Kendrick Lamar-good kid, m.A.A.d city Tracklist

Originally, this post was a review of Compton, a Just Blaze-produced track from the album featuring Dr. Dre  that leaked out last night. However, it seems to have been pulled across most outlets and such, so I can only assume it was either unfinished or unapproved and in either case, we’ll be steering clear. It wasn’t that great anyway to be truthful, considering the names involved.

Never fear though, we’re not left empty-handed. What has emerged is seemingly a close-to-final tracklist for the album itself, due in just under three weeks on 22nd October. Features include Drake, the aformentioned Dr. Dre feature, Jay Rock, MC Eiht, Mary J. Blige and the much-publicised link up with Lady GaGa. Interestingly, the two official singles we’ve seen so far are only in as deluxe edition tracks; not a bad thing at all, as it means more brand new material.

Click below for the full list.

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Rick Ross – 3 Kings ft. Dr. Dre and Jay-Z Video

For a video primarily made up of archival footage, this is actually a half-decent effort for what remains a disappointing track given the calibre of the features.

Dre’s verse features plenty of footage from throughout his career, as far back as you can imagine and as present as some previously unseen interactions with Ross, whilst Ross’ clips are similar though understandably span a much shorter time period. Jay’s clips are probably the highlight (mirroring the audio), using both the contextual and archival footage much better in terms of highighting Jay’s various punchlines and wordplay, and undoubtedly it solidifies his status as the real star of the track. It’s something a little different in terms of video style, and certainly adds a layer of grandeur to the track, though once again its not enough to rescue it from really being all about that last verse.

On a side note, if like myself you wondered why Diddy was giving Ross/this album so much love on Twitter recently, the last 10 seconds of this video should explain that well enough…shameless.

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Rick Ross-3 Kings ft. Dr. Dre and Jay-Z

Easily the most anticipated track from Rick Ross’ upcoming God Forgives, I Don’t album (which seems to be lacking any sort of lead single), with one of the biggest lineups of the year.

Considering the talent involved, this is disappointing. The production lacks any real urgency and instead sticks to Rick Ross’ perennial backup choice of a slowed-down, faux-regal style, if option A of an ominous Luger-esque beat isn’t available. It was great back in 2009, but now is every bit as repetitive as option A, and featured guests of this magnitude should surely be looking for something more unique and impactful. Dre’s contribution (which must be written by Ross) is OK enough, though the highlight of the track is certainly Jay’s closing verse, with plenty of nice reference points (including his daughter and the Brooklyn Nets) making for a more striking verse than the others. It’s not enough to recover the track though, and this should have been much more than it was.

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Kendrick Lamar ft. Dr. Dre - The Recipe

First single from K. Dot’s sophomore LP scheduled to drop later this year. This sounds like it would fit seamlessly in on Section .80 which is a great compliment. Scoop DeVille on the boards here who gives us some laid-back female vocals which props up an upbeat tempo. Dre does his thing on the verses, just has me wondering who ghost wrote them…

Not sure how long this will stick around for so hurry (and Hulkshare won’t let me disable the Download link for some reason).

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Game ft. Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg-Test

There was once upon a time where I would have been salivating from all holes at the prospect of this joint. Today is no longer such a time and quality of this track justifies that.

Apparently something from Game’s much-delayed R.E.D. Album sees the once-formidable threesome team up perhaps from those pictured recording sessions. Everything on this feels overwhelmingly tired; from the beat (incidentally not produced by Dre) and Game’s unnecessary auto-tune tinge to a typical post-2000 Snoop and a hook craving for a certain late Nate Dogg. Let’s hope this turns out just as the title suggests and remains on the cutting room floor.

Game ft. Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg-Test 

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Pete Rock and Smif-N-Wessun Speak On Dr. Dre Vs DJ Premier

In support of their latest drop Monumental (cop here) Pete Rock and Cocoa Brovaz drop by with Vlad TV for a quick interview.

Here we have the threesome discussing the somewhat problematic question (in some people’s eyes; not mine I hasten to add) of who is a better producer: Dr. Dre or DJ Premier.

