Joey Fatts-Choppa ft. A$AP Rocky and Danny Brown

joey fatts
I’m not sure whether he’s actually a member of A$AP Mob or just good friends with them, but once again Joey scores a feature from one of the mob’s members. Danny Brown’s along for the ride too, and with Rocky and Danny on the same track, you’re right to expect plenty of energy.

Whilst there is some, it’s delivered in a darker, more intense package than you’d have predicted. The production’s built on several layers of piercing melodies, creating a depth and aggressiveness about the soundscape that’s only helped by the bass-heavy percussion, whilst the raps are relatively normal mainstream fare. Rocky opens with his typically arrogant style, though the beat’s change-up on his distorted vocal section is a nice highlight, before Danny enters the fray with a stop-start, energetic delivery on the hook (I’ve got no idea what he’s saying, but it’s bloody fun listening). Joey takes on verse duty for the rest of the track, with his deep, laidback delivery working well with the production, and though his verses get a little monotonous, there’s some novelty value in his vocal likeness to a modern-day Havoc. Nothing special, and arguably needed a Danny verse, but worth a listen or two. Stream below, download here.

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Trampy-#ExpressYourself ft. Danny Brown

The inimitable Danny Brown is back, this time providing the vocals for a Trampy track, said to be inspired by Diplo and Major Lazer.

That influence is clear throughout, with the production smoothly blending electro and hip-hop into a style Major Lazer have dominated, fusing together slow electronic melodies in with steady but strong percussion for a backdrop that seems to hang somewhere between club and car-ready. Danny’s on fire throughout this, delivering his raps at the breakneck speed that suits his cadence best, and its his performance that single-handedly elevates this into that potential club-ready territory. His delivery brings an infectious and intense energy to proceedings, and it’s unquestionably the difference between this becoming a throwaway track and something replayable. Of course, his lyricism is a combination of funny and ridiculous too, and hence this is an enjoyable listen that ticks many of the right boxes. I’m still not comfortable with hashtag track titles though.

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Danny Brown-Kush Coma

We’ve actually had been making “Kush Coma” since I was on the Childish Gambino tour .. So seeing y’all fuck wit it made that time worth it. Roll up and play this shit loud as possible!!!!!!!!!!!

Danny’s Old album is due for release this summer, and he liberates an early cut of a track set to feature on that LP. The production’s an ear-piercing combination of trippy synths and bassy percussion, with the outcome being a soundscape that’s part-disorienting (in a good way), part-speaker rattling. With a production so full of energy and vibrancy, Danny’s own shrill style is naturally well-suited to working with it, with his cadence being a good complement to the beat whilst his range of flows take advantage of what is a fairly flow-neutral production. Not for everyone, but those after something energetic without being ‘pop’ could do worse than giving this a go, and with the final version slated to include A$AP Rocky, there’s even more to be added to an already-likeable track.

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Fool's Gold-Loosies (Full Album Stream)

After celebrating five years of groundbreaking music and events, Brooklyn indie powerhouse Fool’s Gold Records puts a giant exclamation point on 2012 with the release of their highly anticipated rap compilation Loosies on December 18th.

Fool’s Gold are one of those labels that a surprising number of well-known acts have had some form of interaction with. From A-Trak being Kanye West’s former tour DJ and Kid Cudi breaking out on the label, to their current roster that boasts Danny Brown, Donnis and many more, they’re one of those labels that don’t force their brand on you, and instead let their acts do their work-an admirable quality.

This LP boasts 23 tracks from their artists and various guests, the latter including Juicy J, Jim Jones and Chuck Inglish, and certainly has some quality about it: an example includes Danny Brown’s thunderous Molly Ringwald, which got plenty of attention back in July. Stream the full thing here, and use the iTunes links in the player to grab the full project for yourself.

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Danny Brown-WitIt (Video)

Danny Brown’s “WitIt” is basically the craziest, most futuristic rap song ever made, so to celebrate he got Bijoux Altamirano to whip him up a video inspired equally by .gifs and No Limit cover art.

What a character. He’s insanely entertaining, and whilst his laidback Grown Up is probably his most popular song, it’s good to get something heavier and harder to showcase what Danny’s more accustomed to.

The production is a frenetic speaker breaker, combining leftfield electro melodies with a thunderous bass that’ll definitely melt the inside of your skull. It almost pretends to be complicated, but is actually a likeably simple production that keeps things big and brash, and suits Danny’s high-pitched style nicely whilst being slow enough to allow for a little flow experimentation.

The video’s as the above description would suggest: crazy. Full of scantily clad women (which is absolutely no surprise given), the video pokes a little fun at old-school rap styling, video effects and so on, whilst giving Danny enough screentime to be the lovable rogue that he is. A fun all-rounder that hopefully gets a release soon.

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Danny Brown-Grown Up (ATG Remix)

The original and its accompanying instrumental were staples of my summer listening, and it’s nice to get a little refresh of a track I’ve played into the ground.

