Death Grips-Government Plates (Album)

Of all the groups that you’d consider an acquired taste, Death Grips have to be somewhere near the top. The sheer anarchy of their sound is somewhere between insane and addictive, with the harsh, discordant combination of punk, electro, hip-hop and alternative being entirely unique and yet with strands of familiarity lying within the chaos.

They famously cancelled many of their live appearances this summer, to the disappointment of their rabid fanbase that had lapped up the two free album releases on 2012. Thankfully, it seems that time wasn’t exactly wasted, with this new album release landing way ahead of its original 2014 schedule. 11 tracks make this one up, and I fully expect it to be another eardrum-tearing, cacophonous ride through their own inimitable style. You can stream and/or download the album below.

Death Grips-Government Plates (Stream)

Death Grips-Government Plates (Download)

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