I think Rock covers it perfectly by stating how it’s difficult to compare the different New York gritty yet funky samples of Premo versus Dre’s famous laid back G-Funk.

Good stuff.

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Dr. Dre and Eminem Break Down I Need A Doctor

Just a short video, but it’s always nice to see your interpretation of a video vindicated by the stated intentions of the artists involved: Em and Dre acknowledge the ‘reawakening’ or ‘rehabilitation’ of Dr. Dre.

Not a great deal more to say sadly as it is a very short video, but it’s still worth a watch to hear it from Dre and Em, and of course to learn a little more about their motivations and reactions to the video. The actual music video can be enjoyed over here.

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Dr. Dre, Eminem and Skylar Grey-I Need A Doctor Video

My life flashed before my eyes‘ would be the best way to describe the opening of this video. Opening up with a look back at the history of Dre’s career and life, we’re treated to a montage of both his finest moments on screen, and short clips of his highly-guarded personal life. Those short clips add a huge dose of credibility right from the off, and certainly add credence to the personal lyricism of the track.

The bulk of the video is centred around Eminem’s incredibly honest verses, with his words seemingly acting as a desperate eulogy of ‘words he never said’ to Dre. This video really highlights the passion and intensity behind both Em’s lyrics and his delivery, with the brutal honesty in both verses makes for riveting listening. This emotional outpouring results in the ‘reawakening’ of Dre, and whilst Dre’s verse probably isn’t quite as gripping as either of Em’s, it’s enjoyable nonetheless and arguably suffers from being placed after two of Em’s better verses in recent years.

The highest compliment you can pay a video is when it completely reshapes your view on the audio: it’s safe to say that’s been the case here. Previously, I was guilty of overlooking the powerful lyricism of the track in favour of listening purely for that ‘perfect’ Dr. Dre beat, but the production serves its purpose ably here in amplifying the absorbing lyrical work. Audio is available on iTunes now.

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Eminem, Rihanna, Adam Levine, Dr. Dre & Skylar Grey-Grammy Awards [Video]

Another Grammy night performance for you now. This time we have Rihanna singing Love The Way You Lie Part II (the audio for this track can be found here), with Adam Levine on the piano (not sure why, but I’m not complaining!).

Eminem then comes out to thunderous applause, and lets rip on his final verse to the Love The Way You Lie saga. This is followed by the fantastic Skylar Grey (who coincidentally was the original singer of the aforementioned song) as she opens I Need A Doctor with stunning vocals, outshining Rihanna in my opinion. Em keeps his end of the deal, giving a typically passionate performance on this one, with all of this leading up to the appearance of one Dr. Dre…

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Dr. Dre Co-Signs Kendrick Lamar (Live)

The music world has slowed down for Grammy weekend, but this emerged and caught my eye recently. During a recent live show, Kendrick Lamar presented none other than the elusive Dr. Dre to the crowd, along many other guests at his show (including J. Cole, though not in this video).

It’s a short video/appearance from the good Doctor, but it really only takes a few words from Dre to make an impact, such is the man’s importance. Not only is his appearance a major co-sign, but his open declaration of Kendrick as the ‘new West’ certainly adds weight to that belief. A couple of slightly hesitant mentions for Detox too, which is understandable given the seemingly insurmountable expectations already surrounding the forthcoming project. Nice to see this sort of validation though, and it’s always good to see Dre being active on the scene!

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Game-Purp and Patron, Disc 1 and 2