In a move of confidence and controversy, ATG completely strips out that addictive production for one of his own. With a track like this that’s insanely risky, but he manages to pull it off by laying down a bassy and detailed beat of his own that adds a new inflection to the lyrics. The original added a lightness to Danny’s biographical lyrics, whereas this utilises pounding percussion to create a more driven and focused soundscape, and hence strengthen the more serious side of the lyricism. It’s also much less spotlight-stealing than the original, and allows for the lyrics to actually be conveyed much clearer without the distraction of that bright, summery production. A nice accompaniment to the original for sure.

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Danny Brown-Change

Danny has one of the most endearing personalities in hip-hop, and he’s no slouch on the mic either. With a beat helmed by Blu and Mainframe (under the guise of Johnson & Jonson), he’s ably supported by laidback melodies, harmonious synths and a soft percussion line that combine for a gentle, relaxing production. Danny adjusts appropriately, dialling back the energy for a smoothed-out performance of his own that’s idly cool in the confident brags of the verses, and even more easygoing for the work on the hook. It all amounts to a very likeable slice of chillout hip-hop, and one that nicely sets up his upcoming Danny Johnson album (produced entirely by Blu and Mainframe).

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A$AP Rocky and ScHoolboy Q Go Back and Forth

The friendship between the two upcoming rappers has been well-documented over the last few months or so, and Noisey get the two together for their Back and Forth series. Initially, I think this series was meant to be about one artist interviewing another, but the nature of Q and Rocky leads, of course, to this breaking down into some pretty funny stuff.

The banter between the two is clear from the off, with conversations about thumbs going into foreign places, Rocky sitting around smoking some kind of bong, and it pretty much spirals from there. It’s great to see two hip-hop artists from such different places coming together like this, and that upcoming tour with the two of them and Danny Brown sounds like it could be pretty superb. Let’s hope they bring it out here.

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Danny Brown-Molly Ringwald

Yours Truly and Adidas Originals are proud to present the first official collaboration between Danny Brown and Araabmuzik, a match-up captured as part of our “Songs From Scratch” documentary series. The song will be released next month by Yours Truly as a AA-side single on 7″ vinyl via its Love Letters Ink imprint, with Joey Bada$$’s “Daily Routine” (the first single in the “Songs from Scratch” series) on the flip side.

This knocks pretty damn nicely. Araabmuzik serves up a storm of a production that’s full to the brim with powerful percussion, Lex Luger-esque melodies and a general intensity that creates a very impactful soundscape. Danny’s on great form to match the quality of the instrumental, bringing a sharp and driven performance of his own to keep pace with the beat and when sat alongside the recent Grown Up release, this demonstrates the excellent versatility he possesses. A thundering track that I can’t wait to get my hands on next month.

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Danny Brown-Grown Up

Sure, being a young punk is fun, but what happens when the training wheels come off? Detroit hip-hop spitfire Danny Brown reveals the truth about what happened to his teeth in this childhood-revisited clip.

I’ve been hearing plenty about this guy for quite some time, and I’m glad to have given this excellent effort (shouts to the F365 Forum for this one) a go. The production is light with a nice depth, and has a chilled-out, laidback vibe that makes it perfect for summertime listening, whilst Danny’s raps are sharp and clear, bringing a biographical subject matter that’s packed into a flow that bounces effortlessly up and down with the beat.

The video is a fun watch, as a small boy plays the role of a young Danny, rapping his rhymes word for word. It’s both adorable and quite impressive, as the kid genuinely goes word for word and throws in a ton of personality to boot! The clip ends with a transition into the current day Danny Brown and as far as introductions go, this is a feelgood audiovisual that will win over many. Free download available here.

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Sir Aah-Let's Go Remix (with Clipse) and Fresh (with Roc Marciano, Danny Brown and MarvWon)

Let’s take it back to the days of the A-Side and B-Side singles..

Starting off with the A-Side single, I’m here with a remix to my joint w/ the Clipse. I got Kais Khan from the UK on the production and I look forward to shooting the video for this real soon with Shomi Patwary of Illusive Media. I hope you like the Bollywood vibe we took this one. On the B-Side, we got Sureet “Digital Desi” Sandhu on the production with some of the underground’s finest on the vocals. I’m running with Roc Marciano out of NYC, and Danny Brown and MarvWon from Detroit. As a bonus (or C-Side), I went ahead and put some bars on a Rahat Fateh Ali Khan song. The language barrier might stop some of you from digging the Urdu classic, but I went ahead and called this the “Rahat Fateh Flow”.

Sir Aah-3 Tracks

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Two Drops From Black Milk's 'Album Of The Year'

I’ve tried to keep you as up-to-date as possible with this one over the past few months, so let’s end this chapter on a high with a couple of essentials from the album itself.

The first, Deadly Medley, for which we dropped the video a while back, was a little disappointing initially but has since grown on me whilst I’ve been bumping the audio.

The second, Black & Brown, is a typical Black Milk beat. Deep, melodic violin strings decorate the backdrop whilst Milk’s drum machine characteristically powers in. Black Milk delivers lyrically too with a confident, flowing display that I’m quickly getting used to. A dosage of heavy repeat is prescribed for this number. Album Of The Year in stores (and iTunes) September 14th.

Black Milk – Deadly Medley ft. Royce Da 5’9″ & Elzhi

Black Milk – Black & Brown ft. Danny Brown

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