamonds Remix ft. Eve

One of my favourite mainstream songs in recent times gets taken on by Eve, who continues her recent freestyle series with a set of bars over the Rihanna single.

Not quite as memorable as her work on Quiet Storm a short while back, but again it’s just nice having Eve back around hip-hop and her verse is still worth a go. Unlike many who throw out remixes, she sticks with the general theme of the track well enough, and drops off a verse that’s easy enough to make this a viable remix in mainstream circles. Shame we didn’t get more than one verse, but this recent spurt of releases hopefully means some longer original material is on the way.

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Eve-Quiet Storm Freestyle

Eve’s been creeping back into the scene ever so slowly with the occasional release, freestyle or just poking her head around miscellaneous doors. Whilst most of them have gone under the radar (because I’ve left it too late to check them out), there was no way I was passing this one over, as Eve grabs Mobb Deep’s classic instrumental for a brief set of bars.

Don’t be fooled by the video’s length: Eve doesn’t actually start rapping until halfway through, so we only get about 40 seconds of work, but it’s enough to both revive the beat for a few more plays in the hip-hop heads’ playlists, and to suggest she’s back and ready to fire. Her flow is as watertight as ever, as she gets increasingly comfortable with her delivery and that impacts on the lyricism, which gets progressively aggressive (feel free to use that term as an album title, rappers), before the track cuts. She’s flirting with us, and it’s working-I want more, and I hope she’s bringing the rest soon.

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BET Hip-Hop Awards 2012: The Cyphers

As per every year, the only thing we check the BET Awards for is these excellent ciphers, and this year is no different.

The 2012 edition brings you some utterly superb lineups, with the clip up here being a personal highlight as it features several of my favourite upcomers-A$AP Rocky, Joey Bada$$, Childish Gambino and Angel Haze, alongside newcomer Driicky Graham. The rest of the ciphers feature the likes of T.I., B.o.B., Talib Kweli, Jean Grae, DMX, Eve, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, Kurupt, DJ Quik, Xzibit, Mac Miller, Ab-Soul, Schoolboy Q, Hopsin and more.

Plenty of promise, click on below to check out all of the ciphers. Who do you reckon had the standout performance? Big fan of Joey Bada$$ with the cipher up here, and my winners for the rest are below.

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Swizz Beatz and Eve-Everyday (Coolin') Video

Handing in my late pass here, sorry. In recent months, I’ve started to appreciate Swizzy a little more. He may not be the most consistent producer (but when he gets it right he gets it very right) and is by no means a great rapper, but there’s something about his energy that’s incredibly infectious, and his appreciation for almost all forms of art and fashion definitely makes me respect him.

As I said in my initial review, this is a production that can really go either way in terms of being liked or hated, though I did correctly predict that it would grow on me with a few listens: it has indeed, and whilst its certainly no lyrical masterpiece, it’s pretty catchy and wouldn’t be the worst thing to catch in a club. Hell, at least it’s something a little different, and that should be commended. The monochrome video is a nice touch too, and a simple style that befits this relatively unfussy song.

Eve takes the win on this one though, not only for her verse, but for that swagger and confidence she seems to exude from every pore. Nice to see her back on the scene, and hopefully we’ll get more of her soon.

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Swizz Beatz and Eve-Everyday (Coolin’)

After a brief hiatus, Swizzy’s #MonsterMondays returns with the first single from his upcoming album, Haute Living. Swizzy serves up one of those slightly off-beat productions that can go either way, but I’m not sure it works for me.

Sacrificing most of the percussion for claps and clicks feels a bit 2007 (and even then I didn’t particularly like it), and the lack of thicker drum loops highlights the shrill nature of the synth, which eventually become a bit painful on the ear. However, as with most Swizzy productions, it may be one that grows on you with more listens. The raps aren’t classic by any means, but Swizzy takes on the relatively unusual beat fairly well, whilst Eve definitely takes the award for best verse on the track with a decent performance.

Swizz Beatz-Everyday (Coolin’) ft. Eve

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Game-Purp and Patron: The Hangover Mixtape

As promised, Game and DJ Skee let loose of the tracks that didn’t make the initial cut for the recent Purp & Patron mixtape.

As with P&P, there are some very interesting features here, with Joell Ortiz and Ghostface (on the same track, no less) making for particularly eye-catching inclusions. Preview/download in the widget, tracklist below.

