Ben Gibbard-Former Lives (Full Album Stream)

These songs span eight years, three relationships, living in two different places, drinking then not drinking. They’re a side story, not a new chapter. Every song I’ve ever written, my relationship to it has changed over the years. That’s not meant to be cagey, it’s the absolute truth. With these songs, there’s going to be a lot of time between when they were written and when people are finally going to hear them.

There’s surely a lot of buzz amongst the alternative community for this project, Gibbard’s first solo venture away from Death Cab for Cutie. Many will be reassured by this being called a ‘side story’, though there’s definitely a very personal vibe coming from the above quote too, something which translates well to the few tracks I’ve heard thus far from the LP. Stream it here and look out for the release next Tuesday (16th).

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Ben Gibbard-Teardrop Windows

“Teardrop Windows” is the first single from Benjamin Gibbard’s debut solo album, Former Lives, out October 15 in the UK/Europe via City Slang Records and October 16 in North America via Barsuk Records.

Death Cab for Cutie frontman Ben Gibbard is off on his own adventure. There’s a much heavier folk influence than in his work with Death Cab, and as a result swaps out the often melancholy instrumentation of the band for a more jovial, uplifting backdrop. With that said, the bittersweetness hasn’t entirely disappeared and still manifests itself with the sweet and sour lyricism, with its reflectiveness often contrasting with the more lively points of the production. It’s a good contrast though, and it prevents the vocal work from becoming too dour, hence giving the track plenty of replayability. The DCFC should enjoy this one, free grab below.

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October Summary

Better late than never eh?

October definitely renewed my faith in music, after a September which was heavily reliant on 3 major album releases. Click below for my musings on the month, and as per last month, my favourite albums/songs from the last 31 days.

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Death Cab For Cutie’s New Video

This is the lead single from the official soundtrack for New Moon, a phenomenon I’m not familiar with yet. However on the strength of this song, as well as the fact Lupe Fiasco, The Killers and Lykke Li are set to appear on the soundtrack, I may have to check this whole Twilight/New Moon thing out.

The track itself is awesome, and one of the best alternative tracks I’ve heard recently. Seriously, what is it with this month?! The music has been superb, and this is definitely one of the standout tracks thus far. It has a wintery atmosphere which is exactly the kind of track you want at this time of year.

…Oh, and you didn’t think I’d go without giving you the audio did you?

Death Cab For Cutie-Meet Me On The Equinox

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This Post Does Not Care What Genre You Like.

As you’ve seen from the content on here, I enjoy rock, hip-hop, alternative, and pretty much every other genre under the sun. However, most of the music we listen to is ‘sensually offensive’ to at least one of the other genres.

By this, I mean if you listen to some 2Pac, the Death Cab for Cutie listener inside you has to hide behind the sofa. If you listen to Blink-182, all love for T.I. has to leave the room via the nearest exit.

Ever met an artist/group who can keep everyone in the same room? Click below, because you’re about to. You won’t regret it.

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