Mz Bratt-Speeding By ft. Dot Rotten [Video]

Fresh from the release of her mixtape (get that here), Mz Bratt releases some visuals from one of my favourite tracks from it. The video is set somewhere that has great scenery and sunshine (safe to say not in the UK!), and it supplements the whole vibe of the sound that the song conveys.

You may have gathered from previous posts on this website about Mz Bratt and Dot Rotten, these are two artists in the UK scene who are well worth listening to, and this video certainly solidifies that belief.

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Dot Rotten-Normal Human Being [Video]

Edit: Bringing this back to the top as Dot Rotten has made the audio for this available for free. He’ll also be releasing the rest of the EP for free over the next couple of weeks. Click here to go to his website and get hold of this track.

Often people like to pigeon-hole UK urban artists into a certain type of genre and when they step out of said genre, they get vilified for it. For me this is counter-productive: as, in my opinion, the best music is the most innovative music i.e. just something that goes against the grain. From Ed Sheeran’s Collaborations EP, Dot showed he can make music that isn’t necessarily grime in origin.

Here’s his latest video for a song which is from his upcoming EP, Above The Waves. The video was actually shot in Paris, which makes for something rather different to what we’re used to when it comes to music videos in the UK. It certainly fits in well with production!

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Faith SFX-All From The Mouth Mixtape Vol 1

To celebrate the launch of his new website, Faith drops a free download mixtape titled ‘All From The Mouth’ to build anticpation for his full length release ‘Man Or Machine’ which will be released later in the year. ‘All From The Mouth’ features artists such as Chipmunk, Lowkey, Dot Rotten and Don Strapzy

FaithSFX first emerged on the UK Urban music scene in 2006, where his extraordinary beatboxing skills have seen him much in demand appearing at large clubs and touring. He has produced tracks for many artists from the UK underground scene, and his production is known for using only his own vocal effects and beatboxing sounds. More recently, Faith has been touring with Plan B, winning over new audiences including Sir Elton John and Paloma Faith. 2011 sees the release of his debut album ‘Man or Machine’.

Sounds like a very interesting project, with some esteemed names here in the grime scene on collaboration duty. Certainly one I will be checking out, you can click right here to get hold of the mixtape and click on below to see some tracklisting in full.

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Ed Sheeran-No. 5 Collaborations Project [Review]

I received a press copy of this about a month ago, and it’s a testament to how good the EP is that I’m still listening to it now. The quality of the EP and the incredible hard work Ed Sheeran and his team have put in have paid off, as this has bolted up to #2 in the iTunes download chart! I’m told it even had top spot for a brief time last night too (and when competing with Rihanna, this is no mean feat).

So who is Ed Sheeran? And how did someone whose main influences include the likes of Bob Dylan & Damien Rice come to collaborate with some of grime’s best artists? The 19-year old hails from East Anglia, first picking up his guitar and making songs in 2002. He got his big break appearing on SBTV, exposing Ed’s music to a whole new scene, resulting in contact with the artists who feature on the EP, amongst others (like Example, who enlisted Ed as tour support). Click on below to read our review of this EP.

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Tinchy Stryder ft. Ghetts, Slix, Griminal, Fuda Guy, Wretch 32, Dot Rotten, Roachee & Maxsta-Game Over Remix

The remix to the Tinchy Stryder’s huge posse cut was premièred on radio last week, and now we have the video for it. With the likes of Ghetts, Dot Rotten and Maxta, this remix will appeal to the Grime heads a lot more than the one that featured more mainstream acts like Example and Professor Green.

With two artists I’m personally liking a lot lately, Wretch 32 and Griminal (who has recently signed a major label deal), performing on this remix, it’s one that I’m preferring to the original.

No audio for you now folks, but I’ll hook you up as soon as possible.

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UK Blast: Dot Rotten

Really starting to feel Dot Rotten. Drops some deadly bars here which proves he’s one of the most talented UK MC’s out there.

Looking forward to that Love, War And Rock N Roll.

Not convinced? Check out more Dot material here.

EDIT: This is really addictive. I’ve watched it through four times already! Dot builds some irresistible momentum towards the end and if you’re into that stripped-out, lyrics-central type thing, you will love this.

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UK Blast: Dot Rotten Acapella

One of the UK’s shiniest grime stars drops some real tight acapella bars reminiscing on his life to date.

Love seeing the UK scene starting to stand on their own two feet lyrically and not just hiding behind the big grime beats.

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Dot Rotten - End Dubz

If you hate N-Dubz and how they are slowly making a mockery of the UK’s urban scene than you will love this.

Resident Londoner Dot Rotten goes after N-Dubz over their own beat. Glad a grime MC has finally stepped up to check them back in place after it seems that most just want to collaborate with them.

Dot Rotten – End Dubz

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