01. The Hangover
02. California
03. Yung Stunna (Feat. Birdman)
04. Violin
05. Sex
06. White Soft Porn (Feat. Mars)
07. Get Familiar (Feat. Timbaland)
08. Lost
09. I’m Home (Feat. Kurupt)
10. This Way (Feat. JoiStaRR)
11. 3D (Feat. David Banner)
12. Drama (Feat. Ghostface & Joell Ortiz)
13. Lovebirds
14. Philly (Mega Mix) (Young Chris Feat. Game, Eve, Black Thought, Money Malc, Fat Joe, Fred the Godson, Diggy Simmons & Jermaine Dupri)
15. Undefeated (Feat. Busta Rhymes & Marsha Ambrosius)

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Alicia Keys, Eve and Swizz Beatz-Making of Speechless

The latest edition of #MonsterMondays is delivered in video format, and we’re treated to one of the better behind-the-scenes visuals of recent times.

The track itself was superb, and being able to really flesh out the messages, as well as seeing the work put into what seemed to just be another remix, is certainly an easy and enjoyable watch when you’re a fan of the audio.

The aforementioned audio can be walked out of here.

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R&B Fridays: Episode 81

Will R&B Fridays ever be on time? That’s the question.

I’ve more than compensated though, throwing in almost 20 tracks for you to enjoy this week. There’s no skimping on the big names either, as there are some strong contributions from some of the bigger stars in the R&B/pop world. No real recap this week as the music industry has all but shut down, though the Alicia Keys version of Devil In A New Dress is a must-download.

Click on for the first R&B Friday of 2011.
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Alicia Keys and Eve-Speechless

Swizz Beatz enlists his wonderfully-gifted wife for the latest, and possibly last, edition of #MonsterMondays. I say that as Swizzy has put up a voting system on the Monster Mondays site for fans to pick their favourite of the bunch.

As it turns out, this is quite possibly the best of the collection. Alicia delivers some of those typically superb vocals over Kanye West’s Devil In A New Dress, a soulful beat that is absolutely perfect for her style. The original had Kanye on a strong hip-hop vibe, and for Alicia to bring her soulful style and love-heavy perspective to the track makes for refreshing and enjoyable listening. Eve adds in even more diversity with her decent verse, and this is a remix that will certainly give the original a run for its money.

Alicia Keys-Speechless ft. Eve

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Eve and Swizz Beatz-Hot Steppa #1

#MonsterMondays are seemingly the only significant weekly series left, and this week we’re treated to the rarity of hearing Eve on a track.

I really enjoyed last week’s instalment (even if Liam didn’t!), and this is another decent effort. Swizzy serves up one of his better productions in recent times, with a superbly layered beat that boasts a whole host of melodies, creating an intense and driven production. Eve most certainly comes on the right tip for this one too, bringing some decent raps that suggest she’s focused on getting back to the hip-hop game. As far as female MCs go, Eve is one of the few that I’ve not really had reason to criticise, and hopefully this is the start of her releasing regular material again.

Eve and Swizz Beatz-Hot Steppa #1

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Ludacris, Diamond, Trina and Eve-My Chick Bad Remix Video

Visuals for Luda’s single remix. If you haven’t already heard this,the original (with Nicki Minaj) can be swacked here.

Diamond, Trina, Eve or Nicki…I know who I’d go for.

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Ludacris-Battle Of The Sexes Tracklist

Here’s a question: do you really consider this to be a new Luda album? I mean, we know the album is collabo-reliant, and it doesn’t really sound like it’s going to be anything like Theater of the Mind both lyrically and in terms of beats, which just make it feel like a bit of a ‘spin-off’.

Just my opinion, but I love Luda on tracks like I Do It For Hip-Hop as opposed to the more club-oriented stuff that this album seems to go for. Shows versatility I suppose, can’t really argue with that, and he has made some club bangers in his time. Tracklist is after the cut.

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Wyclef and Eve Collaboration

UPDATE: It appears that I made an error, and this link previously took you to the Saigon track that was posted on the same day. Link is now updated. I dropped the ball, sorry.

A really enjoyable track from Wyclef, coming through on a really airy production which creates a very thoughtful atmosphere. It’s a piece of conscious music which really goes down smooth and should be checked out by anyone who’s a fan of some of Wyclef’s better material. Eve’s feature is decent too, and she fits in well on the track.

Wyclef Jean-Suicide Love Ft. Eve

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Remember Eve?

Eve’s back with her first new track in years, Me and My. From the upcoming album Liplock, this track is a very techno/electro-based affair. It’s very uptempo, and potentially a mainstream hit, so check this out.
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