Much anticipated mixtape from Game, one that’s been talked about all day today. Really looking forward to this, especially as a few tracks leaked earlier that were of a very good standard. Check out the tracklist below, which contains some huge features and producers. You can preview and download (click the artwork) the mixtape in the widget here.
1. L.A. Times (Prod. By Ervin “EP” Pope)
2. In My ’64 Feat. Pharrell & Snoop Dogg (Prod. By The Neptunes)
3. Soo Woo Feat. Lil Wayne (Prod. By Bink)
4. Living Better Now Feat. Detail & Tools (Prod. By DJ shake)
5. R.I.P. Story (Prod. By Nottz)
6. Purp & Patron (Prod. By DJ Shake)
7. I’m The King (Remix) Feat. Mistah FAB & The Jacka (Prod. By 1500 Or Nothin)
8. Taylor Made Feat. Wiz Khalifa (Prod. By Che Vicious)
9. Childrens Story (Prod. By Ervin “EP” Pope)
10. Dead (Prod. By 1500 Or Nothin)
11. Ferrari Lifestyle Feat. Fabolous (Prod. By D.A.Dorman)
12. The Kill (Prod. By Cool N Dre)
13. Heart Breaker Feat. Rev Burke (Prod. By The RZA)
14. Purp & Yellow (Skeetox Remix) Feat. Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa
15. Burn NY Feat. Mysonne (Prod. By Mike City)
16. Bad Intentions (Prod. By DJ Shake)
17. Khaki Suit Feat. T-Pain (Prod. By T-Pain)
18 Wonderful World (Prod. By DJ Shake)
19. Ashes To Ashes Feat. Rick Ross
20. Dedicated Feat. Pharrell (Prod. By The Neptunes)
21. Soft Rhodes Feat. Ashanti (Prod. By Dr. Dre)
22. I Just Want To Fuck (Prod. By Denaun Porter)
23. 187 Feat. Lil Boosie
24. Whip It Feat. Fabolous (Prod. By DJ Haze)
25. Favorite DJ Remix Feat. Clinton Sparks & Jim Jones (Prod. By Green Lantern)
26. Supastar Feat. Ashley Cole & Mike Epps (Prod. By Ervin “EP” Pope)
27. Can A Drummer Get Some Feat. Travis Barker, Swizz Beatz, Lil Wayne & Rick Ross
28. History Feat. Doug E. Fresh, Big Daddy Kane & KRS One (Prod. By Ervin “EP” Pope)
29. The Ocean Feat. Dr. Dre (Prod. By Dr. Dre & Che Vicious)

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Dr. Dre-I Need A Doctor ft. Eminem & Skylar Grey [Artwork]

Some more dope artwork for your eyes (after Lupe’s yesterday!). Here we have the artwork for Dre and Em’s collaboration, I Need A Doctor. A rather rough and very much unfinished version of this leaked a little while back, which Murray talks about over here (link to the mp3 removed out of respect to Dre) thanks to certain hackers out there, but it’s a song that sounds like it has a lot of potential.

A finished CDQ version of this track will apparently be released January the 25th.

Detox is maybe coming.

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Tech N9ne-Bad Season [Mixtape]

The legendary Tech N9ne (not heard of him? Well he probably makes more money from his shows than most of your favourite rappers!) gives us a delightful new mixtape.

I haven’t heard this mixtape (which is hosted by DJ Whoo Kid & DJ Scream) yet, but judging by his past material I expect this to be very good. With guest appearances from esteemed names like Jay Rock, Travis Barker, Cookin Soul and Dr. Dre, there’s a little something for everyone here.

Click here to get your hands on this.

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Dr. Dre, Slim Da Mobster, Akon, Snoop Dogg, Kobe and Sly-Kush Remix

Interesting line-up here. Dre’s publicly praised Slim Da Mobster, and mentioned that he may get him on Detox, whilst Kobe enjoys co-signs from some of hip-hop’s biggest names, most notably the feature on Eminem’s most recent album. He also popped up almost 2 years ago on a supposed Detox reference track with T.I., and has a slew of other big features to his name.

Having said all that, I’m not entirely sure what part Kobe plays on this remix as the only addition I picked up was Slim’s verse, unless he’s a previously-unlisted feature for background vocals. Slim’s verse is decent though, and it’s probably worth grabbing just to get some exposure to his music, as I’ve not really heard much about him to date. Click here to see the official video for the original if you haven’t already, and here for the Game remix of the track.

Dr. Dre-Kush Remix ft. Slim Da Mobster, Akon, Kobe, Sly and Snoop Dogg

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Dr. Dre, Akon and Snoop Dogg-Kush Video

The comeback is in full effect. It’s been 10 years in the making, but we’ve got some official visuals from Dre from the upcoming Detox album for his recently-released head-nodder Kush.

