Main Attrakionz-Do it for the Bay ft. DaVinci (Video)

On this track’s release a short while back, I picked it out as a jam that would make for an excellent summer track, even if it came a little late in the year to capitalise on that. Main Attrakionz have actually gone in the other direction with the clip, with an autumnal and relatively industrial scenescape that still works well enough.

The overcast skies, cranes, boats and such all take a little bit of the positive brightness out of the track, however when combined with various other shots of the rappers ends up making for a video that commits more to the lyrics than the beat by showcasing their hometown. Hence, whilst it’s a little unexpected at first, the fact that they’re showing their pride in their locale despite the gloomy surroundings actually ends up being quite endearing, and definitely grounds the track in an admirable relatability. Decent and easygoing all-rounder.

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Main Attrakionz-Do It For The Bay

The first single from “Bossalinis & Fooliyones”, their debut LP due October 22nd, features fellow Bay Area MC DaVinci and is set for release in September. The album showcases producer/rapper Squadda B’s instantly identifiable production style, drawing from regional rap styles like hyphy and mobb music in the Bay Area, as well as Memphis mixtape obfuscation and the NY street rap of C-N-N, but also maintains pop accessibility through booming 808s and melodic, floating vocal clips. Simply put: this music sounds like nothing else out right now.

These guys made a great impression on me when they featured on A$AP Rocky’s excellent Leaf, and they’re making huge moves of their own. This effort is a summery, bright effort with a lot of replayability, blending together uplifting synths with laidback raps for a contrast that highlights the best aspects of both the vocal and production work. Certainly worth a listen, and keep a look out for more from the duo as that album draws closer.

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DaVinci-Blame Game

The track, produced by Al Jieh of Drums & Ammo, flips the same Aphex Twin sample that Kanye employed on his recent album, while filtering the sample, making it feel as though the music is floating over the heavy drums – perfect when juxtaposed against DaVinci’s gruff flow and weighty subject matter. “Society blames the government for their problems – poverty, homelessness, gentrification, unemployment, drug abuse – yet, the government blames society for these same issues,” explains DaVinci when discussing the song’s inspiration.

We’re all familiar with the Kanye West original, and upcoming rapper DaVinci comes through with a quite brilliant take on the track. The description above is very fitting, as the sample is utilised in a darker, more atmospheric manner that adds real weight to DaVinci’s powerful lyricism, which in itself is hugely commendable as he blends together a social commentary with a biographical style to create a very captivating track.

Definitely one worth a listen, especially if you’re not familiar with DaVinci’s rhymes. The video is pretty simple and compliments the audio nicely, with gritty street imagery and a rough shooting style that works well with the feel of the track. Audio can be grabbed here.

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DaVinci-The Day The Turf Stood Still Album Download

Hopefully, most of you checked out the great DaVinci track in the last UGHH. If you enjoyed it, you’ll really enjoy this: DaVinci has dropped the entire album for free, and I’m really looking forward to checking this out. Trickle Down fills me with hope that this could be quite good!

DaVinci-The Day The Turf Stood Still

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Underground Hip-Hop Part 10

Woops. It’s been over 2 months since I dropped UGHH. It’s worth the wait though, as regular readers will know that these posts are your best shot of discovering some of the finest upcoming talent and catching a couple of established rappers along the way.

Click on to check out some new (ish) hip-hop of various styles and discover the next big thing. I warn you now, that I’ve been sitting on this stuff for a while so go easy on me if you’ve caught one or two tracks before.

Despite the massive backlog of potential material for this, I’ve tried to keep this shorter than previous episodes to make it a bit more digestable. Nice really aren’t I?

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