Drake-Where Were You ft. Colin Munroe and Dawn Richard

I picked this up a week ago, and frankly dismissed it as another Drake demo that warranted minimal attention. My mistake, as the version I had didn’t credit Colin Munroe-if it had, I’d have known to expect much more. Worth noting that a Colin and Drake collaboration from 2010 has the same name, but is not the same song.

Whilst I don’t doubt this will still end up as a demo for someone else, it’s up there with one of his better reference tracks. Drake opens with a wistful verse that harks right back to his So Far Gone days, before Munroe jumps in on an airy, drifty hook that’ll stick around your head for quite some time. Dawn Richard comes through with a whispery and tender verse of her own, before Drake closes off with a rapped verse. Four very distinct vocal deliveries from three artists, and they’re all set to a wintery production filled full of melancholy yet with a speed of percussion that belies the mood of the track. A likeable all-rounder with an inescapably addictive hook.

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R&B Fridays: Episode 140

No artist in the R&B and pop genres has generated the buzz Rita Ora has over the past week, so it’s only right that the Roc Nation signee and London native gets the headline spot for yet another milestone episode.

It’s been a solid week in the music world, with a few very enjoyable releases from a range of genres. Miguel came through with an excellent free 3-track EP, Jesse Boykins III delivered what could be a breakout moment for the lavishly-talented singer with a video for B4 The Night Is Thru, Kid Cudi’s new WZRD project released their debut album to a positive reception here on OTU, and finally the mysterious A. Chal dropped off one of the finest electronic instrumentals I’ve heard in some time.

All caught up? Hit that click below and keep things moving.
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R&B Fridays: Episode 106

Some really interesting remixes this week, with the works of R&B poster boys Drake and Frank Ocean undergoing treatment from their peers. Of course, there’s a sprinkling of original material too with a range of styles represented.

A fair bit to recap on from the week gone by: a James Blake and Drake mashup mixtape, a very enjoyable R&B throwback from will.i.am, strong slow jam from Lloyd’s upcoming album, brand new material from Drake, and for some reason a video for Enrique, Usher and Lil’ Wayne’s collab and Britney’s latest single. Click below for this week’s goods and services.
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R&B Fridays: Episode 87

Is it me, or is it taking pretty long to get to episode 100?! I feel like we’ve been in the 80s forever!

Either way, the R&B/pop keeps coming thick and fast with another well-proportioned episode for you this week. Four R&B-related OTU items for you from the week gone by: the latest video from the Dirty Money trio, the first mixtape offering from Dirty Money’s Dawn Richard, visuals for Sean Garrett and J. Cole’s collaboration, and finally the official remix of Chipmunk and Chris Brown’s collab, also featuring J. Cole.

Click on for music and a whole pile of related text.
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Dawn Richard-The Prelude To A Tell Tale Heart Mixtape

Since the emergence of Dirty Money, I’ve really come to appreciate Dawn Richard. She’s revealed herself to be a solid vocalist with charisma, and an edgy quality that will hopefully steer her away from the bubble-pop style running rampant in the R&B game.

The Prelude To A Tell Tale Heart (alternately titled #ATellTaleHeart) marks her first full-length solo project, and I’ve got high hopes that Dawn can break out with some great material of her own. One prominent example (not on this mixtape) is Empty Room, which really displayed Dawn’s abilities.

The video here is taken from Dawn’s blog, as she documents her travels across the world and accompanies it with some live footage, studio footage and so on. Worth a watch for an intro to the mixtape, which you can grab below.

Dawn Richard-The Prelude To A Tell Tale Heart (#ATellTaleHeart) Mixtape

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R&B Fridays: Episode 86

All good things come to an end, and my recent run of posting these on time has been broken. The football fans out there will also note that another streak was broken today, but we are NOT getting into that.

A quick round-up from the week gone by: UK upcomer Talay Riley grabs Wretch 32 for a remix of his single, Timbaland’s latest weekly instalment, Trey Songz’s take on Chris Brown’s latest single, and finally a medley of incredible Michael Jackson covers from the fantastic Patrick Stump.

Lots of big names in this week’s episode, and many that will certainly catch your mainstream eyes. Click below for a sweet-smelling blast of R&B to your sweaty, sweaty face.
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Dirty Money-Coming Home Video

Another very fitting video from the Dirty Money trio. Diddy, Dawn and Kalenna put together a deserted, lonely and searching video that fits with the bittersweet nature of the audio, and adds a well-rounded set of visuals to their most ‘complete’ song to date.

The isolation adds further emphasis to Diddy’s rhymes, which as mentioned when reviewing the audio, are surprisingly heartfelt and sincere. Not packing videos with complex storylines and thematics tends to retain the identity of the audio/lyrics, and doesn’t muddle that image with additional messages: it’s the right move for this track, as the simple and effective visuals add weight to the tone and vibe of the track.

Audio can be found here.

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Keri Hilson-The Way You Love Me Video

Well, there’s no shortage of things to talk about on this one. First off, there are plenty of cameos: on first watch, I picked up Rick Ross, Dawn Richard, Faith Evans, JoJo, Polow Da Don and Lloyd. Always nice to see lots of artists coming together.

Secondly, I’m not sure Keri has done a video/song as ‘promiscuous’ as this one: there’s no lack of skin and, er, gyrating/thrusting. I didn’t quite pick up on it when the audio was released, but the lyrics are pretty ‘sexually honest’ too, and it’s undoubtedly her riskiest effort to date. Personally, I don’t think she needed to go down this route, but there we are.

The final point would be that despite the heavy sexual emphasis, there is actually some semblance of a story going on, which is respectable. It’s a shame (or not, if I’m honest) that it’s lost amidst a sea of smut. Audio is here.

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R&B Fridays: Episode 67

Lots of things I could pick out in this week’s episode, but probably the most prominent would be the features: there are lots of them! A couple of unexpected ones too, including Asher Roth’s first appearance in R&B Fridays.

Warm yourself up for this episode with some help from Bruno Mars and Nicki Minaj: watch Bruno Mars perform some classics, listen to Bruno collab with Damian Marley, and enjoy a cover version of Just The Way You Are. Then, grab a great Nicki-featured collabo, listen to her next single from Pink Friday,  and finally catch her blended with La Roux and Colin Munroe.

Head below for this week’s instalment of the internet’s favourite R&B series.
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R&B Fridays: Episode 61

Fingers crossed, this week’s R&B Friday will actually reach you on time!

A really diverse episode awaits you this week, with both an interesting mixture of tracks and a range of well-known artists making the cut this week. Plenty of content with over 20 tracks making up this instalment, you should have enough to see you through the next week.

Hit that red line below and eat as much as you like. Go on, go crazy. No-one’s watching.

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R&B Fridays: Episode 50

Many of your Fridays have been centered around this OTU institution, and I’m glad to deliver this 50th episode of the hugely popular series. I’ve enjoyed writing it as much as you have reading it.

Before you see what’s in store this week, I’ve actually sprinkled a lot of R&B in other posts this week to build up some R&B love prior to this episode that you should check for. First off, go here for Ne-Yo’s new single. After that, check out the final version of Alicia Keys’ Rapture, Estelle’s latest single, a superb track from The-Dream, amongst other R&B-influenced tracks that have been posted.

Done all that? Good on you. Time to get the rest!

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Go Crazy

It’s time for another uptempo/club/party/whatever track post. There’s hip-hop, dubstep, electro and miscellaneous here. Hit the click for some party-ready, club-busting, face-shattering tracks.

Me? Exaggerate?

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