Tempest's Best of '09... better late than later.

Yes, the title makes sense. What of it?

Anyway, hereon-in is my Best of 2009 straight through the internets to your face. Mostly your eyes, then ears. Not sure you’ll be able to taste much of it. I digress, I’m going to attempt to get my albums of the year out of the way first, then probably just artists that I’ve enjoyed in 2009, irrespective if they actually released anything (decent) in 2009.  How does that scan?

Right, I hope you’re sitting comfortably; this could get lengthy………wahey!! But seriously, read on.

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Dashboard Confessional- Belle of the Boulevard Video

Ahoy hoy.

This is the new video for the first single release from Dashboard Confessional’s most recent album Alter The Ending, which I highly reccommend.

I can’t decide if the song is about some prostitute or not. Tbh I’ve not really given it that much thought. Make your own conclusions.

Edit: I would upload the audio, but my Internet has been cut off at home by the fine people at Sky Broadband, and MediaFire doesn’t like my library’s proxy.

You can also get the other previously posted track from their new album here.

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Let's Get Alternative Up In This Mother...

First post, so let’s hope this isn’t a complete mess. Inside you should be able to find a few relatively recent tracks from the Alternative Music side of the World including Dashboard Confessional, Farewell, Metro Station and much (some) more. If you fancy expanding your music base, I highly recommend you read the chaff on.
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