The video is everything you’d expect from both Dre and this style of song: lavish, extravagant and essentially a pretty huge party, with Dre typically calm amidst the chaos: With extravangance (and of course, kush!) being the theme of the track, the synergy between the two is perfect. Not too much to analyse otherwise, as Dre keeps it simple and effective for his return.

One aspect I like throughout the video is the lighting, as it really alters the feel of track throughout the various scenes. In particular, the futuristic light effects in the last 30 seconds are quite captivating and add an energetic vibe to the closing stages, in contrast to the more relaxed feel that seems to accompany Dre throughout the video. Audio for this can be grabbed here.

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Dr. Dre-Kush Remix ft. Snoop Dogg & Game

Game just dropped this remix on his twitter and it’s great to see him going back to the basics, ripping other peoples songs apart. This beat is just perfect for him too, something like off his debut The Documentary.

Certainly looking forward to hearing Game on Detox, which should be (finally!) hitting stores in February!

Dr. Dre – Kush remix ft. Snoop Dogg & Game

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Behind The Scenes Of Dr. Dre’s Kush Video

It’s a strange thing to say, but this is probably the best behind-the-scenes video I’ve seen, purely because it’s actually put together like a music video. Little effects here and there, combined the soundtrack being the actual song make for a nice look at the upcoming video.

Also, nice cars in music videos are common, but the cars in this one look amazing. Hip-hop videos often have somewhat tacky cars, but some of these are utterly stunning. Lots of cameos in the video too, looking forward to the end product!

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Information on Dr. Dre's Detox

A little info from a fairly reputable source on Dre’s upcoming album. As of right now, the release date is early February 2011, although that will inevitably be delayed. I’d predict late March.

Features are rumoured to include Jay-Z (although not on Under Pressure, which is said to have been scrapped), La Roux (or just Elly Jackson), Game, Akon (on Kush, assumedly) and of course Snoop Dogg and Eminem. I personally expect there to be a few more features, probably from lesser-known artists, including Kendrick Lamar who he name-checked in an interview recently.

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Eminem & Dr. Dre-I Need A Doctor

I think my eyes, ears, fingers and laptop are going into meltdown. So music is (are?) like buses, huh?

Where to start with this. Well after a pensive intro which sounds remarkably like Rihanna (*prepares to offend R&B heads*) the beat, which is unexpectedly unusual, kicks in and Em dominates the mic with a passionate Love The Way You Lie type verse of which he dedicates to his long-time mentor and friend: Dre himself. The hook follows with equally powerful vocals thus rendering the track much more wholesome and listenable then, after another quick few bars from Em, Dre takes centre stage with a pin-point (presumably ghostwritten – hmmm Royce?) delivered verse.

This is utterly brilliant, but not 100% finished yet and (Indi tells me) it’s not been mastered yet. Patience people, if we could get you the moon, we would do that too.

Eminem & Dr. Dre-I Need A Doctor

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Dr. Dre-Kush ft. Snoop Dogg & Akon [CDQ + Artwork]

Edit: Bringing this back to the top as it’s confirmed that Dre is pushing this as a single, click right here for the CDQ (production on this sounds utterly amazing now). Official artwork for the single to the left now too.

No, your eyes are not deceiving you: this is the rumoured first single from Dre’s mythical Detox album. After various leaks and reference tracks, we finally have a finished song intended for us to hear right now. First impressions? The beat on this is top class, much more like that classic Dr. Dre production we’re used to. The song itself is a little over the place though, with Akon fulfilling the Nate Dogg role, who unfortunately is in no condition to sing (or much else for that matter) due to a stroke.

I could play this track in my car for sure, and at the end of the day that is what you want from a Dre track, whether it compares to the hit singles from his 2001 album or not.

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Dr. Dre x LeBron James x Affion Crockett-Power Beats Commercial

This advert made me do a few lolz “You been doing a whole lot of working out Dr. Dre, bout time you did a little working out on that album”. You aren’t wrong Affion Crockett, Dre is HENCH and fair play to him for getting in shape, but we need music Dre, we need music.

In related news, Dre has come out and said that he’s working on Detox every single day, and he hopes to put something out there musically by December time….also, (useless fact for you here) I watched and listened to this advert using my Beats by Dr. Dre headphones. True Story.

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Quick Throwback: Dr. Dre/Ice Cube

Two days from Cube’s I Am The West release presents an appropriate time to drop some of his best work. Surprise, surprise, alongside Dr. Dre.

Dre drops a haunting West Coast classic for the duo to trade verses. Every bar of Cube’s lines delivered as if they are punching you square in the face.

Great, cinematic video to accompany too.

Dr. Dre/Ice Cube – Natural Born Killaz

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Sunday's Classic Collabo: Dr. Dre/RBX/Krs-One/B-Real/Nas/Scarface

Off the very first release from Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment (back in 1996)! It was a compilation cd that was criticised a fair bit at the time. This was referenced a few years later on tracks such as Forgot About Dre and Still Dre: “When my last cd was out you wasn’t bumpin me&Ladies, they pay homage, but haters say Dre fell off, How? My last album was The Chronic“.

Anyway, I had only became aware of this track recently thanks to Murray! But I’m told this is a track that was one of the standouts from that compilation. Titled East Coast/West Coast Killas and with a lineup containing RBX, KRS-One, B-Real, Nas & Scarface, it was a retort to those in the media (and fans) perpetuating a West Coast/East Coast beef that culminated with 2Pac & Biggie’s murder.

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Lloyd Speaks About Meeting Dr. Dre

Very, very interesting stuff about recent Lloyd and Dre’s recent interactions. Lloyd reveals lots of details on meeting Dre, and the time spent listening to Detox/Lloyd’s new stuff.

Says a lot that Lloyd’s move to Interscope has opened these doors for him, and its good to see that Lloyd is still a humble guy despite that.

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Dr. Dre - Turn Me On

Don’t get too excited, this is some kind of reference/trashed joint from somewhere in Dre’s catalogue. Unfortunately this is particularly forgettable and uninspiring which, thankfully, is why it was discarded. Gosh I’m a harsh critic sometimes.

<— Dre in 1984 whilst rolling with the World Class Wreckin’ Cru. Knowledge college.

Dr. Dre – Turn Me On

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Em & Dre Front VIBE Magazine

For VIBE’s August/September edition.

Em talks death, Brittany Murphy and diss records. Dre speaks on Detox delay, leakages and an instrumental album (let’s assume with a 2020 release date).

Should be an interesting read.

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Throwback Thursdays Vol 35

Nas, AZ, Nature, Foxy Brown and Dr. Dre. Pretty dope supergroup right? Wrong. Well, wrong in some ways.

The Firm was born after Nas (following the late great Notorious BIG) decided to take a mainstream direction and Dre began to diversify his empire. AZ, Nature and Foxy were, although all Nas’ comrades, primarily along for the ride.

I say wrong because their first and only self-titled album was considered a failure. Dre fans will remember the Forgot About Dre line: “All you niggas that said that I turned pop / Or the Firm flopped / ya’ll are the reason Dre ain’t been getting no sleep!”

But it wasn’t all bad for the formidable MC/production group as I will show with this week’s gritty throwback which is essentially a Nas, AZ, Dre collaboration.

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Royce Da 5'9" Speaks On Slaughterhouse Working With Eminem & Dr. Dre Beats

Slaughterhouse’s Royce talks about how even though the group aren’t officially signed to Shady Records yet, they’re working with Eminem (who has been giving them a lot of beats from Dr. Dre and other producers!) and plotting their next album. I for one am very excited of the possibility of hearing Royce, Joe Budden, Crooked I & Joell Ortiz on a Dr. Dre beat!

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Dr. Dre Speaks On Detox & His New Artist On Aftermath

AllHipHop exclusively interview Dre with the doctor revealing the reasons behind it taking so long to release Detox. He promises it WILL be out this year, (are you starting to believe him yet? I am…). He also briefly speaks on his latest protege, Slim Da Mobster.

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